The One Who Lives in the Shadows

Mission Type Training Mission
Recommended Level 100
Rewards Gesture: NINJA POSE
Ninja's Locks x2
Iga Jonin Cuirass x1
Iga Jonin Waistguard x1
Condition/s Required Ninjutsu Proficiency: 200,000
Complete Mission The High-spirited Demon

The One Who Lives in the Shadows is a Tutorial Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 100, and tasks players with testing their capabilities of fighting and mastering their Ninjutsu skills against Hattori Hanzo.


Mission Text

Mission Start Text

"That stance tells me that you already know a thing or two about our ways.

In which case, standard training would be wasted on you.

So how about I teach you the closely guarded secret techniques of my ancestors instead? I will warn you though that those that flail are fated to die in obscurity.

If you want to learn the secret you must not hesitate for a second."

Mission Complete Text

"Brilliant. You were able to see through even the most secret of the Iga-style techniques.

I simply couldn't shake you. As an instructor, I am humbled and blessed for the experience.

It would seem I have nothing left to teach you, but I would be more than happy to face you again in combat."


The One Who Lives in the Shadows Walkthrough

Enemies and Yokai in this mission:
NPCs in this mission:


Your ninjutsu proficiency must be at least 200,000 or more to start this tutorial mission, you can gain proficiency points by unlocking any ninjutsu skills and by fighting enemies by using your ninjutsu tools. Before you start the mission, make sure you have made any preparations needed since this training mission leads straight to a mini-boss battle against Hattori Hanzo . Hanzo is a master ninja and uses multiple tools in battle. He wields a sword and he'll usually use ninjutsu tools such as traps, shurikens, kunai, and bombs. You'll want to watch out for his attacks when he starts to imbue his weapon with poison or paralyzing properties. Since you are fighting a human, executing any weapon skill that can knock him off balance will be beneficial here which will allow you to punish him while he recovers. For example, you can reel him in with the chain of the Kusarigama to reel him in and knocking him off balance.

Though the Poison Shuriken, gallnut broth and Power Pills lose effectiveness at low Ninjutsu Power, the rest of the tools you have access to will be very useful regardless. The Blinding Shell will blind him, preventing him from accurately throwing projectiles at you, and the groundfire trap will knock him into the air, leaving him open for damage for a while. The Caltrop ball will stun him out of attacks and make his dodges much worse. His has a low toughness rating, so he is extremely weak to strong block pressure, but because he uses a wooden weapon he does more Ki damage, so blocking his melee is dangerous. As you are given all the tools for applying poison, it may be worth it to temper poison synergy to your accessories.

Successfully defeating him will complete this mission.





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    • Anonymous

      Poorly designed fight, he has unlinited consumables & will not stop spamming them, keeping you from healing, or doing damage

      • Anonymous

        Any game that has a mode design for you to have to use a specific loadout is bullshit when your opponent has the same loadout, but all of their items are the OP version, and they have an infinite inventory. This isn't forcing you to use that ninjutsu because if you use every one of the items perfectly, he still has 3/4 of his health bar. This is yet another bullshit fight of Dodge Dodge Dodge heavy attack

        • Anonymous

          Dual sword main here. Got so aggravated I whipped out a spear for the first time and just kept heavy attacking. Got 7 proficiency points fighting this cool but annoying af dude.

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