The First Samurai

Release Date December 17th, 2020.
Cost 10 USD
Season Pass Included

The First Samurai is a DLC for Nioh 2. The First Samurai releases for the PlayStation®4 on December 17th, 2020. This DLC introduces a new story to delve into which includes new missions, gear such as weapons, armor, soul cores, a new guardian spirit, more enemies encountered, NPCs, and many more. This page covers information regarding The First Samurai DLC: you'll find the newly added content, collectibles, and the new trophies that can be unlocked.



The First Samurai brings the protagonist to the Suzuka Pass during the beginning of the Heian Period. In the climactic 3rd expansion of the Nioh 2 saga, the protagonist will once again confront their arch-nemesis, Otakemaru.




The First Samurai Content



New NPCs

New Accessories

  • Coming Soon



The First Samurai Collectibles


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  • Coming Soon

Scampuss Locations

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Spa Locations



The First Samurai Trophies

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    • Anonymous

      Not sure if it was a glitch or something but I've had access to blue moon long before I got the dlc, I'm not sure how accurate the skill list on this is. Maybe I just got a rare glitch

      • Anonymous

        Just wanted everyone to know if you have a pretty good or optimised set like "master of illusions" you want to make it "master of illusions+" by simply soul matching a "master of illusions+" onto the original set you want to upgrade. You maintain all the stats of the previous set and literally just upgrade it.

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