The Buddha's Palm is a Sub Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 132, has a difficulty level of 1, and features both human and yokai enemies. The Buddha's Palm tasks players with aiding Usui no Sadamitsu clear a temple of yokai that appeared there. This mission is unlocked after completing the ???. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions.


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 The Buddha's Palm

Mission Start Text

"One of my companions, Usui no Sadamitsu, is a man of faith. After hearing that yokai had appeared in the temple housing the Great Buddha statue, he headed there on the double. However faith alone is not enough-- it seems he is in need of some extra manpower. I imagine this will prove little trouble for you, so lend him a hand , would you."

Mission End Text

"Ha ha ha! A giant toad, you say? Ah yes, once he lays eyes on someone with potential, he won't let them go without putting them to the test. So it was all Sadamitsu's scheme and he even enlisted the services of his old friend. Well, that calculating mind of his saved us countless times, so I should not complain. Still, I shall warn Sadamitsu to keep the deceit to a minimum, lest he incurs the punishment of the Buddha. In the meantime, I ask that you forgive him."

Kodama Locations

  • As you enter the first Dark Realm, clear it and go to the right, sticking to the wall, to find the Kodama guarded by a One-eyed Imp.
  • After interacting with the first statue to open your path, turn left and break the crates there to find the Kodama.
  • Before entering the Buddha Statue, keep on the wooden path and you will see the Kodama standing on the statue's arm.
  • After the second Shrine, where you fight the first Onyudo, the Kodama is hidden close to one of the small stairs to the statue in the middle of the area.
  • To the right of the Spa, kill the Blue Yoki and the Kodama will be to the left of the chest.
  • In the room with the third Dark Realm, kill the Onyudo, go down the next set of stairs and as soon as you reach the end, turn right and you will find the Kodama hidden behind this space between the stairs and the wall.

Sudama Locations

  • After interacting with the first statue to open your path, go forward and to the right will be an opening to go outside.Turn right and you will see the Sudama standing there.

Scampuss Locations

  • After killing a Human Samurai and before entering the building at the first courtyard, turn left and you will find the Scampuss hidden in the bushes close to the wooden structure.
  • After reaching the second floor of the Buddha Statue's room, go to the right and go down the first set of stairs to find an opening to your left. Kill the Sohaya Warrior there and as sson as you enter the building, turn left to find the Scampuss

Spa Locations

  • After the second Shrine, past the room with the Onyudo, go down the stairs and turn right from the stairs toward the wall to find a ladder. Go up and interact with the statue in front of the ladder to open the door to the Spa.

Locks Locations

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The Buddha's Palm Walkthrough


As the mission starts, head up the stairs to meet Usui Sadamitsu and the first Shrine. Head left, grab the item on the body and kill the Human Samurai there to open the small chest in front of him. Open the doors in front of the stairs and head left to kill another Human Samurai and to his right up a few steps is a body with an item. Before entering the building, turn left toward some bushes to find a Scampuss close to a wooden structure. As soon as you enter the building, you will find a Human Samurai. Kill him, head right and before you grab the item on the body, kill the Ninja hidden behind the crates to the right. Now go up the stairs, kill the Human Samurai, grab the item and go outside to kill another Human Samurai, and go down a ladder to enter the Dark Realm. As soon as you get down, kill the Oboroguruma in front of you, as well as 2 Aberrant Soldiers. Killing the Oboroguruma clears the Dark Realm. Turn right and kill the One-eyed Imp hidden behind the wooden parts, and close to him will be a Kodama. Grab the item at the end to the left, go back and turn right after the big drum to kill a Gaki and open the chest behind the drum. Go up the little stairs, grab the item there, kill the Tesso and go straight under the wooden bridge to see an item at the other side. Beware as this item is guarded by 2 Ninjas. Kill them, grab the item and head to the building.

Buddha’s Statue 

Turn left after entering the building to get a small chest, go right and kill the Sohaya Warrior there, as well as the Human Samurai. Grab the item to the right and interact with the statue to open the path. Turn left and break the crates to find the second Kodama. Go straight and to the right to get in a little room with a chest to the right and a Ninja hanging to the left. Keep to the right to go outside and grab an item to the left, and to the right there will be a Sudama. Head back inside and kill the Human Archer with an item close to him, a Sohaya Warrior and the Human Samurai there, grab the small chest close to where the Human Samurai was and go up the stairs to the second floor. Go right, to grab the item and follow the path to the stairs down to kill a Human Samurai and open a shortcut to the Shrine. Go back up to the middle of the stairs and go outside following the bridge. Kill the Sohaya Warrior and break the crates to the left to find a Scampuss. Kill the Mage close to the statue and fall to the left to grab an item, go back to the second floor and this time, turn left as soon as you get up and follow this path to go outside, above where the Sudama was. Kill the 2 Gakis and head inside the second Dark Realm. Kill the Tesso, the Onyudo responsible for the Dark Realm and the One-eyed Imp, and open the chest to the left of the big drum. Keep following the wall and fall through the hole on the floor to get an item before heading back to the second floor. Go to where the Dark Realm was and this time go right, where the One-eyed Imp was, to find a ladder going up.

Inside the Statue and the Spa

Follow the wooden path, ignore the entrance to the statue, and look to the end of the wood path to fall on the statues arm and find the third Kodama. Go back up, grab the item as soon as you enter the statue, then keep going down to find a Dweller and a Yasha. Kill them and open the doors there to find the second Shrine. Kill the Aberrant Soldier, grab the item and kill the Dweller before going down to kill an Onyudo, and 2 Dwellers to the left of the statue. Close to one of the small stairs to the statue is the fourth Kodama. Now go straight and down the stairs and to the wall to the right is a ladder for you to go up. At the top, turn left and keep going in this cave to get an item. Go back up the ladder, and right in front of you there’s a statue for you to interact, opening the way for the Spa and an item behind the wall to the left. Now go to the right of the ladder to kill a Blue Yoki, open a chest and find the fifth Kodama close to the left wall.

Third Dark Realm

Go down the ladder, kill the Gaki next to an item, and the One-Eyed Oni. Interact with the statue to open the way and go up the stairs to the Third Dark Realm. Stick to the right wall to go up the stairs and kill the Onyudo. There are 2 ladders there, go up the one to the left, grab the item and follow this wooden bridge. Go down and head straight towards the wall to kill an Aberrant Soldier, and fall to the right to kill a Biwa Boku-boku. Kill the Yasha in front of the drum to clear the Dark Realm and go down the stairs to kill a Blue Yoki, and 2 Dwellers. Turn right, to where you killed the Onyudo, and stick to the left wall to find the last Kodama of this mission. Go up the stairs and interact with the statue to open a shortcut to the Shrine.

Boss: Giant Toad

Go up the ladder to the right, and before going outside, go to the next room to kill a Tesso and open a chest. Now, go outside to fight the boss, Giant Toad.

After defeating it, talk to it to finish the mission. 


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