The Mysterious One Night Castle is a Main Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 28, has a level 5 difficulty, and features both human and yokai enemies. The Mysterious One Night Castle tasks players with heading towards a fort that can be used to build a castle for Lord Nobunga. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions.




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The Mysterious One Night Castle

Mission Start Text

Lord Nobunga is eager to expand his influence into the northern reaches of Mino, a key strategic location where Dosan has a stronghold.

Without a castle to gives us a foothold, it'd be extremely difficult to launch any kind of meaningful attack. But Saito's not just going to sit and watch a castle being built near his turf without taking action.

Don't worry though, I may just have an idea. Leave it to me, Hiddy.

Mission End Text

And lo and behold, a castle built in a single night! Just goes to show the power of Koroku and the kamaitachi. But we wouldn't have gotten their support without you! I sure lucked out pairing with you, partner!

With this new base, we can launch an attack on Inabayama Castle, the enemy's stronghold. Let's go and report to Lord Nobunaga right away, but remember to give Mataza all the credit. It'll go a long way to getting him back into Lord Nobunaga's good graces, and we won't draw any unwanted attention from Katsuie and the others. We'll be killing two birds with one stone!

Kodama Locations

  • From the first Shrine, head down the path under bridge, make a left then right up the leave covered hill. At the end of this path will be a Kodama.
  • The second Kodama can be found outside the second-floor of the rest house near the second Kodama shrine. It's inside a box.
  • The third Kodama can be found on top of a roof. From the second dark realm that's inside the inner section of the fort, head up the balcony of the house where the Enki was and drop down onto the roof from the ledge.
  • The fourth Kodama can also be found in the inner section of the fort. From the house, go down and straight towards an enclosure. You'll see two open large chests and come across two Gaki guarding the spot, kill the enemies, and check behind the chest that's on the left side, you'll find the Kodama there.
  • For the fifth Kodama, you must close the floodgate first that opens up a shortcut to the 2nd Kodama shrine. After that's done, explore the lower section and climb up the ladder where you'll come out of a locked room inside a house. You'll find the Kodama in the same room.
  • The sixth Kodama is positioned on a spot where you need to jump down from high ground. You'll see the Kodama when you encounter a Nure-Onna, Karakasa Umbrella, and Aberrant Soldier by the waterfall. To reach it, you must close the floodgate first, head down into the pit near the first hot spring, there's another ladder nearby that you can climb to come out of the east side of the forest. You'll find the path there to drop down to where the Kodama is.
  • From the same location where you saw the second Sudama, head up the slope until you reach the top. Look to your right, and you'll see that you can drop down onto the top part of the large torii gate. You'll see the Kodama on top of the torii gate.

Sudama Locations

  • The first Sudama can be found at a dead-end path near the gate of the fort. The location is near the second shrine.
  • The second Sudama can be found on the east side of the forest. You'll need to close the floodgate first on the west side, climb down the pit and climb up the ladder that's on the opposite side. You'll see it at the top of the ladder.

Scampuss Locations

  • The first Scampuss can be found in the forest near the starting area. Head towards the path where you encounter an Aberrant Soldier.
  • The second Scampuss can be found behind a large water bucket at the backside of the house where you encounter the Enki inside the second dark realm of the inner fort.
  • You'll find it beside a tree next to the hot spring which is at the exit of the fort.

Hot Springs Locations

  • The first hot spring can be found right outside the inner section of the fort. It can be found between the exit of the fort and the path leading to another forest area.
  • The second hot spring can be found within the forest near the objective and the shortcut that leads back to the starting point. You'll find it behind the shack.

Locks Locations

  • The first lock, Onmyo Mage's Locks can be found inside a small chest that's located on the second floor of the rest house. The house is on the upper section of the fort near the second Kodama shrine.
  • Ninja's Locks can be found inside a large chest that's located inside a house of the forest that's engulfed with the Dark Realm. The forest is near the exit of the fort, and the Enki within the dark realm must be killed to dispel the field allowing you to open the large chest.


The Mysterious One Night Castle Walkthrough


Reminder to avoid the water as it's insta-death!

The year is September 1566, and players arrive at Sunomata in Mino Province. Walk forward and speak to Tokichiro ahead to learn your objective. Talk to him several times until he urges you forward. From here, you can collect an item and some dead echoes from the corpse to your right. You'll find the first Kodama shrine ahead of Tokichiro, from the shrine, loot the corpse beside the lifted bridge on your left, then go east and into the forest where you'll encounter some soldiers roaming the area.


