The Chinese Bellflower Dagger

Recommended Level 65
Mission Type Online Mission
Location Shadow
Kodama 0 Kodama
Sudama 0 Sudama
Scampuss 0 Scampuss
Locks None
Dark Realm None
Boss Saito Toshimitsu

The Chinese Bellflower Dagger is a Online Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 65, and tasks players with defeating Saito Toshimitsu in a duel.


Mission Text

Mission Start Text

I have heard about the way you fought during the retreat from Kanegasaki. It seems you really lived up to your reputation. ...No, no! I didn't bring this up in order to stir trouble! Look, perhaps I should just get straight to the point, since time is precious. I want to face you in combat, and witness your bravery and defiance myself.
...What's that? Oh, there is no need to fear for my safety. I have already gained Lord Mitsuhide's permission to do battle.


Mission Complete Text

I did not expect you to wield such power! Now I know why Hideyoshi was so successful. And if you add Spirit Stones to that...
Well, if you would excuse me. I hope our paths cross again, most likely on the battlefield.


The Chinese Bellflower Dagger Enemies


The Chinese Bellflower Dagger Walkthrough

This is a duel against Saito Toshimitsu. the boss page for strategies against him.



The Chinese Bellflower Dagger Notes, Notable Loot

  • If you can easily and consistently kill this boss, this is a good way to earn Onmyo Austerity set pieces, as Saito drops them more often than other enemies and two of the pieces are guaranteed mission rewards.




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    • Anonymous

      06 Aug 2021 04:15  

      he seems kind of weak against lightning, lightning shots did like 700 dmg each (and slowed him down) (28 onmyo power) (in comparison water did 30 dmg haha)

      • Anonymous

        15 Apr 2021 08:43  

        finally beat him by just hugging the boss and spamming sweeping kick, grapple, then focused strike (tonfa), while blocking and dodging behind him. kept my ki at at least 30%

        • Anonymous

          06 Mar 2021 20:25  

          You can stunlock him with a handcannon aim the cannon when you are far he will try to cast something shoot wait until he tries to cast shoot again. Full ammunition does not take his health completely so soften him enough then melt him from afar when he tries to cast something. Cheesing him like that was quite satisfying after so many defeats.

          • Anonymous

            26 Feb 2021 08:02  

            Before this mission: OMG! I'm loving every second of this game! I could kiss everyone involved on the forehead.

            • Anonymous

              15 Feb 2021 23:55  

              **** that guy. Just beat him with 0 elixirs (because I wasted all on him) with Double-headed snake tonfa @ lvl 68 on my first playthrough. Are all the online missions like this?

              • Anonymous

                11 Feb 2021 11:54  

                I beat him second try using Purity Fists. Purity removes his buffs, and I was doing Heavy Strong Attack -> Battering Ram to do massive ki damage, Fists of Reckoning to chase his dodges, and even landed a Limitless on him (After he casts magic he usually runs towards you).
                Other things I used: Quick Change (only one was used when I got cocky towards the end), Rejuvenation (constantly regen hp), Explosive shot (he was resistant to elemental damage but it did interrupt him a few times since I can regen ki while casting it + lock on tracked his dodges)
                Lvl 69. Good luck

                • Anonymous

                  10 Feb 2021 07:06  

                  I just fought him on Dream of the Demon a few days ago. Never died so many times to a single boss in this game, and even though I was very upset and agitated, I enjoyed fighting him quite a bit. Felt all the sweeter when I finally beat him.

                  • Anonymous

                    28 Jan 2021 12:59  

                    He is really tough bc of speed and ki recovery. The way i beat him on wise and nioh difficulties is to use sloth talisman and the lifeseal talisman. Sloth isn't entirely necessary but the lifeseal talisman and an aggressive playstyle absolutely cripples him as it prevents him from using ki allowed for easy guard breaks. I used a kusi to accomplish this but any weapon will do. He is the only boss in the entire game that forces me to utilize a different build.

                    • Anonymous

                      17 Jan 2021 17:27  

                      Contrary to many, I thoroughly enjoyed this boss. He is a great challenge and a completely different thing compared to the boring revenant-like human boss both Nioh are littered with. He is fast, possess many unique attacks, uses Ki pulse to maintain his offensive, magic to prevent ranged cheese, buff himself if not pressured, he is kinda like a different sort of player character in a way. I would have loved if human bosses in general were more like him.

                      • Anonymous

                        01 Nov 2020 08:01  

                        Seeing a LOT of people in the comments who run melee seeming to have trouble with this guy. Well, rest assured, as a pure onmyo caster build, he's practically untouchable. I'd long since be out of brushes before I'd get him down.

                        • Anonymous

                          19 Oct 2020 23:06  

                          Dream of the Wise makes him nearly unkillable. With the wise buff on him he gets increased movement speed, a ridiculous amount of ki, a criminal amount of ki recovery (even while guarding), health up the wazoo, does more ki damage against you, and to top it all off he GAINS HEALTH FOR EVERY BIT OF DAMAGE HE DOES TO YOU! He was broken before but this is as close to an unbeatable boss as it can get. I mean I got him down to half health then he starts doing the quick buff/fake out move where he steps back and if your close enough he does either a super fast water grapple or a triple fire slash wave (both unbelievable quick and hard to counter), or if you are far enough he does an instant buff where he gains the Protection effect, making him literally immune to damage for up to a full minute. It can't be expressed how bad this boss is.

                          • Anonymous

                            08 Aug 2020 19:54  

                            OMG......I really hate this low-class boss. He constantly uses magic to bombard you with fire and water...then if he defeat you, he points his Odachi at you like he used it. I I can go toe to toe with that THANG, using MY Odachi, but when he starts using Water and Fire Shot and Talismans, I am finished. I have no idea how many time I have been defeated by this guy and from what I read, many people have quit playing NIoh 2, because of this one Mission.

                            • Anonymous

                              23 May 2020 06:29  

                              Spamming that f-ing nullify physical damage thing and my onmyo does such little damage/is too slow/not enough charges to be viable. Don't want to have to revisit the fight after getting further through the game... maybe I'm just missing something?

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