The Village of Cursed Blossoms is a Main Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 1, has a level 2 difficulty, and features both human and yokai enemies. The Village of Cursed Blossoms tasks players with finding the cherry tree where the sender of the letter waits. Please see Missions for other walkthroughs on other missions.



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Mission Rewards

First Time Completion
Subsequent Completion


  • none



Equipment & Materials
Soul Cores
Key Items
  • n/a


  • Enki
  • Gaki
  • Yoki
  • Gozuki
  • Human Archers
  • Human Samurai
  • Axe-Wielding Human
  • Spear-Wielding Human


The Village of Cursed Blossoms

Mission Start and End Text

"I wait, under the nighttime cherry blossoms, for the hero that will set our village free from these horrors that plague us-"

It seems that this message is from someone that's heard whispers of my work slaying yokai. There are no hints as to who sent it, but it appears to have come from a village called Jusanzakura. If there really are yokai there, then it might be worth heading that way to take a look.

Kodama Locations

  • Near the patrolling Gozuki, go around it, you'll pass by a cherry blossom tree, then continue going up to the right side where you'll find another dead body that's next to a tree and a Kodama.
  • After facing your first Enki Yokai, from where the mist was, go left at the corner of the house where you'll encounter another Gaki blocking the path, kill it, then you'll find another Gaki feeding on a dead body. Loot the body after killing the enemy to obtain a random item, then look to your left and you'll find another lost Kodama.
  • When you reach the area with lots of houses and human enemies, just by the wooden bridge, you'll see some stacked up wooden boxes to your left, break the boxes then go around the back of the houses until you reach the very end corner of one of the houses, you'll find another lost Kodama that you can guide back to the shrine.
  • The open empty house near the small tombstone where the 2nd dark realm mist is, you'll find another Kodama hiding behind a string of baskets just by the entrance, destroy the objects and you'll find the Kodama behind it.
  • After Killing the Yoki which was the 2nd mist, just at the left side corner of the house, there's a large wooden box. Destroy it and you'll find another Kodama ahead.
  • Next, you'll find another Kodama that's at the right side corner of the small red torii gate right where you'll encounter three human enemies, an archer, an axe-wielding guy, and a samurai.
  • The last Kodama is found immediately to the left of the gate after the third shrine (the one before the boss in the dark realm), it's hidden by the opened gate door.

Sudama Locations

  • none

Scampuss Locations

  • The Scampuss can be found where you find the last Kodama before heading inside the shrine that has a dark realm. It's resting by the bushes on high-ground where the enemy human archer was.

Hot Springs Locations

  • none

Locks Locations

  • none


The Village of Cursed Blossoms Walkthrough


The Village of Cursed Blossoms is the first main mission players start off with. The year is March 1555 and you'll arrive at a village in Mino Province that was once prosperous and now is filled with wandering Yokai called Jusanzakura.


Walk forward and you'll find the first shrine of the location to your right and a small glowing tombstone to your left containing a memory and x1 Small Spirit Stone, collect the item and memory then pray at the shrine to activate the checkpoint - remember that whenever you find a shrine, make it a habit to pray so that you can use it as a checkpoint and respawn area in case you die.


After using the shrine, continue forward and you'll find a corpse of a villager near a locked wooden gate, search its body to collect another memory and x1 Stone. Ignore the gate for now since it is locked from the other side, and instead, head down the path to your left.


You'll find another body lying on the ground containing another memory and x1 Stone. By the gate, you'll encounter your first enemy yokai, the Gaki who is feeding on a dead villager. Once you're close to it, it will start to attack you, it can throw a stone at you if you're far and swing its arms if you're near, it can easily be knocked off-balance by draining out its stamina bar and continuously attacking it, and once it trips, walk up to it to inflict a devastating blow. Just be careful of its lunge attack to avoid getting a significant amount of damage, it'll telegraph its lunging attack when you see a black and grey colored energy appear on its hands, if it misses you, there's also a brief moment for it to be attacked with a strong blow before it recovers. It drops x1 Stone upon killing it - make sure to loot the body that the Gaki was feeding on to collect another memory and x1 Lone Wolf's Hood.



