The Bold and the Boorish Set

oni shibata armor set nioh2 wiki guide

(2 Items) Life +150

(3 Items) Damage Taken (Mid-Attack) -10.0%

(4 Items) Increased Attack & Defense (Hatchet) +20

(5 Items) Damage Taken -4.5%

(6 Items) High Attack Damage +7.0%

(7 Items) Ki Recovery Speed +20.0%

(7+ Items) Ultimate Stamina

The Bold and the Boorish is a Set in Nioh 2. The The Bold and the Boorish Set provides various special benefits to players: the more pieces you equip from one set, the stronger the bonuses. Some sets are comprised of armor only, but others have armor and weapons, making for sets that have up to 7 bonuses.

  In Way of the Nioh, Ethereal versions of the set will gain an additional bonus when you reach the final tier of bonuses, denoted as (X+ Items); see Set Bonuses for more details.

The Bold and the Boorish Information


Where to find


Set Pieces

This set has 7 pieces, the armor is called "Oni Shibata Armor". Pieces don't have any other fixed effects.

  1. Smirkwiper
  2. Urn Splitter Hatchets
  3. head armor icon Oni Shibata's Helmet - fixed icon nioh2 wiki guide n/a
  4. chest armor icon Oni Shibata's Cuirass - fixed icon nioh2 wiki guide n/a
  5. hand armor icon Oni Shibata's Gauntlets - fixed icon nioh2 wiki guide n/a
  6. leg armor icon Oni Shibata's Waistguard - fixed icon nioh2 wiki guide n/a
  7. foot armor icon Oni Shibata's Greaves - fixed icon nioh2 wiki guide n/a



Notes & Builds

  • The second tier bonus is very valuable and worth building around on it's own. The remainder of it's bonuses don't have synergy with each other and aren't very compelling in terms of power level.
  • The hatchets are a weapon that allow you to alternate between melee and ranged on the fly. They also have a high block stat in general. Since mid stance is a blocking stance, the armor set makes more sense when taking into account the hatchets may need a high toughness so the combinations do not get interrupted, nor your mobility. Hatchets are also ki-hungry and heavy armor usually increased your ki consumption. Considering all these factors, the armor set is fairly decent.



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