The Mysterious One Night Castle

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Mission Type Main Mission
Location Sunomata
Kodama 8 Kodama
Boss ??
Rewards 2800
Seven Scalp Switchglaive
Chinzei Hachiro's Bow
High-Quality Wood x3
Onmyo Mage's Locks x1

The Mysterious One Night Castle is a Main Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 1, and tasks players with ?????, and features both human and yokai enemies.


Mission Text

Mission Start Text

Lord Nobunaga is eager to expand his influence into the northern reaches of Mino, a key strategic location where Dosan has a stronghold. Without a castle to give us a foothold, it'd be extremely difficult to launch any kind of meaningful atttack. but Saito's not just going to sit and watch a castle being built near hi turf without taking action. Don't worry though, I may just have an idea, Leave it to me, Hidenoji. - Tokichiro


Mission Complete Text

"Description goes here."


The Mysterious One Night Castle Walkthrough

Reminder to avoid the water as it's insta-death!

Walk forward and talk to the NPC ahead to learn your objective. Talk to him several times until he urges you forward. From here, you can collect an item and some dead echoes from the corpse to your right. Then another corpse ahead will give you some better armor.

Further down you'll come to a Shrine. Pray to activate it and take the path to the right of the shrine. There are two more corpses down this way, and you'll find your first enemy. To your left, there's a spear-wielder guarding a corpse with Sacred Water.


All Kodama in The Mysterious One Night Castle

  1. From the first Shrine, head down the path under bridge, make a left then right up the leave covered hill. At the end of this path will be a Kodama.
  2. From the second Shrine, head left to the closed off path then drop down to the left a Kodama will be tucked in the corner.
  3. From the second Shrine, head right up the hill, through the small house and into the large house. Climb to the second floor and exit to the outside railing. Make 2 lefts and a Kodama will be hidden under some breakable boxes.
  4. (Must have unlocked the Flood Gate shortcut) From the second Shrine, head left and follow this path straight into the small house with the hole. Drop down, head North, climb the ladder, head to the second floor of the house and exit. Make a left on the outside railing dropping down twice to find the Kodama on the ledge.
  5. (Must have unlocked the Flood Gate shortcut) From the second Shrine, head left and follow this path up the hill and around to the house at the bottom of the hill. Enter the house, exit through the back and take the right path to the dead end house. Inside tucked to the right corner is a Kodama.
  6. From the third Shrine, head right, follow the right path until the end to find a Kadama tucked behind overturned boxes.
  7. From location 6, turn around and follow the path back, taking the right path to the ladder. Climb it, and follow this path until just before the enemy. To the right will be a small overlook above a Tori Gate, drop down on it to find a Kodama tucked away.
  8. From Location 7, drop down from the Tori Gate and ascend the path once more going all the way to the end. Drop to the left ledge, walk forward a bit then roll to the right to land on the lower path and not in the water. Follow this path until you see a small hill to the left with a rock. The final Kodama will be here.

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