The Sun Sets on Mount Tenno is a Main Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 66, has a difficulty level of 5, and features both human and yokai enemies. The Sun Sets on Mount Tenno tasks players with heading into Mitsuhide's stronghold and to avenge the fallen Oda Nobunaga. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions.



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The Sun Sets on Mount Tenno

Mission Start Text

It seems the Hideyoshi army with yokai in tow has suddenly appeared near the capital. It looks like Tokichiro's raised himself quite a force. And by the sounds of it, Akechi's troops have been beaten a hasty retreat from their engagement out in the western territories. If the rumors of this grand reversal are to be believed, then it looks like a frenzied battle lies in store.

Anyway, if we're going to avenge Lord Nobunaga, this chaos provides us the perfect chance. Let's head there and fast.

Mission End Text

You know Tokugawa Ieyasu of Mikawa, I trust? He was a trusted friend of the dear deceased Lord Nobunaga. You fought alongside him at Anegawa, in fact. Well, according to this message, he's being pursued by Tokichiro and is unable to escape back to safe territory. Do you think you could help Lord Ieyasu's forces make their way towards Iga?

To shake off any pursuers, it's better for you to head out discreetly from here alone. And don't worry about me. I'll be fine. I'll see you again on the other side.

Kodama Locations

  • First Shrine: At the end of the first section of the swamp after killing the Nure-Onna within the mist, head up the incline and immediately turn right. You'll find the first Kodama behind the tree.
  • First Shrine: The second Kodama can be found in the second section of the swamp past the Nure-Onna blocking the path. After clearing the enemies in the second section of the swamp, go up the slope that's on the left side to reach the walkway of the scaffolding. Head to the shack and walk to the far left corner of it and jump off from the platform. You'll find the Kodama below.
  • First Dark Realm: Inside the first dark realm, climb to the walkway of the scaffolding and head to the left side platform that's around a tree. You'll find the third Kodama behind it.
  • Second Shrine: The fourth Kodama can be found on the rooftop of the house in the rice fields. There's a plank near the incline leading to the fort which you can walk on to get to the rooftop.
  • Second Shrine: The fifth Kodama is on the south section of the rice fields. You need to go around the rice fields first towards the house from the second shrine. Near the shortcut door, there's a path on the left side that you can jump off from at the end. Just go straight, you'll find the Kodama at the end of it.
  • Second Shrine: Jump off from the bridge leading to the fort. Check the left side of the bottom section. The sixth Kodama can be found behind the wooden barrier.
  • Fort Entrance: From the second shrine in the rice fields, cross the bridge and turn right from the gate of the fort. You'll find a barn at the end. Check the back of it on the right side and you'll see the Kodama there.
  • East Building, Fort Compound: The last Kodama can be found around the balcony of the building on the east side of the fort's compound. The only way to breach the building is by climbing the ladder from the innermost east section of the underground area of the fort.

Sudama Locations

  • The first Sudama can be found behind the shack that's on the scaffolding inside the first dark realm you encounter.
  • Found on the west section of the cave under the fort. Enter the cave by jumping off the bridge leading to the fort from the rice fields. Head inside the cave entrance at the bottom of the bridge and go to the west side of the cave. You'll find the Sudama standing inside an enclosure.

Scampuss Locations

  • From the main entrance of the fort, if you came from the bridge, turn left, if you came out from the compound, turn right. Either way, you'll see a Yoki at the end. The Scampuss is behind the yokai.

Spa Locations

  • The spa is located in the cave underneath the innermost section of the fort where the third shrine and last dark realm is. You won't miss it.

Locks Locations

  • Onmyo Mage's Locks is obtained as a reward after completing the mission.
  • Onmyo Mage's Locks can be found inside the caves under the fortress entrance on a corpse. Drop down from the bridge leading to the fortress and go into the caves. Hug the left wall and go through the door to where the red and blue amrita pillars were guarded by an Ubume. The corpse is in this room.
  • Ninja's Locks is located inside a large chest. The chest is inside the building that's on the east side of the fort's compound area. To reach it, you'll need to climb up the ladder that's at the east innermost section of the underground path.


