Not to be confused with Yokai Realms, Dark Realms are areas in missions infested by Yokai. On the mini-map they appear as grey clouds and on screen they can be seen from the outside as shimmering grey and black auras. While inside a Dark Realm, colors will be dimmed and greyed and the same black-grey shimmer will be present on screen.

While inside a Dark Realm, Yokai defense and damage are boosted and the player's Ki recovery is greatly diminished, which can be counteracted with several of the skills in the Shiftling skill tree as well as by raising Dark/Other realm resistances. Thus, it is advisable to keep Ki recovery-boosting items on hand when entering a Dark Realm to avoid running out of Ki while inside. Chests in Dark Realms cannot be opened until the Dark Realm has been dispelled.

Boss Dark Realms

Yokai bosses will plunge the boss arena into a Dark Realm shortly after their Ki runs out. These special Dark Realms will only disappear when the boss lifts them - a process which can be expedited by forcing them to run out of Ki while inside the Realm.

Dispelling Dark Realms

With the exception of the Dark Realms created by bosses, Dark Realms can only be dispelled by killing the host Yokai, which will be clearly indicated by the aura of red flowers on the ground surrounding it. A good strategy to deal with Dark Realms is to enter the realm, use Sneak Thief and Catwalking jutsus and searching for the host. By doing this you ensure that you only have to deal with one strengthened Yokai inside the realm, leaving the rest more vulnerable once it has been dispelled.

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    • Anonymous

      These are enemy enhancements when in the Dark Realm.
      Gaki: If drained of ki they will automatically eject a tiny but extremely potent paralysis pool
      Skeleton Warrior: Gains access to a rather irritating and quick body segmentation evasive maneuver
      Large Skeleton Warrior: When their ki recovers while getting up, be sure to be away from them as they will suddenly grab the player
      Ippon Datara: Each hammer strike leaves a short lived flame pool
      Enki: Aggressiveness and speed is increased and gains the ability to lay on the ground and throw a swirling spear tantrum
      Nure Onna: Gains the ability to inflict her paralysis gaze from behind her almost instantly (Not burstable)
      Konaki Jiji: Permanently encased in stone until killed
      Yamanba: Knives will be glowing and her speed and damage is increased
      Karasu Tengu: Gains the ability to swiftly chain his spin kick up to 5 times
      Kasha (Boss): Flames are blue and become much more potent and damaging
      Kiryoki (Switchglaive): Speed increase, and releases small shockwaves after most slashes
      Oboroguruma: Gains access to a corruption-like portal transportation to confuse the player
      Suiki: Lethal and far reaching ice shrapnel will follow every slash
      Enenra (Boss) Speed and aggressiveness is increased
      Aberrant Soldier: Defense and damage increased
      Shibata Katsuie (Yokai) Gains access to a monstrous arena crawl and horn impalement and flames will emblaze his hatchets
      Hachisaka Koroku (Aratama) Aggressiveness increased and water geysers will follow some attacks.
      (Also gains access to a Kappa shell spin)
      Kamataichi: Wind slashes will follow attacks and gains the ability to create illusory flying clones of himself
      Bakegani: Gains access to an extremely powerful water spray
      Magatsu Warrior: Speed, damage, and ki damage towards the player is all extraordinarily increased
      Tokichiro (Yokai) Gains access to Nioh's dual swords living weapon with either fire or lightning
      (Lightning he becomes extremely fast) (Fire he cannot be staggered)
      Kashin Koji (Numerous clones are spawned each still retaining the ability to cast unusual spells causing the battle to become utter chaos)

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