The Way of the Ninja: Adept

Mission Type Training Mission
Recommended Level 27
Rewards Gesture: BE QUIET
Ninja's Locks x1
Writing Set x1
Shinobi Box x1
Condition/s Required Ninjutsu Proficiency: 30000
Complete Main Mission The Mysterious One Night Castle

The Way of the Ninja: Adept is a Tutorial Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 27, and tasks players with testing their capabilities of fighting the enemies by using both melee and ninjutsu attacks.


Mission Text

Mission Start Text

"It seems you're getting used to moving like a ninja. Your footwork tells me as much.

Now, Tokichiro asked me to move on to your next lesson, so I've brought some of my disciples along today. This will be good practice for them too.

Sounds like fun, right?

Just don't lose focus. They won't go easy on you, trust me."

Mission Complete Text

"You really have gotten a whole heap better... though I'm a little concerned by just how weak my disciples are.

I guess that makes you my top student, right? Well, at least you're keeping things interesting for me.

Now, how you use your skills is completely up to you, of course. I just hope they come in handy.


The Way of the Ninja: Adept Walkthrough

Enemies and Yokai in this mission:
  • 5x Ninja
NPCs in this mission:


Your ninjutsu proficiency must be at least 30,000 or more to start this tutorial mission, you can gain proficiency points by using ninjutsu tools in battle. Before you start the mission, make sure you have enough ninjutsu tools equipped since you'll need it. Players arrive outside at a snow-field area and find Kato Danzo ahead. Walk up a bit, and two samurai wielding a sword will appear and attack you. Next pair will be a tonfa-wielding ninja, a dual sword-wielding ninja and a tall ninja wielding a sword. Fighting them will be a bit of a challenge since once you are outnumbered and they can throw smoke bombs to temporarily disappear and reposition themselves, plus they move fast. Luckily, you have enough ninjutsu tools that you can use at your disposal to eliminate Danzo's disciples - successfully killing them completes this tutorial mission.





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    • Anonymous

      Just to confirm you unlock after the and main mission of the second zone. After the weasel boss with swords on legs and tail. And having the required ninjitsu proficiency.

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