Continue forward and you'll find another corpse that has another memory and x1 Small Spirit Stone. Now, you'll see a horse looking Yokai called Gozuki patrolling the area ahead, try to avoid engaging in battle for now since it's still early and you are only equipped with basic armor and weapons. Take the path to the left side towards a withered tree and tombstones, you'll find a corpse containing x1 Sacred Water, continue running to the left until you find another locked gate and another dead villager that has x1 Sacred Water that you can loot. The gate next to the body is locked from the other side, so just continue going around the yokai.


You'll pass by a cherry blossom tree, then continue going up to the right side where you'll find another dead body that's next to a tree and a Kodama. Interact with the Kodama to guide it back to the shrine, then loot the dead body to obtain another memory and x1 Thief Gauntlets


When you're done, go towards the path that's on the left and you'll find another feeding Gaki by the wooden bridge and near the gate. Kill the enemy, loot the corpse to obtain another memory and x1 Irregular Troop's Gauntlets then open the gate ahead to unlock a shortcut that leads back to the starting point and first shrine.


Next, head on over to the wooden bridge where you'll find another dead villager ahead. When you're about to approach the body, another Gaki will appear and walk up to the corpse, kill it before looting the body for another memory and x1 Pailsade Breaker. After that's done, continue down the path and you'll find a house that has a mist of the dark realm blocking the path ahead, instead of going forward, look to your right and you'll find another path that will take you to the backside of the house, you'll also encounter x2 Gaki here. Kill the enemies then loot the body that was being fed on to obtain x1 Small Spirit Stone and x1 Bizen Uchigatana.


Head inside the back of the house and you'll find a large chest containing random equipment, there's also another dead body on the left where you can loot another memory and x1 Rosewood Tonfa,  if you head out through the front entrance of the house, you'll trigger the yokai to appear that's inside the mist, so go back the way you came from before, just outside the front entrance of the house, you'll find x1 Sacred Water you can loot next to the small tombstone and another memory explaining how to counter-attack an enemy yokai's devastating attack by using Burst Counters.

Dark Realm Mist


When you're ready, approach the mist and an Enki yokai will appear. This yokai is quite fast and is capable of killing you with one devastating attack if you're caught. For its attack, it can jump into the air and throw its spear towards you, once you see a red flash appear on the enemy, prepare to activate your burst counter-attack to interrupt it and stunning it for a brief period. The Enki has quite a long-range when it starts to swing its weapon around and forward, so make sure you are guarding when he does this since it will be quite difficult to dodge roll while you are in a tight space. Successfully killing the Enki has a chance of dropping an Enki Soul Core and x1 Medicine Case.


Now, before heading forward you'll want to guide another Kodama back to the shrine which is nearby. From the house, go left and around where you'll encounter another Gaki blocking the path, kill it, then you'll find another Gaki feeding on a dead body. Loot the body after killing the enemy to obtain a random item, then look to your left and you'll find another lost Kodama.


After guiding the Kodama, head back to where you came from and loot the small tombstone to obtain another memory and x1 Antiparalyctic Needle. From there, go straight and you'll find a human enemy wielding an axe patrolling the path ahead and a spear-wielding human sitting down, you might think it's a dead body but it's not and it's resting. When you are near, the guy will stand up and start to attack you. Try to deal with the spear-wielding human enemy first before the one that's patrolling the area, wait for the axe-wielding guy to walk away first before you walk up to the one wielding a spear.


After killing both enemies, continue going down then make a left where you'll encounter another spear-wielding guy, kill him then run to the end where you'll find a small tombstone containing another memory and x1 Gourd. After looting, turn back and go straight where you'll find a second shrine. Take this opportunity to use the shrine to replenish your elixirs, to level up, and to unlock it as a checkpoint - just remember, the enemies around the area will respawn after praying.


From the shine, continue going down where you'll find a body that can be looted for another memory and x1 Yamato Odachi. The gate next to it is locked, so ignore it for now and cross the wooden bridge where you'll find another spear-wielding human enemy. Take note! Do not fall into the river, since it's an insta-death. You can push the guy off the bridge if you walk slowly and attack him from behind.


