Twilight Missions for Nioh 2 are 13 harder variants of certain Main or Side Missions which provides players who are looking for an even more challenging task. Completing a twilight mission rewards players with unique special items, and typically the rewards for doing so are guaranteed high rarity equipment. In addition, Twilight missions are automatically Level Synced, meaning your gear level and certain special effects will be adjusted downward but the gear that drops will be at the level of the highest mission you have done or the floor of the Underworld you have completed. This page covers a full list of all the twilight missions in the game. There are only two available per day, and the top and bottom mission cycle through in this order:

Top Cycle Bottom Cycle
The Blood Tainted Samurai The Cursed Castle Ruins
The Violet Cherry Blossoms Darkness Brewing
Blood on the Wind The Cradle of the Demon
Wings of the Phoenix The Bewitching Tower
Mountain of the Dark Lord The Defiled Sanctuary
Traces of the Raging Blaze The Mystery of Rashomon
Return to Top The Island of Monsters
- Return to Top

 Since the Bottom cycle has seven missions in them, they all fall on the same day of the week. The Cursed Castle Ruins is always on Friday, for example. In comparison, The top cycle has six, so something that appears on one day of the week will appear on the previous day the week after = what was on a Friday one week will be on Thursday the next.

Nioh 2 Twilight Missions


Mountain of the Dark Lord


Recommended Level: 193


The Island of Monsters
The Island of Monsters



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    • Anonymous

      I would like to ask the current number of all twilights in this game with all acquired dlc. I haven't noted every time when the message "new twilight mission added" appeared during my playtime XD

      • Anonymous

        "this page covers a full list of all the twilight missions in the game" yeah, my ass, there's like not even half

        • Anonymous

          Please note, completing Twilight missions seem to raise all mission levels. Voice in the Twilight mission went from level 11 recommended to 20

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