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Enemy Type Human
Weakness Poison, Paralysis
Resistances Fire, Lightning
Immune ??
Special Drop


Art of Combat: Double-Headed 

Art of Combat: Ultimate Sign of the Cross
Smithing Text: Ogo & Nagamei Masamune
Smithing Text: Golden Gourd Armor
Smithing Text: Hyuga Director's Armor
Smithing Text: Realmtaker Spear
Smithing Text: Twin Dragon Tonfa
Smithing Text: Raging Bull Armor
Smithing Text: Firefly Blade
Smithing Text: Kingo Armor


Tokichiro is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. Tokichiro is a Human that attacks with Dual Swords and a Sword


Enemy Description

In-Game Description


Tokichiro Locations & Drops

How to Beat Tokichiro

Tokichiro Boss Guide:

Tokichiro will buff himself and imbue his weapon with elemental damage if you give him the chance.

The best strategy to defeat Tokichiro is to continuously attack him without providing him a chance to buff or recover. He is a human so Poison and Paralysis works great on him. When you are close he will stay with his guard up so if you can control your Ki pulse and keep up the pressure he will run out of Ki and you will be able to perform a grapple attack.

He will occasionally break his guard to use his guardian spirit. Use a burst counter to stop it and keep attacking him.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Fire Sword: He will use his sword to conjure flames in a wide arc in front of him. You can burst counter this attack. You can also run behind him and use the opportunity to attack.
Monkey Spirit: His guardian spirit will appear and start attacking you. Run away in the opposite direction and wait until the guardian spirit is gone
Fire Ranged Attack: He will use his sword to cast a column of fire towards the player Dodge left or right
Boar Spirit: His guardian spirit will summon lightning patches on the battlefield Avoid the lightning patches
Lightning Ranged Attack: He will quickly cast a ranged lightning attack towards the player Dodge forward, left or right
Burst Lightning Whirlwind: He will move forward in the form of a lightning whirlwind You can burst counter this attack.




Notes & Trivia

  • ??




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    • Anonymous

      Has anything changed i have been farming the Smithing Text: Hyuga Director's Armor on The Two Faces Of Hospitality with the following luck boosters:

      Luck (Yokai Shift) +161
      Item Drop Rate +24.4%
      Equipment Drop Rate 14.3%
      Item Drop rate vs. Humans 6.3%
      Luck +126

      i have spent around 24hrs farming him and not get the Smithing Text: Hyuga Director's Armor

      • Anonymous

        Note: If you choose to keep the smithing texts ot skill drops of any boss? It reduces the drop types so this boss doesn't drop it again. Making it easier to farm for the desired item. Simply keep what you get and do the mission again in order to reduce risk of them dropping unwanted gear.

        • Anonymous

          Can confirm that Tokichiro in 'The Two Faces of Hospitality' is capable of dropping the Kingo Armor and Kamui Odachi smithing texts. Got them both while farming for the damned Golden Gourd text.

          • Anonymous

            Been farming this A Hole for 4 hours trying to get raijins claw, doing runs every couple of minutes and had my setup set so that my luck was so high I was getting a smithing text averaging about every 2nd run, I have gotten at least or close to 10 smithing texts not even listed on this page and yet this bastard would not give me the one I wanted then I finally got it 4 hours later, never give up!

            • Anonymous

              Paralysis works great, easy cheese is to start by throwing a Paralysis bomb at him while he buffs. Then, before you grapple him you put down a groundfire with Paralysis or just throw a new Paralysis bomb at him while he gets up from your grapple attack.

              • Anonymous

                I was farming for the Child of the Sun smithing text..... took me over 30 attempts straight to get it... a whole hour... counting brakes of frustration in between because I got the smithing text for the Demon God Hammer twice... I don’t even give a flying f*ck about that thing... I can now defeat demon Tokichiro in 10 seconds flat... its litterally the only thing I hate about this game... the f*cking droprate for smithing texts, actually the most valuable items obtainable in the game... suuuure it makes sense if you think about it, but I was already gonna sink hundreds of hours into this game without this abominable droprate... this should probably be fixed in future patches...

                • Anonymous

                  If you happen to have a hard time fighting him, here’s a golden tip; DON’T GAURD! His attacks are easy to dodge so try and get behind him when he attacks. The thing is that if you are around the same level of the mission his sword strikes deal a sh*t ton of damage, both ki and health. One time when I was careless I gaurded against a normal combo and was out of ki from full in about two hits, but he wasn’t done and then he two-shot me. Best strategy is to stick close, dodge behind him and attack, and with the Burst Counter I personally like Brute the best because you’ll prevent him from doing anything that’ll hurt ya plenty later on.

                  • Anonymous

                    Anyone know how to farm tokichiros gourd? been trying for ages and cant find it, ended up selling a low level one later in the game and now i regret it

                    • Anonymous

                      Hey guys, incase you’re like me and aiming for the double head slice just know that I’m pretty sure that the double head slice skill only drops from the “Cherry Blossom Viewing in Daigo” mission and not the first mission he appears on. This is based on my 25-30 attempts on “The Two Faces of Hospitality” where I got the Ultimate sign of the cross but never the double head slice. After two tries on “Cherry Blossom...” I got double head slice. Good luck guys!

                      • Anonymous

                        He’s dropping items not listed for me So far I’ve gotten Arrowsbane Demon God Hammer Suijingiri This is Demon Toki tho

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