Next, you'll find yourself at the village proper, there are a couple of human enemies here, first, an archer will see you which will alert the nearby guy wielding a sword. Kill the enemies then make sure to loot the small tombstone to obtain x1 Sacred Water.


Just by the wooden bridge, you'll see some stacked up wooden boxes to your left, break the boxes then go around the back of the houses until you reach the very end corner of one of the houses, you'll find another lost Kodama that you can guide back to the shrine. Go back to where you came from and continue exploring the area.

Rooftops and Houses


Now, there are a couple of human enemies here, there's one archer on top of the house and you may want to kill him first. There's a path that you can take to get to the top of the house which is behind one of the houses where you fought the swordsman and archer, you'll see a flight of stairs and a torch that's lit. The path to your right is where you wanna go to get to the top of the houses, but before doing so, turn left and you'll get to the other side of the broken bridge of where the second shrine was and you'll be able to loot a dead body that has x1 Small Spirit Stone and random equipment - the gate near it is locked from the other side so ignore it for now and head to the rooftops of the houses.


The archer will immediately see you from afar and will start to shoot at you with his bow. Quickly dash forward and kill him, just remember that once you're close to him, he will take out his sword to fight. From where the archer was, there's another dead body that you can loot for another memory, x1 Longbow, and x3 Sacred Arrow, the archer that you killed also drops some arrows.


With the Longbow, you can now shoot enemies from afar and can sometimes instantly kill an enemy with a headshot. Since you are on the rooftops, take the opportunity to scout the area and kill them with a headshot to reduce their numbers. Press [L2] to aim, then [R2] to shoot, and to zoom in press [R3]. Just don't forget to open the character menu and equip it under your Ranged Weapon slot. Also, remember, that human enemies that are wearing a helmet will deflect your shots from a bow, so make sure to shoot them when they are facing you and not when they are facing from behind


Next, continue forward on the rooftops and kick the ladder down to open up a shortcut. Turn right and you'll reach a dead-end, the house will have an opening that has a ladder for you to climb down to, but there is a swordsman here and an axe-wielding guy, if you plan to kill the one that has an axe by shooting him with your bow, you'll have to wait for him to face you and shoot him on the face since he is wearing a helmet.


After killing the enemies, you'll find another small tombstone containing another memory and x2 Ochoko Cup for you to loot, you'll also notice that next to it, there's a friendly benevolent grave which you can summon who will assist you in battle in exchange for a certain number of Ochoko Cups, use this opportunity to have a temporary companion, approach it and offer the cups that you just obtained to summon its spirit. Also, from the house that has a ladder that you can climb back onto the rooftop of the houses, there's a dead body that can be looted lying on a wooden boat that's in between the house and the wooden bridge. To reach it, just walk on the bridge then onto the boat to loot another memory and x1 Thief Gauntlets and x1 Bizen Tachi


There's also another dead body at the other side of the wooden bridge that contains another memory and x1 Mino Uchigatana, as well as another inside the house that's on your right-hand side. The corpse that's in the house contains another memory and 1x Rogue's Cuirass that you can loot.


There are a couple of dead bodies here that you can loot especially inside the houses, so head to the village proper first before proceeding any further. You'll encounter an axe-wielding guy that's patrolling the area, kill him first then continue searching through the houses. The open barn that's on your right, you'll find a corpse that's sitting against the wall, you'll be able to loot it to find another memory and x1 Harakiri Sword.


Another open house will have a samurai resting inside it, kill the enemy first and you'll find a large chest containing random equipment. The house that's opposite to it, you'll find a corpse sitting against a wall that contains another memory and x1 Travel Amulet, and x1 Japanese Scissors. And also, there's another dead body that can be looted for x1 Sacred Water that's sitting against a trunk of a tree - when you're done checking all the houses and the area, go back to where you got the ochoko cups and continue down that path.


