White Tiger

white tiger boss dlc nioh2 wiki guide
Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness N/A
Resistances Lightning, Purity, Confusion, Poison, Paralysis
Immune N/A
Special Drop White Tiger Soul Core

White Tiger is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. White Tiger is the corrupted version of Nekomata, upon your pursuit against Ashiya Doman, he harnesses the corrupted power of the yokai and uses it to possess Nekomata who turns into a vicious beast.


Enemy Description

The White Tiger is one of the four legendary beast-gods of the cardinal directions, said to be a protector of the West. It takes the form of a magnificient tiger covered in gleaming white fur. Since ancient times, it has been worshipped alongside the Blue Dragon of the East. Vermillion Bird of the South, and Black Turtle of the North. When Ashiya Doman summoned a swarm of Aratama, they overwhelmed Nekomata, transforming him into a White Tiger.

Tigers and cats are said to have a common ancestor, as can be seen from several traits they share. Though it was once a regular cat, Nekomata obtained his spiritual power and transformed into a Guardian Spirit after reaching a ripe old age. When he was consumed by the Aratama, Nekomata transformed into the White Tiger, a beast-god with power far greater than he once possessed.

While the four legendary beast-gods do not normally harm humans, the White Tiger was overwhelmed by the mass of malevolent Aratama, losing its mind and turning on anyone in its vicinity. Its swift movements are difficult to anticipate, and it is capable of firing rays of light originally meant to purify the wicked.


White Tiger Locations & Drops


How to Beat White Tiger

White Tiger Boss Guide:

White Tiger is one of the bosses you'll encounter during the Main Missio: Palace of the Damned. The White Tiger is a corrupted and possessed version of Nekomata that was turned by Ashiya Doman.

Once the battle starts, use the Sloth Talisman against it to decrease the movement speed as well as the Weakness Talisman to reduce its defenses. Most of its attacks are pretty much upfront and are almost aimed directly at you whether it uses its tail to slam the ground or shoots a laser beam from its eye. So you'll want to use these opportunities to try and get to the side of its body and attack it since it moves quite slow when it tries to face you. Do not go behind it because it will use its tail to hit you.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Burst Attack: Flies at you while spinning. This can be interrupted by using a Burst Counter. When a red indicator appears, be ready to activate the Burst Counter.
Burst Attack: Leaps into the air and spins around the area multiple times. This can be interrupted by using a Burst Counter. When a red indicator appears, be ready to activate the Burst Counter.
Laser Beam: Shoots a laser beam from its right eye. It only shoots in one direction towards the last spot you were. Dodge to the side and then close the gap to attack it until it finishes shooting the beam.
Aerial Projectile: Jumps into the air and shoots a piercing projectile to the ground and explodes after a brief moment. Block the first impact upon it comes in contact with the ground and then dodge away from it to avoid getting hit by the blast.
2-Hit Attack: The beast leaps forward and strikes two times with its large paws. When it leaps towards you, be ready to dodge and try to reposition yourself behind it to land a few attacks.
Spinning Attack: The White Tiger spins around and uses its tail to hit you. Dodge back to avoid getting hit, this attack has a long-range since it uses its tail to try and hit you.
Tail Slam: Slams its tail four times on the ground while moving towards you. It will turn its back behind you and it will slam its tail on the ground while it moves towards you. You can dodge and attack it from the sides of its body.
Lunge Attack: Charges and then lunges forward. This attack can be blocked.
Backflip: The White Tiger flips back and then charges forward. Gains this attack in the Dark Realm. Keep your guard up by holding the block button. It's a fast move and you'll get hit most of the time if you try to dodge it.
Sweeping Laser Beam: Shoots a laser beam from its eye and swings its head on both sides. Gains this attack in the Dark Realm. Dodge towards the laser either left or right, depending on its direction. If the laser is coming in from the left side, then dodge towards it to the left and vice versa. If you find yourself in a position where you're near the beast, you can try to run to its side or get behind it.




Notes & Trivia

  • Memories - “When one with divine destiny appears in the world, it befalls me to fulfill my role as sacred beast and guard the western skies. Come, accept my protection and do what you were born for.”




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