Toughness (Stat)

Indicates your resistance to Ki damage, and to being staggered by attacks.
Toughness (Special Effect)
Increases your Toughness stat, reducing the amount of Ki damage that you receive and making it harder for opponents to stagger you.
  • 0-99 Toughness = C Rank (No Protection)
  • 100-199 Toughness = B Rank (Some Stagger Protection)
  • 200+ Toughness = A Rank (Stagger Protection for the majority of attacks)
  • 350+ Toughness (Requires Ultimate Stamina) = AA Rank (Doesn't actually increase Stagger Protection that much)

Toughness is a Secondary Stat in Nioh 2, as well as the name of a special effect that increases it. This page contains information regarding Toughness.


Toughness Information

Determines how much Ki damage you take from getting hit or blocking, as well as makes it harder for enemies to stagger you while you are attacking. The Ki loss reduction scales with the toughness score while also gaining bonuses with reaching higher ranks, while the stagger protection is based entirely on the Ranking.

The vast majority of the toughness score is based on what armor you are wearing. The toughness stat of Armor pieces mostly determined by Armor Weight class (Heavy armor always has more toughness than medium armor, despite the lightest heavy armor sets being lighter than many of the medium set bonus armor) and roughly correlates with equipment weight (with some exceptions - the full Legendary Shogun Armor set has the same Toughness as Yoshiie's Birthright Armor despite the latter being too heavy to wear and be at B agility). This can also be increased by Tempering the special effect of the same name to it, which can be found on all armor piece.

While having high toughness is objectively better than not, it typically comes at the cost of higher equipment weight, meaning losses to Agility and/or higher Stamina investment to compensate, so you need to balance the trade offs when considering what Armor to wear. It is possible to have A/AA toughness and agility at the same time with certain niche setups, however.



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