The Demon Slayers is a DLC Sub Mission in Nioh 2 from Darkness in the Capital. This mission is recommended for level 132 and features both human and yokai enemies. The Demon Slayers tasks players with defeating all four Guardians of Yorimitsu as well as re-matching with her. This mission is unlocked after completing the following missions: Palace of the Damned,  The Sweet Scent of Plums, The Buddha's Palm and Insatiable Bloodlust. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions.


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General Info


Video Walkthrough

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Mission Rewards

First Time Completion
  • Demon Cutter
  • Stone Splitter
  • Bishamon Spear
  • ?? Gold
  • ?? Amrita
Subsequent Completion
  • Whetstone x1
  • Random Dual Swords
  • Righteous Jasper x2
  • Daion-Jin's Sake x1
  • ?? Gold
  • ?? Amrita


  • None


  • Watanabe no Tsuna
  • Urabe no Suetake
  • Fujiwara no Yasumasa (Optional)
  • Usui Sadamitsu
  • Sakata Kintoki (Using Hatchets)
  • Minamoto no Yorimitsu


Equipment & Materials
Soul Cores
  • ??
  • ??
Key Items
  • Smithing Text: Sincere Buddha's Armor
  • Smithing Text: Myojin Scythe
  • Smithing Text: Stone Splitter
  • Smithing Text: Brave Demon Hunter's Armor
  • Smithing Text: Demon Cutter
  • Smithing Text: Demon Arm Fists
  • Smithing Text: Beardcutter and Hobbler
  • Smithing Text: Samurai Noble's Attire
  • Smithing Text: Kintaro's Armor
  • Smithing Text: Kintaro's Axe
  • Smithing Text: Wave Cutter Hatchets
  • Smithing Text: Demon Hunter Armor
  • Smithing Text: Bloodsucker and Spidercutter
  • Smithing Text: Dojikiri Yasutsuna


  • Enemy Example
  • Enemy Example


 The Demon Slayers

Mission Start Text

"Sakata Kintoki: Ho ho, impressive... You were quick to discern that I was a wandering spirit. Oh, how long it has been since we first met at Rashomon. The truth of the matter is, since we were all reunited on the other side, my companions and I all regret never having had the chance to face you in battle. So, consider this a formal invitation. What do you say? Think you can take on the Four Guardians?"

Mission End Text

"Minamoto no Yorimitsu: Allow me to thank you on all of my companions' behalves for fulfilling their final requiest. That display of strength is preeciesely what they needed. It would seem nothing can coll Kintoki's fervor though. Even as he took his leave, he insisted he would return as a divine spirit ot help defend the peace of this world. Once again you have surprised me. Who knows, perhaps in time you will be the one that frees me from my own lingering regrets..."

Scampuss Locations

  • 1 in the raling next to Fujiwara no Yasumasa's boss fight.

Spa Locations

  • Once you reach the second floor of the tower, drop down from the hole perpendicular to the bridge. The only available path leads to the Hot Springs.


The Demon Slayers Walkthrough

The takes place in the sunken super structure under Byodo-in, and your objective is essentially a boss rush - defeat the "Four Heavenly Kings" (Watanabe no Tsuna, Urabe no Suetake, Usui Sadamitsu and Sakata Kintoki) and then finally Minamoto no Yorimitsu, this time without the fight being cut short. Your progress is blocked by fog doors until you defeat the next Boss in sequence. All the bosses (sans Kintoki) have 1 elixir and get up quickly after getting downed.

1) Watanabe no Tsuna


This fight takes place on the right hand platform on the ground floor from the starting position. You can either go from the left building, which has human enemies inside, or just drop down if you can spare the health, but be careful - the ground floor has a staff, wielding Sohaya that patrols the area, so don't get caught from behind. If you choose to go through the building, you have to deal with a higher ranking Odachi wielder first. The bottom floor of the building has a peon sword wielder and a Axe wielder. Snipe the peon to prevent this from being a 2v1 and deal with the Axe user. Try to keep things indoors so you don't aggro the Sohaya.

