The Fallen Star is a Sub Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 48, has a difficulty level of 2, and features yokai and revenant enemies. The Fallen Star tasks players with investigating an area that was rumored to be sightings of Takeda Shingen, if the rumors are true that he is seen, he must be executed. This mission is unlocked after completing the Sub MissionsThe Tiger Approaches and The Shiftling's Wise Judgement. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions.



General Info

  • Recommended Lvl: 48
  • Mission Lvl. Difficulty: 2
  • Bosses: none


Video Walkthrough

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Mission Rewards

First Time Completion
Subsequent Completion



  • none


  • none
Equipment & Materials
  • Random Items
  • Random Weapons
  • Random Armor Pieces
Soul Cores
  • none
Key Items




The Fallen Star

Mission Start Text

Hey, did you hear the news? Takeda Shingen finally seems to have fallen, and to illness no less! But although he is surely in his sickbed, there have been numerous sightings of him on the battlefield. This is causing quite a stir, as you can imagine. Most likely, it is simply a case of mistaken identity, but it has the soldiers agitated none the less.

Would you mind accompanying me?

I would like to know the truth about this matter.

Mission End Text

So the rumors of Shingen's death and those of his sightings on the battlfield were both true? Well, hopefully, the stir should die down now. Thank you.

But to think that even in death, Shingen still commanded the loyalty of the Takeda clan.

It only goes to show what an extraordinary individual he was.

Ah, but even so, he is surely no match for Lord Nobunaga!

If I were to die, I would continue fighting at his side. Be it as a ghost or as a yokai, I'll be there.

Kodama Locations

  • none

Sudama Locations

  • none

Scampuss Locations

  • none

Spa Locations

  • none

Locks Locations

  • none


The Fallen Star Walkthrough

The Tiger of Kai


Upon starting the mission, you'll see the first shrine and Maeda Toshiie as well who will automatically join forces with you as a companion. Before you head forward, make sure you've made further preparations at the shrine, because the task of this mission will be fighting against revenants and what seems to be the spirit of Takeda Shingen.


When you reach the marked destination, you'll immediately see a lot of Bloody Graves in the area. The "Tiger of Kai" then appears and attacks you when you walk further into the area. He will be the main target that you'll need to kill in order to complete this mission. Of course, he is not like your ordinary enemy, he has increased health and is quite hard to stagger. In the middle of the battle, reinforcements will join the battle where a Biwa-Boku-boku will appear on the platform that's on the left. When he appears, quickly kill him to stop him from summoning a revenant to fight you. Also, two Oni-bi will also spawn once you start to attack the Biwa-Boki-boku. Let Maeda take all the damage from Takeda Shingen and focus on killing the other yokai first.


Successfully killing the "Tiger of Kai" completes this mission -  loot the items it drops, talk to Maeda Toshiie, and interact with the glowing orb to leave the area.



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    • Anonymous

      The revenant of Yamamoto Kansuke (furthest away from where you begin this mission) drops Dokisai's Helmet smithing text.


      • Anonymous

        Drops smithing text Kaikunigo (sword). It is possible to stagger the boss through 50% to 25%? hp threshold and Biwa-Boki-Boku wont spawn ending the fight as 1 vs 2 (try invoking guardian when near 50%hp and do strong attacks).

        • Anonymous

          Just got tatenashi's smithing text on Dream of the Strong after ~100 tries. I added item drop rate % on each armor piece (which adds up to 16.6%) and got the text within 10 tries. I wont say it's completely due to the drop rate but I will say it's probably worth setting 1m gold and 100 umbricite aside to make a set of gear with item drop rate on it to find it faster, since it took me around 5 hours to grind for.

          • Anonymous

            Actually you also need to complete "the shiftling's wise judgement" in the region soaring to unlock it, I am pointing this out because i was very frustrated since I couldn't get it

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