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Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness Fire
Resistances Lightning


Special Drop Tsuchigumo Soul Core

Smithing Text: Suwa Myojin Sickle

Tsuchigumo is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. Tsuchigumo is a giant spider-like Yokai that uses its agility to climb walls and sprays out webs to slow and trap its prey.


Enemy Description

The Tsuchigumo is a giant, spider-like yokai with many limbs. In some depictions of the yokai tsuchigumo are described as having a demon's face, tiger's torso, and spider's limbs. Citizens around the capital fear the evil yokai, for it is said to ensnare humans in its web before consuming them whole. Tsuchigumo appears in several plays of the Noh and Kabuki theater.

Emperor Jimmu, the legendary founder of Japan, is said to have ascended to the throne by subjugating the indigenous forces who lived in the vicinity of the Nara Basin. Tsuchigumo was part of this indigenous army, and it is said Emperor Jimmu buried parts of its body across the land to prevent the yokai from being restored to power. If the legend is true, Tuschigumo must be a truly ancient yokai indeed. It is said that the southwestern region of the Nara Basin is known as Katsuragi (literally “arrowroot castle”) for the arrowroot plants used to weave the net in which Tuschigumo was trapped.

Tuschigumo makes a fearsome opponent for any adventurer with whom it crosses paths, but it is all the more dangerous when encountered in its web. It can clamber around the web with ease, attacking enemies trapped within it from any direction. When faced with this opponent, it is wiser to predict its movements and prepare to launch a strong  ounterattack when it strikes instead of rushing into combat headfirst. You can also use fire to burn your way free if you find your feet ensnared in its sticky web.


Tsuchigumo Locations & Drops


How to Beat Tsuchigumo

Tsuchigumo Boss Guide:

Tsuchigumo is a spider yokai that you'll encounter at the end of the Main Mission: The Blighted Gate. Most of the time, it will jump onto walls and fight you with leap attacks while at the same time it will shoot out webs hoping that you'll make a mistake and get caught in it. This boss is somehow weak against fire, so bring Flaming Heron Feathers and Fire Talismans to fuse your weapon with flames. It also isn't resistant to Purity or Water, so those can be useful as well. Uniquely, he is immune to sloth, so sloth talismans are useless in this fight.

His main weakness is the large amrita patch on its back. Destroying whil stun him for a two seconds, interupt whatever attack he is doing, deal a large amount of maximum Ki damage, and removes the top two legs on its back. After a short period of time, he will regrow the legs and the patch, which is time spent not attacking, creates a Yokai Realm Pool, and also allows you to break it again. While hitting it with melee is tricky, several Guardian Spirit Skills such as Genbu's and Ame-no-Mitori will destroy it from the front. Alternatively, a Blessed Bolt Talisman will hit it for you if you get behind him.

What's good about this battle is that you can block both of its leap attacks even if it's empowered in the dark realm, and every time it lands after an aerial attack, you can fight back and land one to two hits. The Switchglaive is a good weapon to be used against Tsuchigumo since it has a nice balance of attack, reach, and defense.

Take advantage of using a Burst Counter against its Burst Attack since a successful Burst Counter can interrupt the deadly blow and you can punish it while it tries to recover. Another tactic you can exploit is when it releases a roar and it slams a ball of web onto the ground which later on spreads around it. When this happens, dodge back to avoid getting caught in the web and quickly use Flaming Heron Feathers, the projectiles from this item will cause damage and the burning effect that slowly decays its HP until the effect has worn off.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Burst Attack Interrupt with a Burst Counter. After a successful burst counter, you can follow-up with a couple of attacks while it recovers
3-Hit Combo: Tsuchigumo swings its legs at the player and after the second swing, it aggressively executes a spinning attack. The first two swings can be blocked but be ready to dodge roll against the spinning attack.
Leap Attack: Jumps in the air and lands on top of the player. This can be blocked and you can follow-up with one to two strikes.
Spinning Leap Attack: This beast climbs onto a wall and after a brief moment leaps into the air and lands on the player with a spinning attack. This can be blocked and you can follow-up with one to two strikes. Umbral Bullet or Kunai can be used to break his back and make him fall from the wall. 
Surrounding Web: Tsuchigumo lets out a roar and slams a ball of web on the ground that spreads around it. Burst Attack after dream of the Demon Dash back to avoid getting caught in the web and use Flaming Heron Feathers against it.
Grab Attack You don't want to get caught when it executes a grab attack. When you see a grey mist in one of its legs, that's your indicator to be ready to dodge roll towards it to avoid getting caught.
Web Toss: Tsuchigumo shoots two sets of three webs in front of him horizontally Standing in the webs slows your movement, but  Levatation Scrolls prevents that.
Web Spit: Tsuchigumo yells and reels back, then shoots out a long range string of web. This is unblockable, and if you get caught you cannot move, giving him a free grapple This is a burst attack pre dream of the demon Burst counter it while you still can, or dodge horizontally when you see him reel back
Charging Stab: He has two long range stabs he can do with his legs. There are two differnet timings, and both become burst attacks on dream of the demon These are both safely blockable