Kill the soldiers ahead, then go right where you'll come across a sword-wielder patrolling the area. After killing him, go around the path and up the slope where you'll see an archer. There's a corpse that's by the edge which you can loot for another memory and 2x Sacred Arrow. Keep going straight, then make a hard right where you'll see an Aberrant Soldier. The path to the left is the first Dark Realm where you'll need to kill a Waira.


Killing the Waira will cause the field to disappear and you'll be able to open the large chest that's nearby containing random items.


From where the Waira was also patrolling, go straight and check the corner on the right side. You'll find the first Kodama hiding behind some grass - after killing the Waira and finding the Kodama, retrace your steps and head towards the position of the Aberrant Soldier.


Kill the yokai and from where the Aberrant Soldier was, continue forward, and at the end of the path, you'll find the first Scampuss. Go back to the position of the Aberrant Soldier and look down where you'll see a bridge leading to a small house and a Karasu Tengu that's patrolling the area.


After killing the Karasu Tengu, cross the bridge and head in the house where you'll encounter a Yamanba, kill it, head out the backside of the house and activate the lever to draw the bridge down that leads to the entrance of the fort and the second Kodama shrine - you'll also find Hachisuka Koroku next to the shrine, speak to him and he'll accompany you. Before you proceed towards the fort, go back to the bridge and climb down the ladder, there are and some corpses that you can loot and a large chest at the lower section that's being guarded by a Nure-Onna yokai.

The Fort


The path on the west is locked, so from the shrine, go east towards the upper outer section of the fort where you'll come across a GakiEnki, and an Aberrant Soldier. With Koroku accompanying you, the Enki will most likely lock onto him, so kill the Gaki first with your bow, then take out the Aberrant Soldier while the Enki is busy fighting Koroku. Just take note that even though he helps with damaging the enemies, he can be temporarily downed if he takes too much damage, and you'll need to assist him to help him recover during battle. If there are no enemies around, he'll recover by himself - after clearing the area, proceed further and you'll come across a mist blocking the path ahead.


The yokai within the mist is a Waira. It'll appear once you walk up to the mist. After you've killed the Waira, unlock the gate ahead, go back and towards an open shack, kill the soldiers that are outside, and head inside a rest house where you'll see some more two soldiers inside, one is wielding a spear and the other is a sword-wielder. Before going up the second floor, there's a corpse that you can loot on the first floor. On the second floor, however, there's a slayer wielding a switchglaive that's patrolling, another sword-wielder, and a heavy axe-wielder that's resting - kill the enemies, and open the small chest that's also on the second floor where you'll find 1x Onmyo Mage's Locks.


After clearing both floors of the house, head outside from the second floor, go left and walk to the end where you'll see some wooden boxes. You'll find the second Kodama inside one the box. After finding the second Kodama, turn back and head straight where you'll come across another Aberrant Soldier yokai.

Inner Fort


After killing the Yokai that's blocking your path, climb down the ladder to get to the inner section of the fort where you'll encounter yet another Aberrant Soldier and a Yamanba. After killing the two Yokai, cross the bridge and turn left where you'll find a switch that closes the floodgate. You'll be able to draw down a bridge that opens up a shortcut leading back to the entrance of the fort where the second kodama shrine is, as well as exploring the lower section that was previously filled with water.


Go back and retrace your steps to the main gate of the fort where you fought the Waira, from the gate, turn right and head down the slope towards a dead-end. You'll find the first Sudama walking around. After trading with the Sudama, continue forward towards the inner section of the fort.


You'll notice a mist that's blocking the path ahead, the yokai within the mist is an Enki. Once you've killed the Enki, walk up a bit and ready your bow, you'll see a Gaki that's waiting to ambush you from above. Shoot it down and kill it. The inner section of the fort will be engulfed with the second Dark Realm.

Inner Fort: Dark Realm


The first Yokai you'll see is an Enki that's feeding by the house on the right and two Abberant Soldier that's patrolling on the left side and the other that's on the makeshift bridge. The source of the dark realm is the Karasu Tengu which can be found roaming at the lower section. Successfully killing the Karasu Tengu dispels the field and allows you to open the nearby large chest - try to kill the Enki first, followed by the two Aberrant Soldier before facing the source.


After you dispel the dark realm, open the large chest that's on the right side, then head in the shack that's on the left where you can open a locked door that leads back to the second shrine. When that's done, go back and head to the house where you encountered the Enki. Check the backside of the house and destroy the large water bucket, you'll find the second Scampuss behind it.


