The Lost Sword is a Sub Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 122, has a difficulty level of 1, and features both human and yokai enemies. The Lost Sword tasks players with finding the Ame-no-Murakumo Tsurugi and clearing the remaining forces of Taira. This mission is unlocked after completing "A Song to Calm the Storm". Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions.



The Lost Sword

Mission Start Text

"When the Taira fled from the capital, they took with them one of the three great treasures, the Ame-no-Murakumo. The government cannot rest at ease until this item is recovered. A rumor amongst the soldiers hints that the weapon was left in Yashima after the battle there. Please, do all you can to help us find it."

Mission End Text

"Well done! I knew I could count on you! For them to send in Kagekiyo, the Taira must have been desperate to retrieve it too. Well, that's no surprise. With this, we shall surely have the upper hand over the Taira. You have my thanks."

Kodama Locations

  • none

Sudama Locations

  • none

Scampuss Locations

  • Near the first shrine, check under the small steps of the building on the left side.
  • After you encounter the first large Bakegani within the yokai mist in the garden section, check the left side and you'll find a room with a small chest. The Scampuss can be found on the left side behind some jars.
  • The third scampuss can be found in the room before the main boss arena near the second Kodama shrine. It's behind a shoji screen on the left where the Warrior Skeleton enemy is standing.
  • The fourth and fifth Scampuss can be found inside the cargo hold of the ship. You'll need to burn the haystack by shooting the incendiary longbow arrow given by the friendly NPC by the shore. The fourth scampuss is near a soldier in the cargo hold, while the fifth scampuss is behind some crates near the large chest at the end of the cargo hold.

Spa Locations

  • none

Locks Locations

  • none


The Lost Sword Walkthrough

First Shrine


You'll arrive by the shore where you'll see a fleet's wreckage and the entrance of the estate which was encountered in the main mission "A Song to Calm the Storm". You'll find the first Kodama shrine at the starting point as well.


The door to your right is locked, so you'll have to go straight towards the building. But before doing so, check under the short steps on the left, you'll find a Scampuss. After petting the Scampuss, go up the stairs slowly and sneak behind the Aberrant Soldier to strike it with a critical back attack. Kill it, and then loot the body it was checking to find x1 Inspiritng Gem. When you head inside the building, you'll notice that the layout is different and some rooms are now blocked - keep going straight and you'll encounter another Aberrant Soldier, as well another corpse you can loot.


When you head outside the small garden, you'll see a yokai mist blocking the path ahead, 1x Aberrant Soldier behind the mist, and x2 Gaki on the left. The yokai within the mist is a large Bakegani. Try to shoot the two Gaki first on the left side with your bow and arrow before fighting the Bakegani.


After clearing the yokai by the garden, check the left side and you'll see a broken and worn out Shoji. Destroy it so that you can enter the room where you'll find a small chest on the right, and another Scampuss hiding behind some pots on the left side. After checking the room, go back outside, and continue forward to the next building.


At the center of the room, you'll find a Namahage and a Rokurokubi sitting next to each other. Try to shoot the Rokurokubi first, then draw him away from the Namahage so that you can fight and kill them one at a time. Aim for the head of the Rokurokubi to stagger it. On the left side by the broken stairs, there's a Skeleton Warrior next to a corpse that you can loot, while on the right side by the broken stairs, you'll see 1x Gaki and a body that you can also loot. Before you go outside the building on the right side, make sure to kill another Namahage that's down the corridor. You'll find a large chest that you can loot. After clearing the first section, head towards the exit on the right and you'll see another yokai mist that's blocking the door and another Aberrant Soldier next to a tree on the right. Kill the Aberrant Soldier first, and then draw out the Snowclops that's within the mist. After defeating it, open the gate that it was guarding and you'll be able to unlock a shortcut that leads back to the first shrine -  go back to the building and clear out the second section.


For the second section of the building, you'll see another room in the middle where you'll encounter another Rokurokubi and a Warrior Skeleton. Kill both yokai and then loot the body that's in the same room to find a random item. Next, head east towards another yokai mist that's blocking the path ahead. Draw out the Kiryoki by approaching the mist and defeat it so that you can exit the building - you'll find the second Kodama shrine on the left side of the exit.

Second Shrine


You're objective is to head towards the door on the west side from the shrine, but head outside first to the shore on the east and you'll find an NPC fighting a Lesser Umi-bozu and x2 small Bakegani. Help him and then speak to him twice to obtain 1x Incendiary Longbow Arrow. Before heading to the ship, check the right side of the shore and you'll encounter 1x Gaki and a body that you can loot - since you've cleared the shore, you can now head towards the ship.


Cross the plank first on the right side and you'll find a Kappa trying to loot a large chest and on the ceiling next to the chest is another Lesser Umi-bozu. Kill it, open the chest, go back to the shore and this time, take the plank on the left side and use the large longbow to shoot the incendiary longbow arrow to burn the haystack - next, go back to the building where the second shrine is and enter the door on the west side.


Inside this room, you'll encounter a Gaki and a yokai mist in the center and a Warrior Skeleton on the left side. Kill the Gaki and the Warrior Skeleton first, check behind the divider where the skeleton was to find another Scampuss, pet it, and then draw out the Bakegani within the mist.   Be careful when fighting the Bakegani since it is capable of conjuring the dark realm which makes it stronger. Once you've cleared the room, head towards the exit on the right so that you can reach the west entrance of the ship.


Inside the ship's cargo hold, you'll encounter a few soldiers here and as well as two Scampuss yokai on the left side near the soldier and the other behind some boxes next to the large chest. Kill all the enemies, loot the area, and then pet the Scampuss. You can instantly kill one of the soldiers by shooting at the head with your bow and arrow.


You'll also find two large chests that you can loot at the end of the room, this is where you'll acquire the Ame-no-Murakomo Tsurugi - after clearing the cargo hold, return to the building and head towards the marked objective where you'll encounter the main boss for this sub-mission.

Boss Battle: Taira no Kagekiyo


This should be an interesting fight since you'll be bringing along two Scampuss yokai. You might as well summon a friendly revenant to help you win this battle. When you approach the arena, the general Taira no Kagekiyo and an archer will appear and fight you. Immediately rush towards the other soldier and kill him first before shifting your attention to the boss. This boss is quite fast, but punishing him with your attacks as well as your ally will quickly deplete its stamina bar causing him to stagger and fall to the ground for a short period of time. Taira no Kagekiyo is a human-type boss, so just focus on breaking his guard and depleting his stamina to easily punish and beat him.

He also occasionally throws bombs at you, so you may want to dodge away from the blast to avoid getting hit. A good tactic is to keep your distance and wait for him to shift his attention towards your revenant ally. While he's busy, rush in and attack him from behind then dodge away if he looks at you. The Splitstaff is actually a good weapon of choice here since your heavy attacks can easily break his guard. If he starts to sheathe his katana, he'll charge up and release a fast three-strike attack, so be ready to block or dodge away from him -simply defeat him to complete this sub-mission.




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