The Sun Sets on Mount Tenno Walkthrough

First Shrine: Starting Point


The year is June 1582 and players arrive at Mt. Tenno in Yamashiro Province. At the starting point, you'll find the first shrine for this mission. There's a cave entrance on the right that has a body that you can loot and a locked shortcut door that you can open later on, so ignore that for now and go left towards the swamp. You'll first see a Gaki feeding on a corpse that you can loot and a Warrior Skeleton that's patrolling the area on the right side near the scaffolding. On the scaffolding, however, there are four human enemies. An archer standing at the enclosure, two spear wielders patrolling the walkway, and a dual sword-wielder at the shack on the opposite end. There's a large chest at the corner of the scaffolding just past the dual-wielding soldier and a body that you can loot where the archer was. After clearing the scaffolding area, from where the archer was you'll see another soldier wielding a rifle across, standing on a cliff. Shoot him with your ranged weapon, then jump back down to the bottom and kill the nearby Yoki and another Warrior Skeleton.


At the path ahead of the swamp, you'll see a mist that's blocking the path. The yokai within it is a Nure-Onna. After killing it, go up the incline and immediately turn right towards the spot where the rifle-wielding soldier was. You'll find the first Kodama behind the tree - after grabbing the Kodama, go back down and head to the second section of the swamp.


In the second section of the swamp, you'll see another scaffolding and a shack on the top right of it. There are two soldiers at the top and a Waira that's crawling around on the ground. You can shoot the soldiers above first then kill the Waira next. Try not to fight in the swamp because it slows down your movement. After clearing the area, go to the right side of the swamp area and you'll find a cave entrance where you'll see the locked gate that you can now open. This opens up a shortcut leading back to the starting point/the first shrine. Next, don't go straight to the bridge, but instead, go left and you'll see a slope that goes up to the wooden walkway of the scaffolding where you'll encounter an Odachi-wielding soldier.  At the top, there are two more bodies that you can loot, and inside the shack, you'll come across another Yoki wielding a Kusarigama inside the mist - kill the Yoki, open the chest, then kick the ladder down near the shack.


The second Kodama can be found here as well, from the shack, walk up to the far left side corner and jump down from the edge of the platform. You'll find the second Kodama there - since you've cleared the second section of the swamp, continue forward towards the bridge.

First Dark Realm


The path ahead of the bridge is where the first Dark Realm is. There are two ways for you to enter, either you go straight, or you head towards the side by jumping off the bridge on the left side of it where you'll see an opening. If you choose to jump off the bridge, you'll see a corpse on the path below that has 1x Thonecrusher Cannon. After looting the body, climb up the nearby ladder and head into the dark realm where you'll encounter another Nure-Onna that's crawling back and forth. After killing the Nure-Onna, head up the slope and you'll find yourself at the top of another scaffolding. There's a large chest inside the shack, but you'll need to dispel the dark realm first. On the walkway, you'll see two  Warrior Skeleton, one wielding a bow and the other a rifle.


After killing the Warrior Skeleton, don't jump down yet, head to the left end side of the walkway where you'll find the third Kodama behind the platform that's around a large tree. Once you've guided the Kodama back to the shrine, go around the walkway and head to the right side of it where you'll find yourself on top of the Yoki below. You can perform a drop attack to get the advantage before killing it. After killing the Yoki, destroy the large crystal that's blocking the path ahead which also dispels the dark realm. Before you proceed further, make sure to head back up the walkway and open the large chest inside the shack - there's a ladder on the right side that you can climb where you'll come across another Nure-Onna


Also, as indicated in the image above, you'll find the first Sudama for this mission behind the shack on the left side. After trading with the Sudama, continue forward, and before opening the gate ahead, check the path on the left side where you'll find a body that you can loot - grab the item and open the door that leads to the next area and the second shrine.

Rice Fields: Second Shrine


The door near the shrine is locked, so you'll need to work your way around the rice fields to open it from the other side. The enemies that are around the area are all human soldiers, so if you have enough arrows and bullets, you can easily take them out by shooting them on the head. But you don't want to aggro all of them at once, you'll have a hard time fighting them all since they all wield heavy long-reach weapons such as an axe, odachi, and spears. Assuming you've cleared the area free of soldiers, make sure to check each corner to find bodies that you can loot. And eventually, at the end of the rice fields, you'll reach a house and the shortcut door that you can now open - there's another body inside the house and near the shrine outside the house which you can loot for items.


Before you proceed further towards the fort, you'll want to look for two Kodama near the rice fields. For the fourth Kodama, you'll find it on the rooftop of the house. There's a plank near the incline that connects to the rooftop.


While for the fifth Kodama, there's a path on the left side from the incline. Just jump down to the rice fields at the end of the path and go straight - after grabbing both Kodama, make sure to rest at the second shrine first if needed before heading towards the fort section.

The Fort


Just by the bridge, ready your bow or rifle and aim at the top right side of the gate. You'll see a Warrior Skeleton archer by the balcony. Kill it before heading inside.


