The High-spirited Demon is a Main Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 84, has a difficulty level of 5, and features both human and yokai enemies. The High-spirited Demon tasks players with escaping the battlefield of Komaki-Nagakuta. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions.



The High-spirited Demon

Mission Start Text

Hmmm.. It is it just me, or does the sky look a little... strange to you?

I'm sensing something amiss... Tokichiro is supposed to be dead though, so what exactly is going on?

I think you'd best hurry back to the Tokugawa Stronghold. Just be sure to keep your wits about you!

Mission End Text

And so, you will go to Byodo-In will you? I admire your determination.

As long as that fiend is at large the world of the living will continue to suffer the most terrible strife. Should you fulfill your destiny, there may yet be hope.

Kodama Locations

  • Starting Point: At the starting area, turn around before heading to the first shrine. Check under the frame of the wooden stairs, you'll find the first Kodama there.
  • First Shrine: Head to an enclosure that is engulfed with the dark realm where you'll see large crystal that is guarded by a Biwa-Boku-boku and Aberrant Soldier. After clearing the dark realm, go around the back of the enclosure from the right side and you'll see a wooden barricade on the left. The second Kodama is behind it.
  • First Shrine: From the location of the second Kodama, turn around, and you'll see a tree branch that you can walk on to cross the other end where a Yoki is patrolling. On the other end, you'll be able to walk on the roof of a house where you'll find the third Kodama.
  • Second Shrine: After killing the Magatsu Warrior that was guarding the gate, open it and immediately turn left. You'll see some crates, destroy it and you'll find the fourth Kodama behind the crates.
  • Third Shrine: After clearing the third dark realm and killing the Mezuki, walk towards the trunk of a tree that's near the bridge on the left where the Mezuki was patrolling. At the bottom, you'll encounter three Kappa yokai. After clearing the area, check behind the tree where you'll find the fifth Kodama.
  • Third Shrine: The sixth Kodama can be found at the top of the slope after you defeat the Mezuki near the third dark realm. It's at the corner behind the large crystal that you'll find at the middle part of the slope.

Sudama Locations

  • Found on the left side behind the large yellow crystal where the Kamaitachi is encountered. It's near the starting point.

Scampuss Locations

  • Third Shrine: The first Scampuss can be found on the left side of a watchtower before entering the third dark realm. You'll find the area after crossing the open field where you try to avoid the projectiles of a large yokai.

Locks Locations

  • Third Shrine: Ninja's Locks can be looted off a corpse. To find it, when you reach the third shrine after fighting Hachisuka Koroku, head down the incline where you'll find yourself in an open field where a giant yokai shoots projectiles at you. As you go around, about midway, there's a door on the right that's being guarded by a Magatsu Warrior within the mist. You must kill the yokai to obtain the Rusty Key that can open the door it was guarding. As you enter, you'll find the body by the tree along the path.
  • Third Shrine: Onmyo Mage's Locks can be looted off a corpse. The body can be found in the field where the giant yokai is encountered. It's near the house where the hot spring is. If you are coming from the hot spring, sprint to the left side, you'll find the body hanging by the edge.

Spa Locations

  • Third Shrine: Found inside a house. To find it, when you reach the third shrine after fighting Hachisuka Koroku, head down the incline where you'll find yourself in an open field where a giant yokai shoots projectiles at you. As you go around, about midway, there's a door on the right that's being guarded by a Magatsu Warrior within the mist. You must kill the yokai to obtain the Rusty Key that can open the door it was guarding. As you enter, simply head straight until you're on the roof of a house. Simply jump into the hole where you'll find the spa and a large yellow crystal that you can destroy.


The High-spirited Demon Walkthrough

Escape Komaki-Nagakuta


The year is October 1584 and players continue their adventure as they make an escape from Komaki-Nagakuta. After the battle against Tokichiro, a dark energy has engulfed the area which seems to place all the yokai in frenzy. Mumyo joins and accompanies you as you escape and head back to the Tokugawa Stronghold. Before you head out towards the first shrine, turn around and check behind the frame of the stairs. You'll find the first Kodama behind it. After grabbing the Kodama, head to the shrine and use it if you need to. From the shrine, head down the slope and you'll encounter an Aberrant Soldier and Warrior Skeleton, followed by a Yoki.


Instead of going down the end of the slope, there's a corridor on the right side, about midway of the path where you'll see a large yellow crystal that's releasing energy. If you want to obtain the trophy, Clean Sweep, you'll need to destroy six of these crystals. You must consistently attack it to stop it from recovering its health if you leave it for a short while. Shooting it with your ranged weapon won't inflict any damage and the only way to destroy it is by using your melee weapon. Also, the energy it releases inflicts damage and knocks you back. Drop down from the cliff and head towards the crystal where you'll encounter another Aberrant Soldier and destroy the crystal before jumping down the bottom area that's engulfed with the Dark Realm.


