The Defiled Sanctuary

Level 83
Mission Type Twilight Mission  
Location ??  
Kodama 0 Kodama  
Sudama 0 Sudama  
Scampuss 0 Scampuss  
Locks 0  
Dark Realm 0  
Boss Kasha  

First Completion

Dream of the Samurai

  • 56400 Gold

  • 47664 Amrita


    1x Quality Umbracite

  • 1x Summoner's Candle

  • 5x Highest Quality Wood

  • 1x Infernal Nail

Dream of the Nioh
  • 773400 Gold
  • 523688352 Amrita
  • 1x Divine Umbracite
  • Random Ethereal Tonfa
  • Random Ethereal Light Armor
  • 6x Divine Fragment

The Defiled Sanctuary is a Twilight Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 83, and tasks players with Defeating Kasha, and features both human and yokai enemies.


Mission Text

Mission Start Text

"With a sudden gust of the wind, the sky turned an ominous shade of red and a bloodcurdling otherworldly cry shook the earth. As the echoes subsided, a malevolent aura fell upon the land."


Mission Complete Text

"The unsettling aura that pervaded the land has dissipated and the crimson haze has faded, restoring the sky to its original colour. The yokai seem to feed off the twilight, filling them with malign power and driving them into a frenzy."


The Defiled Sanctuary Enemies


The Defiled Sanctuary Walkthrough

Unlike other twilight issions, which are altered versions of main and side missions, this is essentially an entirely new mission on it's own. Essentially you fight your way up the northern tower of Nanbanji, then fall to the courtyard, culminating in a boss fight with Kasha. Overall it's a very short mission, consisting of three waves of enemies.

Once you enter the building, a dweller and aberrant soldier immediately spawn. After 10 seconds have passed a Tesso will spawn from the door. Killing tte weaker enemies quickly, like with a Cannon headshot, will prevent you from getting surrounded. After they are dealt with, a Gaki and Ubume will spawn. The imp spawns to the right of the desk, facing from the door way. Quickly kill them first before Ubume gets involved. Starting From Dream of the Wise, the Ubume is replaced by a Large Bakegani, and the Gaki with a One-Eyed Imp

Once the bottom floor is killed, you can proceed to the second floor. A lone Odachi Ippon-Datarra spawns, and when it reaches half health, a Karakusa Umbrella spawns on the mat, in the left side of the room, facing from the stairs. Try to burst the Ippon-Datarra down from half health, so you don't have to deal with a 2v1 situation. After they die, the game will stagger two Gaki Spawns. 10 seconds after that, or after they both die, a One-Eyed Oni will spawn near the Arrow Rack. On Dream of the Wise the Gaki are replaced by One-Eyed Imp, and the Cyclops is replaced by an Oburoguruma, which also spawns on the opposite side of the room. On Dream of the Nioh, the Oburoguruma is replaced by a Kinki.

 Once every enemy is killed, you can advance up the tower, leading to a drop down to the courtyard. An Abberant Solder, a Nure-Onna (replaced by a Bakegani on Wise and Above) and a Rokurokubi will Spawn. The Rokurokubi will be transformed and start shooting you from far away. You can quickly kill the soldier, and then the Nure-Onna, before turning your attention to the Rokurokubi. On Wise, you are better off killing the soldier and immediatly focusing on the Rokurokubi, as the Bakegani can't catch up to you in time and takes to long to kill unless you use Lightning damage.

After all of those enemies are killed, Kasha spawns. See her page for strategies against her, just keep in mind that the closer you get to the tower, the less room you have to maneuver because of all the obstructions around you.  Defeating Kasha ends the Mission.


The Defiled Sanctuary Notes, Notable Loot

  • ??
  • ??
  • ??




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