Next, go inside the house and head to the 2nd floor where you'll come across another Aberrant Soldier. Kill it, head out the balcony and turn right. You'll notice there's a part of the barricade is broken, drop down below onto the roof and you'll find the third Kodama.


The fourth Kodama can also be found in the inner section of the fort. From the house, go down and straight towards an enclosure. You'll see two open large chests and two Gaki guarding the spot, kill the enemies, and check behind the chest that's on the left side, you'll find the Kodama there.


For the fifth Kodama, you'll have to go down the lower section of the fort that was previously filled with water. Since you already closed the floodgate, you'll be able to climb down from the bridge. At the lower section, there are more Yokai such as Nure-Onna, Toxic Slime, and a Waira, the path below leads to a cave where you can find a large chest that has a Mujina yokai in it and a ladder, remember to input the same gesture it does to avoid it from being hostile and for it to drop some loot. Climb up the ladder and you'll come out of the locked room of the house that's in the fort - you'll find the fifth Kodama in the room.


After finding the Kodama, continue forward and head towards the other exit of the fort where you'll encounter another mist that's blocking the path. The yokai within the mist is another Enki, kill it for a chance to obtain its soul core apart from random items. Once you've killed the Enki, exit the fort and you'll find a hot spring. Koroku will automatically run to it and tell you there's a hot spring, you won't miss it.  He'll part ways with you once he finds and uses the hot spring.


Also, by the hot spring, next to the tree, you'll find the third Scampuss resting by the grass and flowers.

The Forest Near the Fort


Head inside the forest and you'll encounter two Gaki ahead. One is hiding behind the grass to your right while the other is feeding on a corpse behind a small tree. Be careful not to fall down the water since it can instantly kill you! There's also a corpse nearby that you can loot. The path you'll need to take is straight ahead, but you'll want to dispel the dark realm first that's on the west side of the forest's entrance.


In the dark realm, there are a lot of Yokai in it. There's a Karakasa Umbrella, a Gaki, Enki near the small house. A Yamanba, and Abbarent Soldier positioned on a knocked-down tree above the house. And a Nure-Onna that's roaming around the lower section. The first thing you'll want to take care of is the Abbarent Soldier and the Gaki, you can shoot it from afar with your bow or rifle then kill each yokai one at a time. Leave the Enki for last since he's quite difficult to kill and it is the source of the dark realm. Successfully killing the Enki dispels the field and you'll be able to open the large chest that's inside the broken house - you'll find 1x Ninja's Locks inside it.


Next, head out the backside of the house and close the floodgate for the water beneath it to be drained. You'll be able to explore the lower section and find the third Kodama shrine. At the lower section, you'll encounter another Yokai which is the Kappa, explore the lower section until you come across another mist that's blocking the entrance of a cave. The yokai within the mist is a Karasu Tengu, kill it so that you can enter a cave that has a large chest.


Go back to the forest and head to the inner section where you'll come across more Yokai. You'll notice that the sixth Kodama is near the area where you encounter a Nure-Onna, Karakasa Umbrella, and Abbarent Soldier.


You'll need to go down the pit from the floodgate you just closed and climb up the other ladder, you'll come out of the east side of the forest where you'll also find the second Sudama. Follow the path and you'll be able to drop down onto the surface where the Kodama is.


For the last Kodama, go back down the pit, and back up to the east side of the forest where the second Sudama was. Head up the slope until you reach the top where you'll also encounter a Gaki that will climb up the ledge on your right. From where the Gaki was, you'll notice that you can drop down onto the top part of the large torii gate. You'll find the last Kodama on top of the gate - once you've found the last Kodama, go back to the entrance of the forest and head further inside where you'll reach the marked objective of this mission.


At the end of the forest, the marked location where a boss awaits is on the right side. Before going there, make sure to check the shack that's on the left and close the floodgate to open up a shortcut that leads back to the starting point. Also, behind the shack, you'll find the second hot spring - another thing, before you head to the marked objective, be sure to pray at the first shrine to activate it as your spawn point in case you die.

Boss: Kamaitachi


Upon reaching the objective, a cut-scene will trigger and you'll encounter the Kamaitachi which you'll need to defeat to complete this mission. The Kamaitachi drops random items and equipment as well as its soul core, the Kamaitachi Soul Core. Another cutscene will then trigger after ending the mission.






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      worst designed level in the entire ****ing game.
      Really reaching for artificial difficulty with the number of minor water holes, enemy gank squads and overall overly tight corridors by the side of bottomless drops.
      level was also made to manipulate the camera so you get absolutely ****ed into either said drop offs or enemy ganks.

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