uminyudo nioh2 wiki guide
Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness Purity
Resistances Corruption
Paralysis (Practically)
Immune Saturation
Special Drop

Smithing Text: Lost Kingdom Tonfa
Smithing Text: Five-Man Bow
Smithing Text: Great Hachiryo Armor
Smithing Text: Swan Spear
Smithing Text: Little Crow & Quickdraw

Uminyudo is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. Uminyudo is a grotesquely gigantic  Yokai from the depths of the ocean that attacks with Water, Lightning, sunken objects and its massive size


Enemy Description

Uminyudo is a grotesquely gigantic yokai from the depths of the ocean. Its name means "sea priest" in Japanese, a reference to the rounded, Buddhist priest-like head that emerges from beneath the waves. Uminyudo's body is composed of highly viscous watery substance, and a direct strike from is composed of a highly viscous watery substance, and a direct strike from it is enough to smash a small ship to smithereens. The remains of these unfortunate vessels still swirl within the watery mass of Uminyudo's body, allowing it to fire them like bullets at its enemies. One should anticipate this danger when fighting Uminyudo from afar.

However, the clan's supremacy was met with no shortage of opposition from across the country, and Kiyomari eventually succumbed to a high fever while fighting these threats to his power. Perhaps his cause of death is responsible for Uminyudo's susceptibility to fire.

When Kiyomori was appointed governor of Aki Province (known today as Hiroshima prefecture), he was told by a monk form Mount Koya that his glory would be unparalleled should he rebuild Itsukushima Shrine. This led to his construction of a magnificent floating shrine atop the ocean's waves, one that would be dubbed the Taira family shrine. After Kiyomori resigned as Chancellor of the Realm, the highest-ranking office of the Imperial Court, he decided to become a monk, taking on the name Jokai( "pure ocean"). Despite his clear reverence for the gods, he was very forward-thinking and chose to shun some traditional practices, including the performance of rain-summoning rituals and offering of human sacrifices. One might find it ironic that in spire of his desire to transcend superstition and the supernatural, he should be brought back to life as a yokai.


Uminyudo Locations & Drops


How to Beat Uminyudo

Uminyudo Boss Guide:


While he is weak to fire damage, he is immune to any elemental status effect that isn't purity or corruption. Paralysis can apply to hi but it is very hard to do so.

The fight starts in the dark realm. While in the dark realm, Uninyudo gains a very large size and tries to throw projectiles at you while slamming you with its weight, overall very similar to the Umi-Bozu fight from the first game, the main difference being him will occasionally attempt to set up an attack by pushing you in front of him with its large tentacles. His burst attacks are very slow, so you can just switch to a Brute Guardian Spirit and bully him up close easily while dodging his heavily telegraphed attacks. His Ki will continually regenerate until the Maximum Ki is reduced completely to zero, at which point he will fall over and reveal his glowing head, which takes extra damage. This lasts for about five seconds, at which point he will jump out of the water and start phase two.

Once he gets out of the water, he gains a large amount of extra attacks and mobility. His tentacle attacks are more easily blockable in general, so you can block one or two attacks and then dodge to safety. The glowing crystal of Amrita in his chest is the weak point, and this will stun him briefly will also doing a chunk of Ki damage to him. In general, you have to take things slower, since he is much more active with his attacking and has a much more varied movelist that requires quicker reactions.

Rather than immediately going back to the water when he recovers from being winded, he will instead recover in place, allowing you to do a large amount of damage after draining his Ki just once if you have enough Ki damage to draini it again during his recovery. This continues until he is fully put into a grapple state, at which point once he recovers he goes back into the water.