After you destroy the crystal, jump down, and head to the west side first where you'll encounter another Yoki. Just past it, you'll find a small house that leads to an area where you'll see another large yellow crystal that is guarded by a Kamaitachi and a Yoki. We'll consider this as a mini-boss battle, since it has a large pool of health and it's attacks and moves, however, are the same when you fought it during the main mission: The Mysterious One Night Castle. You'll want to kill the Yoki first so that you can focus on the Kamaitachi, you'll want to defeat it to obtain some items and its soul core, Kamaitachi Soul Core - after killing the Kamaitachi destroy the large crystal.


From where the crystal was, look at the left side and you'll find the Sudama there. After trading with the Sudama, head up the cliff and you'll encounter another Aberrant Soldier on a fallen tree - kill the yokai and cross the tree where you'll enter the dark realm where you'll find another large crystal.


Inside the dark realm, the crystal is guarded by an Aberrant Soldier and just in front of the crystal is a Biwa-Boku-boku. Do not approach the crystal yet, but instead, from the entrance, shoot him with your rifle or bow to stop him from summoning revenants - destroying the crystal dispels the dark realm.


Now, go around the back on the right side and you'll find the second Kodama behind a wooden barricade that you can destroy that's on the left side.


The third Kodama is just nearby, from where you found the second Kodama, turn around and you'll see a tree branch that you can walk on to cross the other end where you'll see a Yoki walking back and forth. Head to where the Yoki is, kill it, and from the cliff, walk on the roof of the house where you'll find the third Kodama. There's also a body that you can loot that's on the roof as well. Before you head towards the marked destination, make sure you clear the other dark realm near the first large crystal you destroyed. The yokai within the dark realm are two more Yoki, a Warrior Skeleton, a Karasu Tengu. You'll find the source of the dark realm inside the house which is a new yokai, the Magatsu Warrior. Don't forget to open the large chest inside the house after killing the Magatsu Warrior - also, behind the house, you'll find the second shrine.


After clearing the area, head back up towards the marked destination where you'll encounter another Magatsu Warrior that's guarding the door behind it - after killing it and before opening the door ahead, make sure to kick the ladder down that's on the right to open up a path near the second shrine.

Second Shrine


Once you open the door that was guarded by the Magatsu Warrior, check the corner on the left and you'll see some wooden crates. Destroy it to find the fourth Kodama behind it. After grabbing the Kodama, climb up the nearby watchtower to loot an item off a corpse. Jump back down then open the small door on the right for a shortcut that leads back to the starting point - when you're ready, open the gate on the left where you'll fight the first boss for this mission.

Boss Battle: Hachisuka Koroku


For this battle, Mumyo will be pushed off the bridge by Hachisuka Koroku and you'll have to fight him on your own. Hachisuka Koroku is a human boss who wields the Kusarigama and uses water-based attacks. You can easily dodge backward to avoid getting hit by his combos and then rush in to attack after the string of his attacks. He can also conjure the dark realm when he reaches about 70% of his health, so be cautious when he's in the dark realm since it empowers his attacks.


He can also use his yokai skills and sometimes use the ability of the Kamaitachi to call out two tornados that will chase you. Just run away from it until it disappears. If ever he uses a grapple attack which is when he starts to swing his weapon around and over his head, you'll want to quickly run away from him to avoid getting caught by the chain of his weapon, basically, he'll try to reel you in and plunge you with his weapon that can potentially kill you. When he uses a burst attack, which is when a red aura appears around him, he'll jump into the air and throw his weapon on the ground and swing to it. If your timing is right, you can dodge to the side when he pulls himself, and when he lands on the ground, you can attack him - you'll be able to continue further to the next area once you've defeated him.

The Giant Yokai: Third Shrine


After the battle against Hachisuka Koroku, open the gate ahead and you'll find the third shrine. Head down the incline on the right and you'll find Mumyo. She's been injured from the fall and she won't be ablte to join you, speak to her twice and she'll give you 1x Herbal Remedy. Continue going down the incline until you hear a loud roaring sound and the ground will start to shake.


Now, you'll want to be careful when you explore the area ahead. You'll see a giant yokai towering on the left side. As you progress further, you'll want to hide behind the rocks and wooden barricades that are around to avoid getting hit by a large energy projectile that it shoots at you, but just be mindful that when you hide behind a wooden barricade, you can only use it once, since the impact of the projectile will destroy it. Shooting it with your ranged weapons won't work here as well. So you'll need to kill each yokai you see one at a time, while simultaneously taking cover from the large yokai's projectiles. Luckily, the Yokai that are around are just Warrior Skeletons.


In the middle of the field, you'll find another locked door on the right that is blocked by a yokai mist. The yokai within it is a Magatsu Warrior. After you kill it, you'll obtain a Rusty Key that can be used to open the door it was guarding.