You'll find another mist of the dark realm ahead which by this time you know that there's a strong yokai waiting ahead. Before engaging in battle, make sure to loot some items that's inside a house to your left and a that's on a small tombstone that's on your right, you'll obtain x1 Small Spirit Stone each.


Also, the open house next to the small tombstone, head inside then break the string baskets that's beside the entrance, you'll find another Kodama that's hiding behind it. Interact with it to guide it back to the shrine.


Another thing, the open house near the mist, there's a large chest inside that you can open to obtain a couple of gear, just be careful since there's a Gaki that's on the ground and that's on the above you - when you're ready, approach the mist to fight the Yokai that's blocking your path. 


The Yokai that will appear is a Yoki, it wields a sword and is capable of rushing forward while attacking to try and deplete your stamina faster. It can also kick which depletes a huge chunk of your stamina if you block it and it usually swings its sword four times while rushing forward. Killing it drops equipment such as x1 Mino Dual Uchigatana, x1 Footsoldier's Hat.


After killing the enemy Yokai, proceed further, but before doing so, from where the mist was, turn to the left and you'll see a large wooden box, break it and you'll find another Kodama ahead and a dead body that's sitting against the wall where you can loot x1 Small Spirit Stone, x1 Spear, and another memory - after that's done, walk up to where the flaming torches are and unlock the gate that's on your right, you'll open up a shortcut that'll take you back to the nearby shrine.


When you've prayed and rested, go back and continue your exploration. First, there's another small tombstone that has x3 Divine Rice which you can loot, and just ahead of you, you'll find a spear-wielding guy that's looting a dead body. Kill him then check the corpse to find x1 Brigand's Hatchets.


Now, go right towards the small red torii gate and you'll find another Kodama just beside it that's on the right side of the gate. Ignore the kodama first since an archer will immediately see you as soon as you approach it, he's positioned just in front of you on high ground, there's also an axe-wielding human enemy patrolling the area, and a samurai that's resting by the cemented fences - focus on the archer first, shoot him with your bow, followed by the samurai, then the one that's patrolling.


After killing the enemies, guide the Kodama back to the shrine, then head over to your right and you'll find a dead body containing another memory and x4 Arrow. Just behind the grass in front of the corpse you just looted, you'll see a Scampuss, a friendly Yokai that will temporarily follow you around and gives a buff to Yokai Force generation - after petting the Scampuss, continue forward and through the large red torii gate where you'll find a shrine that has been engulfed with the dark realm.

The Dark Realm


Before you reach the shrine, by the gates you'll find a corpse which you can loot for another memory and x1 Antiparlyctic Needle, then near the entrance of the shrine, there's a small tombstone containing another memory and x1 Sacred Water. Basically, you'll have to look for the source of the dark realm and kill it for the darkness to disappear and for you to be able to use the nearby Shrine.


By the shrine, you'll find x2 Gaki roaming around the area and another that's feeding on a corpse that's on the left corner, try to shoot one of the Gaki first with your bow so that you can capture its attention and you can take on them one by one. Remember that fighting in the dark realm quickly consumes your stamina, so you might want to take your time here and think carefully instead of facing all of the enemies in the dark realm at once. Also, it's better to face a Gaki one at a time since they can be deadly if they are in a group, and it can also eat one of its kind making it grow in size as well as an increase to its HP - after killing all three Gaki, make sure to loot the dead body to find another memory and x1 Sacred Water before heading inside the shrine.


The source of the dark realm is inside the shrine which is an empowered Yokai, the Enki. Its attacks are the same as the one you faced earlier, but it just has a larger health pool, harder to stagger, and its attacks are empowered. Once you engage in battle, it's better if you fight the Enki outside the shrine so that you can move around and evade properly. Killing the Enki drops some rare items, causes the dark realm to disperse and you'll now be able to use the 3rd nearby shrine and open the large chest inside the shrine - the gate near the kodama shrine and shrine entrance will also open upon killing the Enki.

Boss: Mezuki


After praying at the shrine, go forward through the nearby gate and you'll encounter another Gaki. Kill it and continue forward where you'll face the first boss of the game, the Mezuki - successfully killing the Mezuki completes the mission.






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