Triple Threat

Boss Skill
Skill Type
Dropped By
Maeda Toshiie

Triple Threat is one of the Spear Skills in Nioh2. It is a Boss Skill dropped by Maeda Toshiie that gains damage with proper Ki pulse timing


Triple Threat Description

Press Triangle to perform up to three powerful stabs in succession. Each additional stab executes a Ki Pulse that will alter your technique if performed with the right timing (recovering the maximum amount of Ki).
Command: L1+Triangle (Triangle while Guarding)


Triple Threat Notes

  • The Ki Pulse timing is reminiscent of a regular Ki Pulse, albeit pressing the Strong Attack button instead of the usual Ki Pulse Button after using the skill.
  • When the timing is off for either of the 2 successive thrusts, the last strike will come out significantly slower. Timing the 2 attacks to the proper Ki Pulse timing will make the last strike deal an extra flourish on top of a powerful thrust.
  • Perfect Ki Pulses through Triple Threat will activate Ki Pulse: Earth/Man/Heaven depending on where the ability is placed 





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