The Way of the Warrior: Adept

Mission Type Training Mission
Recommended Level 59
Rewards Samurai Locks x1
Prayer Beads
Book of Reincarnation x1

Cleared Mission: The Mysterious One Night Castle

Required Weapon Proficiency: 20,000

The Way of the Warrior: Adept is a Tutorial Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 59, and tasks players with testing their capabilities of fighting and mastery of their weapons against the master of weapons, Tsukahara Bokuden.


Mission Text

Mission Start Text

"It's about time we had another training session.

Watching your movements, it seems you've well and truly mastered the basics of defensive movement. Now you will truly be entering unknown territory.

I shall be your opponent. Come at me with all you've got."

Mission Complete Text

"You certainly exhibit accomplished swordsmanship.

More than enough for you to hold your own on the battlefield, at the very least.

You are still a little rough around the edges, but that's nothing that some time on the battlefield won't smooth out.

Well, I am looking forward to our next session together. Oh, and do your best not to die before then."


The Way of the Warrior: Adept Walkthrough

Enemies and Yokai in this mission:
NPCs in this mission:


Your weapon proficiency must be at least 20,000 or more to start this tutorial mission, you can gain proficiency points by unlocking any weapon skills and by fighting enemies with your equipped weapons. Before you start the mission, make sure you have made any preparations needed since this tutorial mission leads straight to a boss battle against Tsukahara Bokuden. He wields a wooden sword, but he still does a large amount of damage. He movelist is similar to any human revenant enemy with a sword, however more limited as he doesn't switch stance as often or after attacking. Bringing the Kusarigama to this battle can be helpful since you can use the chain to pull him in which knocks him off-balance, allowing you to follow up with a few blows - successfully defeating him completes this tutorial mission, speak to him after the battle to exit the area.





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