During the Mission A Song to Calm the Storm, the boss arena has a gong behind you and to the right from where you enter. Hitting it with a Strong Attack will cause Benkei to rain fire arrows down on the arena, dealing large amounts of damage and Ki damage if Uminyudo gets hit, while also instantly killing any Bakegani that spawns. This only happens if you give him the collectible fire arrows that can be found across the map.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1 (Dark Realm and In Water)
 Burst Attack (Mouth Beam): He does a large yellow beam that does immense damage. He either does it straight on or sweeping across horizontally Burst Counter it. Very easy with brute.
 Burst Attack (Slam): He slowly slams down in front of him. This is unblockable. Burst counter it.
Tentacle Slam: He slams down really hard with one or more of his tentacles. It has a large blind spot in front of him for the multi tentacle version. Otherwise, dodge horizontally when the attack slams down
Water Bubbles: Uminyudo creates five water orbs and then sucks you toward him with his breath. Dodge forward, using the momentum from his suction to go through the orbs harmlessly.
Projectiles: He can shoot several different projectiles at you from afar, such as an anchor or a large water bubble. Blocking is safe since his attacks are slow, otherwise dodge.
Phase 2 (Surfaced)
Rapid Melee slam: He does four slams in front of him with his tentacles. You can block a couple hits safely, but make sure you dodge away.
Explosion: He puts his tentacles in the air and charges up slowly before creating a large lightning explosion. This is unblockable and does a large amount of damage. Either dodge through the attack or get away from him when he starts to do it.
Lightning trails: he whips one of his tentacles around him, and when he uncoils it it releases a large amount of lightning projectiles that move forward erratically. Get close to him and Dodge into him. If timed properly they go past you.
AOE whip: he whips both tentacles around him, and then uncoils them while spinning, hitting all around him These hits are safe to block. Make sure you get out of range of both tentacles before he starts spinning
Burst Attack (Water Orbs): He puts one of his tentacles to a side, and then attacks while unleashing a large amount of water orbs that persist for a while. Burst counter this attack, especially since it stops the orbs from being a factor
Burst Attack (Water Beam): He unleashes his beam, starting from the ground and bringing it upwards. Burst counter or dodge sideways.
Anchored Swing: He stabs both of his tentacles on to the ground in front of him, and swings to a side using it as a fulcrum. Afterwards he can follow up with the Water Beam burst attack or ram himself into you. Block or dodge the initial stabs and then block.
Burst Attack (Bloodbath): He swings his tentacles wildly for a while and then finishes by slamming them in front of him. Only a burst attack until Dream of the Demon Burst counter pre dream of the demon
After that, just create space. It doesn't move forward any. The final attack can be blocked freely.
Magic AOE: He does hand signs and creates a set of lightning or water elemental attacks. The pattern they take on appears on the ground. Get out of the way when you see it.




Notes & Trivia

  • Memories - “My fever burned hot as coals as the ghosts of my past consumed me…Now, let the most honorable Taira no Kiyomori show you the way to capital!” 



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    • Anonymous

      For DLC "A song to calm the storm" when he spawn those 2 annoying adds, you could just use quick attacks to knock them off platform for instant kill. They spawn right at the edge too!

      • Anonymous

        At first I thought it was just a reskinned Umi Bozu, but this fight is actually significantly better in both design and execution. It's not so weak to fire that putting out a cigarette on it is fatal like with Umi Bozi, nor does it one shot you (Only in my experience! Just to be clear almost anything can one shot you in this game).

        Umi took me more tries than any boss in Nioh 1 because I was a fool and tried to rush the level meaning I had to deal with the three mini Umi's every attempt due to the fact that I hadn't lit the bonfires. I also didn't use fire because fire beating water of all things just didn't occur to my brain. If Pokémon taught me anything it's that water beats fire, and that knowledge was my downfall back then.

        On another note, second phase Uminyudo is far more enjoyable than second phase Umi. Second phase Umi is a bomb waiting to blow your ass up, second phase Uminyudo doesn't make me fear for my ****ing life. God damn spinny jello monstrosity.

        • Anonymous

          What’s the signal for Benkei!!! I tried the fire gesture and nothing. I don’t know what else it could be.

          • Anonymous

            Basically a re-skinned Umi-Bozu from Nioh 1. Only you don’t necessarily need fire to deal massive damage.

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