Way of the Ninja: Veteran is a Dojo Mission in Nioh 2. This mission is recommended for level 88 and features a human boss in Kato Danzo. Way of the Ninja: Veteran tasks players with defeating Kato Danzo using wooden weapons and pre-determined quick use items, namely: 3x Elixir, 2x Poison: Hemlock Broth I, 6x Paralysis Shuriken I, 3x Blinding Shell I, 2x Fire: Shrapnel Bomb I and 3x Medicine: Power Pill I. This mission is unlocked after obtaining 100.000 Ninjutsu Proficiency. 


  • Kato uses a variety of targeted Ninjutsu. Use the provided Blinding Shells to make him consistently miss with these jutsu, greatly reducing the difficulty of beating him.
  • Around 35% health, Kato will use Quick-Change. He appears not able to be staggered while casting this, but continuous burst attacks can prevent him from using it entirely.
  • May use a Smoke Ball I eventually. The Smoke Ball effect behaves differently from one the player uses. The player can still target Kato through the Smoke effect, but all attacks will not deal any damage or connect. While in the Smoke effect, Kato uses all Ninjutsu Feather attacks in quick succession, followed up by an air dash attack out of the Smoke. Should the player enter the smoke while Kato is in it, he will perform an unblockable (but dodgeable) backstab. Kato is still completely invulnerable if the player enters the Smoke, so this should only be used to prevent him from casting any jutsu and lure out his backstab.



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    • Anonymous

      Undeniably the most enjoyable boss in Nioh 2, this guy is a stress reliever! He is so much fun to fight against if you are into Ninjutsu and the mission is useful for different kinds of grinding, it grants 20.000 experience in just couple of minutes (mission completion) in addition to loot and material grinding. Don't despair, he does drop the smithing texts (both weapon and armor) even in NG, it just takes a few tries. How to kill him?

      1) Buff up attack power from weapon if you have it, buff Power Pill, apply Hemlock Broth to Weapon. 2) Start the fight with Paralysis Shuriken and quickly run up to him. 3) Go ham on the guy! If you are using the Kusarigama you can use it's weapon skills on him or just go nuts and stun him to death pretty much. Just don't let him jump and roll around too much. It's best to save Paralysis Shuriken to counter his Ninjutsu casts. He will often use Quick-Change Scroll, but it's not a big deal as you can keep stunning him afterwards if you have saved a Paralysis Shuriken for it. Good Luck!

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