Once you reach the Platform, a spear peon and an Odachi wielder will attack you . After they die, a spear peon and axe user appears from the same position, followed by a Bow man from the opposite position.


After they are defeated, Watanabe no Tsuna spawns. He uses the fists, and doesn't fight much differently from a revenant. He has one elixir, so try to stay aggressive if you don't want him to heal. Defeating him opens up the next section.

2) Urabe no Suetake

This takes place on the opposite platform. Feel free to go back to the shrine to restock

Once you enter, one staff wielding sohaya appears, followed by another fist using one. After that Urabe comes in. He uses a spear, and if you stay far away from him he starts using his bow. He also has one elixir. Otherwise he fights like any other spear revenant enemy.

3) Shrine and optional fight

Your next target is in the demon sealing room. This is where the remaining mandatory fights are, as well as the second shrine. However, there is also a purely optional fight against Fujiwara no Yasumasa, allowing you to get his set bonus gear. From this point own, you also have to deal with Yokai enemies.

Start by going down the ladder. The chest immediately in front of you is guarded by a Rokurokubi and hidden small skeleton soldier. Defeat them or skip pass them and go to the next room on the left. The stairs lead to the second floor.


You have three options: go to the bridge, which leads to the next Shrine, and from there:

  • 1) Go to the next boss fight against Usui Sadamitsu and Sakata Kintoki (Mandatory)
  • 2) Go in the opposite direction, where Fujiwara no Yasumasa waits. (Optional Fight)
  • 3) Drop back down to the first floor. (Spa and two Glue Drops)

First things First: go to the shrine. For speed running the mission just skip to the Section 4) Usui Sadamitsu and Sakata Kintoki.

After that, circle back to the stairs and drop down. This is only defended by a singular sword peon. Kill him, and open the strong box for 1 Glue. The next room has the Hot Springs in this mission, and the nearby thought Amrita also has one Glue and a random Melee weapon. Follow th path up to wind up where you started. After that, you can go to either Fujiwara or Usui Sadamitsu.

3.5) Fujiwara no Yasumasa

Going back to the stairs you have two options the leftmost side has a Hellish hag guarding a Summoner's Candle, with the Right hand side leading to Fujiwara. Next to it is a Scampuss.

When you enter the arena, an Onmyo Mage will drop in, followed by another enemy. Quickly kill the mage before he starts casting. After that, Fujiwara himself appears. He uses a sword, and has 1 elixir. The main thing to be wary of is Flowing Shadow, since it is armored he can use it to attack you will not getting stunned by your melee attacks, and he can use it while blocking.

4) Usui Sadamitsu and Sakata Kintoki

The next room contains the next two fights. Alternatively, you can go down the rock formation, which contains a chest with 1 equipment drop and several utility items, but is guarded by a Hellish Hag and Skeleton Bowman.

Once you enter, an Onmyo Mage and Axe user drop in. Like with Fujiwara, focus on the mage first. After that, a first using Sohaya and bowman spawn in. The bowman is on the right side of the room, near the closed door. Defeating them both cause Usui Sadamitsu to come down. He uses the Switchglaive and has 1 elixir. Defeating him causes Kintoki to drop down. Here he uses Hatchets rather than his axe. He is more difficult than the rest, as on  top of his high stagger resistance many hatchet attack naturally don't stagger during their animation, plus he uses Spiked Wall when blocking so attacking blindly will will just get you killed. Both bosses spawn in the center of the room, so you can just place a Paralytic Groundfire trap their to get the jump on them.

5) Minamoto no Yorimitsu

After the last two bosses are defeated, the door to the last room becomes unlocked. The last thing you need to do is defeat Minamoto no Yorimitsu. Unlike in Suzune in the Flames, you have to actually drain the whole life bar, and you don't start in the dark realm.

Defeating Yorimitsu ends the mission.


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Trivia & Notes:

The main purpose of this mission is to provide targeted farming of each Bosses Set bonus items.


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