Instead of going straight, you'll want to jump off the bridge onto the bottom section. On the left side, behind a wooden barrier, you'll find the sixth Kodama - after guiding the Kodama, head towards the cave entrance on the right and make your way back up to the compound of the fort.


Inside the cave, there are two human Mage enemies and an Oni-bi guarding the area. There's a ladder on the right that leads up to the compound of the fort where you'll find the seventh Kodama and the path on the left leads further inside the cave.


Before you check both paths, by the cave entrance, there's a Nurikabe wall on the left side next to the wooden barricades and a torch. Fight it or if you're lucky, pacify it with the correct gesture to get a free pass. Try using "Backflip" and see how it works. The room behind it is just a shortcut leading to the west section of the cave.


If you head straight from where the Nurikabe was, you'll see an enclosure that has some books where you'll find the second Sudama for this mission.


On the right side where the Sudama was, you'll see a room where there's an Ubume standing in between a red and blue crystal pillar. Shoot the Ubume on the head first to stun her, then destroy both crystals which will cause the Ubume and the two Onyudo that's on the upper area to die. After destroying the crystals, open the door that's in the same room to reach the innermost section of the cave. Next, you'll want to head up to the compound of the fort and retrace your steps back to the main entrance where the bridge is.


There are two things that you can find near the main gate of the fort. On the right side, there's Yoki at the end where you'll find the Scampuss behind it.


While at the end of the path on the left, you'll find a barn. Check behind it on the right side where you'll find the seventh Kodama - after grabbing the Kodama, you'll want to go back down to the cave and head towards the inner east side from where the Ubume was and climb up the ladder that leads to a building within the compound of the fort.


Once you reach the building, head up the second floor and you'll fight a Yoki wielding dual-swords that's within the mist blocking the path that goes out the balcony. There's also an Aberrant Soldier at the balcony. After killing both Yokai, open the large chest first where you'll find 1x Ninja's Locks along with other items.


After clearing the room, go out the balcony and go around the backside from the right. You'll find the last Kodama for this mission - after finding the Kodama. Proceed further into the second section of the fort.


For the second section, you'll see an Aberrant Soldier on the walkway to your right, and a Warrior Skeleton above it. After killing the first two Yokai by the entrance of the second section, you'll find two more in the middle area, there's another wielding a rifle on the upper-left walkway and another on the ground wielding an axe. Assuming you've cleared the area, there's a flooded path below from the entrance of the second section of the fort where you'll encounter a Nure-Onna - by then, you should have cleared the second section, and you can proceed to the innermost section of the fort towards the second dark realm.

Innermost Fort: Second Dark Realm


When you enter the dark realm. You'll see a red and blue large crystal in the middle. Do not go near the crystals because there's a nearby Biwa-Bok boku that will summon a revenant if you approach the crystals. At the entrance, go left first and you'll see a Yoki at the end, try to bait it out of the field and then kill it. From where the Yoki was, there's a ladder around the corner leading to the walkway of the scaffolding. At the top, there's two Aberrant Soldier and you'll find the Biwa-Boku-boku on the right side, inside the watchtower. Since you've killed the first three Yokai, the only one left is the Ubume that's roaming in the middle where the crystals are. After killing the Ubume, destroy the crystals. By doing so, you'll be able to dispel the dark realm and kill the rest of the Yokai that are underneath you - also, the third shrine can now be used which is near the entrance you came from that's on the right.

Third Shrine


The door ahead leads to the boss of this mission. Don't go through it yet, but instead, you'll want to check the area underneath you. There's a ladder on the right side near the shrine that you can climb down or you can just jump down from the hole where the crystals were. You'll find more corpses that you can loot as well as the Spa (Hot Spring) for this mission - it's recommended that you make further preprations at the shrine and use the hot spring before heading into the courtyard where the boss awaits.

Boss Battle: Ryomen Sukuna


The main boss for this mission is Ryomen Sukuna. This boss literally has two different sides which allow itself to switch and conjure between fire and ice-based attacks. His fire-based attacks are more on close-range physical attacks and one slow projectile attack, while his ice-based attacks are more on long-range and projectile types of attacks. Luckily you can easily counter its strong attack with a Burst Counter, allowing you to follow up with a couple of attacks. To learn more about this boss, click here or check our video guide for this boss that's attached below.


Successfully defeating this boss drops its soul core, Ryomen Sukuna Soul Core along with other items. And you'll also complete this mission. Speak to the corrupted Saito Toshimitsu to leave the area and to trigger a cutscene - before the cutscene ends, you'll also be possessed and obtain Akechi Mitsuhide's Guardian Spirit: Genbu, you will also learn that he was responsible for killing Lord Nobunaga.






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