Notes & Trivia

  • Memories - “Keh heh heh! Another fly has become ensnared in my web! Squirm all you like, little fly! It will not stop me devouring your still living flesh!”




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    • Anonymous

      After reading some of the comments here I was afraid to fight this boss. Turned out to be one of the few bosses I've beaten on the first attempt. Not very hard, not crazy fast. I don't know what people are talking about, except that I'm sure it does get vastly harder on higher difficulty levels.

      • Anonymous

        Real pain in the ass on dream of the demon. Hit attacks hit too hard to block consistently, and his grab kills me from full.

        Guess I should level up more, but I don't play souls-likes to get gear checked. Might be time to put the game down. Had a good run!

        • Anonymous

          This guy is where I'm done with the game. After having a hell of a time with the cool, but frustrating, Yoshitsune, I'm just not gonna put up with this excuse of a boss. He's not interesting at all, adopted my least favorite souls boss move of jumping off-screen and dropping, removes himself from the fight to tease you into thinking that you can shoot his back, and moves so fast that if you get hit by his webs at all you're dead. This boss is just ridiculous and has no reason to be this difficult except to sink more time and frustration into a game that is already challenging in the first place. I would like to enjoy the DLC of this game, but all three of the bosses (Nue doesn't count since he's a returning boss) I've beaten have worn my patience for this game incredibly thin. Unless you're into CnB torture-level of masochism I'd suggest not even trying to beat this artificially difficult dlc. I'm not even interested in playing the First Samurai through if this is what they're throwing at us.

          • Anonymous

            as a note
            1)you can use kasha core to both apply easily fire status on him and it also targets his back triggering his weak spot (that one time when dumb pathing helps)
            2)wheel shurikens can pierce through him and trigger weak spot on return if you properly space yourself,getting 10 of them aint a bad deal

            • Anonymous

              Tough fight, particularly so on higher difficulties. Few tricks to ease the burden of face-tanking his onslaught, most of his attacks track forward heavily so you should always prioritize getting behind him. When he retreats to his web, his back is vulnerable to a snipe, as he dives back down to the arena he can be knocked out of the air if you can hit him during his descent. Ultimately, evasion is key as he is not a terrifically tanky boss, so even with reatively few windows to safely deal damage, he isn't too time-consuming to kill if you are able to negotiate his speedy boi dance routine.

              • Anonymous

                Literally worse than rectal cancer. It never stops attacking, it does insane amounts of damage and it's movement speed is like +500%, **** this thing.

                • Anonymous

                  Fighting the guy from Ninja Gaiden 2 again, really makes me wish I was Ryu Hayabusa. He never had to worry about a ki bar when being repeatedly wailed on by spider appendages.

                  • Anonymous

                    Most annoying boss (at least till DOW) for me. I'am at 426 at can't compete against it on a scroll with Level 410. The tempo this damn mother****er is attacking and the damage output is at least in this scroll totally OP. I'm totally able to block most of the boss attacks from anyone else but after his attacks i'm totally depleted and weak against his following attacks. Really weard balancing, imo.

                    • Anonymous

                      Sorry, I wasn't aware that that was in-game text. It sucks that the game contains such errors, but I guess it can't be helped. Feel free to revert me again now that I've seen your explanation.

                      That said, at least the Noh/kabuki thing seems like it could be a mistranslation (I've seen similar mistaken translations elsewhere). The Heike thing (that tsuchigumo appear in the Heike Monogatari, not the typo) is something I've seen in Japanese blogs and the like, so I suspect that might be the fault of the original writer and not the translator.
                      Can mistranslations be noted under "trivia"? As in, "The Japanese version says X instead"?

                      • I restored the description text - please note this is transcribed from the game so that is the official description of the enemy, whether it's accurate to the real world or not.

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