The Shifting's Wise Judgement is a Sub Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 36, has a difficulty level of 4, and features human enemies. The Shifting's Wise Judgement tasks players with stopping the quarrel that shifter into a war between Shibata Katsuie  and Hachisuka Koroku. This mission is unlocked after completing the Main MissionThe Hollow Fortress. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions.


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General Info


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Mission Rewards

First Time Completion
Subsequent Completion




Equipment & Materials
  • Random Items
  • Random Weapons
  • Random Armor Pieces
Soul Cores
  • none
Key Items
  • none


  • Archer
  • Axe-wielding Soldier
  • Spear-wielding Soldier
  • Sword-wielding Soldier
  • Odachi-wielding Soldier


The Shifting's Wise Judgement

Mission Start Text

Hey, we need to head to Sunomata right away! What started out as a minor quarrel has escalated into something far more serious. Koroku and Lord Katsuie are both on a war footing! You're the only one that can defuse this situation - whether with words, or brute force.

Mission End Text

Side with Koroku:

The stubborn boar of a samurai! He needs some sense knocked into that skull of his.

But very well, I suppose he gets to keep his head on that neck of his. This time...

Really, that must have been a very tricky position for you to have been in. I am deeply indebted to you. You can tell that fool Katsuie that he should never look down on yokai again.

Side with Shibata Katsuie:

Fine, I'll defer to you on this occasion and let Koroku live to see another day.

I must say, it's impressive that your words can reach even a featherbrained yokai. But make no mistake, I will never put my trust in any yokai.

You be sure to pass that much to Koroku.

Side with Neither:

I know I said you might need to deal with the matter with brute force, but I never imagined you could take out both parties.

Well, it just goes to show the power of a shiftling.

Hopefully this will serve as a good lesson to Katsuie and Koroku though.

I suppose fighting between humans and yokai can't be helped, but a lot more good would come of them working together rather than quibbling.

Kodama Locations

  • none

Sudama Locations

  • Retrace your steps back to the starting area of the main mission: The Mysterious One Night Castle. You'll find the Sudama on the wooden platform where the Kodama was seen fishing during the cutscene. of the main mission.

Scampuss Locations

  • When you reach the forest near the starting area of the main mission: The Mysterious One Night Castle, go to the bridge that leads to a shack where you first closed the floodgate that leads to the fort. You'll find the Scampuss near the bridge, resting next to a tree and a sleeping soldier.

Spa Locations

  • It's located at the same spot behind the shack near the boss area and the shortcut leading to the starting point of the main mission: The Mysterious One Night Castle.

Locks Locations

  • none


The Shifting's Wise Judgement Walkthrough

The Nigitama or the Chief (or neither)

starting point the shiftlings wise judgement 600px

When the mission starts, you'll find Tokichiro on the left. If you look at your mini-map, you'll see that there are two marked spots near you. You'll have to choose whom you'll assist and will accompany you from either the Nigitama Hachisuka Koroku or the chief, Shibata Katsuie. Whoever you pick, the other NPC will appear as the boss at the end of this mission. If you turn away from the both of them, you'll see Tokichiro. Past him is a hole you can drop down. This route is the hardest, as it will pit you against both Koroku and Katsuie, who will focus their attentions primarily on you during the later boss fight.

soldiers encounter the shiftlings wise judgement 600px

You'll arrive at the fort of the Sunomata during the main mission: The Mysterious One Night Castle. After choosing between Koroku or Katsuie, you'll have to work your way against enemy soldiers and backtrack all the way to the starting point of the main mission: The Mysterious One Night Castle. The boss for this mission will be located in the same area where you fought the Kamaitachi - take this opportunity to farm Amrita by killing the enemies since you'll have a companion with you. Also, take your time and search each section, and the drained canals to find corpses and chests that you can loot.

scampuss location the shiftlings wise judgement 600px

When you reach the forest near the starting area of the main mission: The Mysterious One Night Castle. You'll find a Scampuss sleeping next to a tree that's near the shack where you closed the first floodgate during The Mysterious One Night Castle. There's also a sleeping soldier beside it.

sudama location the shiftlings wise judgement 600px

Once you reach the marked destination, you should find yourself back to the same spot that leads to the area where you fought the Kamaitachi as well as the nearby shack where you closed the floodgate that leads back to the starting area of the main mission: The Mysterious One Night Castle. Before you head to the same boss section, go back to the starting point of the main mission and check the fishing spot, you'll find a Sudama there beside a soldier that's sitting at the edge.

hot spring location the shiftlings wise judgement 600px

After trading with the Sudama, go back to the shack and check behind where you'll find the same spa (hot spring) that you used during the main mission, there's a soldier inside the shack that you need to kill first. Make sure you use the hot spring first before facing the boss so that you can have the temporary HP regen effect.

shibata katsuie encounter the shiftlings wise judgement 600px

Once you're ready, proceed to the marked destination where you'll face the boss of this mission, which is either Shibata Katsuie or Hachisuka Koroku. For our playthrough, we chose to help Koroku who joined as a companion, and we fought Shibata Katsuie at the end. When you face him, he'll be accompanied by four soldiers. Since you have most of the advantage for this battle, let your companion aggro the enemies and attack them from behind - defeating the boss completes this mission.



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      It's possible not to side with either of them if you use the drop down behind tokichiro at the start. You'll have to fight both humans and yokai throughout the mission, and when you arrive in the boss arena shibata katsuie and koroku will be fighting each other, and will both switch target to you when you interrupt their duel. If you defeat koroku first, shibata will take a knee and give up the fight. However, doing this method will prevent either of them appearing in the interim later. You'll need to do the quest again and side with both.

      • Anonymous

        So is it only our first playthrough of this mission that counts? I ran it three times to do all three ways and on my 3rd play I chose the human and got his key item at the end but I don't recall the yokai side or neither side giving me anything.

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