On the other side of the door, you'll find a corridor path. There's a corpse as well by the tree which you can loot, to find 1x Ninja's Locks. After grabbing the item, proceed forward to the corridor path and you'll reach the roof of a house.


There's a hole ahead that you can jump into where you'll find another large crystal you can destroy and the Spa (Hot Spring). After using the spa, open the door and head back outside the field.


Before you run to the right side and cross the tree. From the house where the hot spring is, you'll want to dash to the left side where you'll see a corpse that's hanging by the edge. You can loot it to find 1x Onmyo Mage's Locks. After grabbing the item, quickly take cover behind a rock. Across the tree, there's another Biwa-Boku-boku that will summon a Revenant to stop you from crossing the fallen tree, you really won't have any other choice here but to fight it or quickly dash and cross before you get hit by the projectile. The Biwa Boku-boku is hiding behind a wooden barricade wall that's on the left -if you were able to cross and head towards the houses, the giant yokai will stop shooting projectiles at you. 


Once you've crossed safely, you'll see an Aberrant Soldier inside the watchtower ahead which you can shoot. Make sure to check the house on the right to find a large chest that has a Mujina yokai in it, mimic the gesture it does to avoid fighting it and to obtain a couple of items it drops.


You'll find another dark realm ahead, but before heading inside, you'll want to grab the Scampuss that's on the left side near the watchtower.


In the third dark realm, you'll see another large crystal which you'll need to destroy to dispel the dark realm. It's being guarded by a Yoki that's walking back and forth. You can bait the Yoki out of the dark realm first, then destroy the crystal after killing the yokai. Once you've cleared the dark realm, head inside the house on the left, open the large chest, and unlock the door for a shortcut that leads back to the third shrine.


Now, you'll see another familiar boss which you encountered in the first mission, the Mezuki. This will be your third encounter against this yokai and its moves and attacks will still be the same, only this time, it has a larger health pool. Killing it drops its soul core, Mezuki Soul Core alongside other items. Once you've defeated it, go left towards the bridge and unlock the door to open up another shortcut. Go back to the other side of the same bridge and you'll see a trunk of a tree near it that you can walk on to reach the bottom area.


At the bottom, you'll encounter three Red Kappa that's roaming around. Kill it, then check behind a tree ahead of you where the fifth Kodama can be found. Once you've grabbed the Kodama you'll want to head back up and follow the marked destination where you'll come across a path that goes up a slope. But before doing so, you may want to rest at the nearby shrine because you'll encounter more Yokai ahead.


Now, as you head up the slope, there will be more Yokai ahead. You'll come across a Warrior Skeleton, Aberrant Soldier, Yoki, Kappa, and a Magatsu Warrior at the top that will push a boulder down the slope. Just about halfway up the slope, you'll find an opening where you'll find the last large crystal that you can destroy. Around the corner and behind the crystal, you'll find the last Kodama for this mission - after guiding the last Kodama back to the shrine, continue going up until you reach the last shrine for this mission and the marked destination where the boss awaits.

Boss Battle: Daidara Bocchi


Upon entering the area, you'll face the main boss of this mission, Daidara Bocchi. This is the giant yokai that was constantly shooting projectiles at you in the open field earlier. Now, by now, you should have an idea that it will shoot out projectiles at you, only this time, it's not just one but multiple projectiles shot at you.


In order to defeat this boss, you'll need to destroy the yellow shards on its hands. Its hands are the only thing that you can attack and nothing else. Whenever you destroy the shards, it takes away a chunk of its stamina. Although it's a bit slow sometimes, make sure that you keep an eye for the projectiles it will shoot. You'll need to deplete his stamina bar so that his head drops on the ground, allowing you to execute a strong blow on its head, and you'll need to do until you finish him off.


What you need to watch out for is his burst attack, when you see the red aura, make sure to run away and keep moving to avoid getting hit by the rocks that will drop from above. If you're caught, you'll have a hard time getting away from it and it will eventually kill you. Another attack is when he looks right in front of you and his eyes start to glow, you'll want to dash away and run to the sides to avoid getting hit by the lasers that it shoots from its eyes, a cutscene will then trigger after defeating this boss.


Once you regain control of your character, you'll find yourself at the interim, the place where you first arrived after customizing your character. Takenaka Hanbei will be there as well and you'll be possessed and obtain his Guardian Spirit: Hakutaka.


Next, speak to Hanbei and Miyoshino to learn about what has happened since you died, about Tokichiro, Otekamaru, and the yokai-slaying blade. Although it may seem that you have died in the hands of Tokichiro, you'll soon return to the world and fulfill your destiny to save mankind - when you're ready to leave the interim, choose "Head to Byodo-In" which will end this mission.



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