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Unbroken is one of the Fists Skill in Nioh2. It allows you to cancel Active skills into another active skill or normal attack and gives you more damage when you do so.


Unbroken Description

  • Allows you to connect an Active Skill to another Active Skill, or an Active Skill to a normal attack. For each unique skill you connect while the enemy is aware of you, this effect's stack increases by 1 (up to a max of 10). The higher this number gets, the higher your melee attack damage will be.
    • This is a stacking Melee Damage Multiplier, that starts at 5% and ends at 50.0% more damage.
  •  The duration of this skill will be extended when you recover full Ki from Ki Pulse.



Unbroken Notes

  • Despite having a buff icon, Unbroken is a Passive Melee Bonus. Thus, its bonus is additive with other Passive Melee Bonuses.



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