The Way of the Onmyo: Adept

Mission Type Training Mission
Recommended Level 59
Rewards Gesture: PURIFICATION
Onmyo Mage's Locks x1
Divination Board x1
Sacred Brush
Condition/s Onmyo Magic Proficiency: 30000
Complete Mission: The Mysterious One Night Castle

The Way of the Onmyo: Adept is a Tutorial Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 59, and tasks players with testing their capabilities of fighting the enemies by using both melee and magical attacks.


Mission Text

Mission Start Text

"Ah, I sense that your ki has grown considerably stronger.

In which case, the time has come for me to teach you even more powerful magic. But remember that the more potent the magic, the more likely it is to lead its wielder to ruin. Only those with formidable self-control and resolve are qualified to wield such power.

Come, prove to me that you are truly worthy of it."

Mission Complete Text

"Marvelous! If you can handle the techniques to that extent then it is safe to say that you are a real Onmyo mage.

And from what I have seen, it seems that there is an even greater potential within you. But it is too soon to teach you more powerful magic.

Still, fret not. When the time is right, we can resume your training."


The Way of the Onmyo: Adept Walkthrough

Enemies and Yokai in this mission:
NPCs in this mission:


Your magic proficiency must be at least 30,000 or more to start this tutorial mission, you can gain proficiency points by using onmyo magic in battle. Before you start the mission, make sure you have enough magical abilities equipped since you'll need it. Players arrive outside at a snow-field area and find Abe no Seimei ahead. Walk up a bit, and the first yokai will appear which is a One-eyed Imp, make sure to kill it as fast as you can to stop it from growing into a One-eyed Oni. Next yokai that will appear is a Karakasa Umbrella and Oni-bi. After the pair, an Ippon-Datara will be the next you'll fight. Assuming that you've prepared and equipped enough magical skills, use it to your advantage to quickly kill the yokai - successfully killing them completes this tutorial mission. 




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    • Anonymous

      This one is incredibly annoying even at level 50+
      Here's the strat:
      If the one eyed oni licks you twice, he transforms into a giant, so take it out from a distance with the water talismans, kurigasama hold triangle attack, dual katana random slice, or throw hatchets
      Umbrella and fire oni spawn together. Pop a water talisman and press close and kill the umbrella with low strikes while blocking its attacks, but DO NOT TOUCH the fire oni until it's dead or it will spawn an Ippon Datara.
      Use the sloth talisman on Ippon Datara and its easy to dodge its attacks and put it down.
      Ding ding chicken wing, you now have new magic attacks.

      • Anonymous

        im currently at 30824 proficiency with onmyo but i don't see the mission in the dojo, i only see the starting novice mission for onmyo (completed), ninjutsu, and warrior. im in the second region and have only beat the first mission.

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