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Enemy Type Human
Weakness ??
Resistances ??
Immune ??
Special Drop Soul Core
Youngblood Gauntlets
Tiger of Higo's Waistguard
Youngblood Waistguard

William is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. William is a Human that attacks with a Sword and a Spear.


Enemy Description

William is an English sailor. Orphaned at an early age, he survived by hunting for Spirit Stones, assisted by his Guardian Spirit Saoirse who possesses the power to detect Amrita

Then one day, Saoirse was seized by an alchemist by the name of Edward Kelley. William pursued Kelley across the oceans, eventually finding himself in Japan.

After encountering Hattori Hanzo (Masanari) and Tokugawa Ieyasu, he managed to defeat Edward Kelley and was reunited with Saoirse. He then returned to England and defeated John Dee who had been the evil figure behind all that had unfolded.

Believing that he had done all he had to do, William was disheartened to realize that the wars ravaging Japan continued unabated. For the sake of his onetime comrades in arms, he decides to cross the oceans once again...

Returning to Japan, William heads to Oshu to come to the aid of Hattori Hanzo (Masanari) who he has lost contact with. He encounters a woman named Maria who has allied with Date Masamune in order to spark a new wave of civil war and use the ensuing chaos to obtain Spirit Stones. William foils her scheme and Maria heads to Osaka with a new plan in mind.

William travels to Osaka along with Masamune's forces who lay siege to Osaka Castle. However, Sanada Yukimura has build defenses that have rendered the castle extremely difficult to take. It finally falls after fierce fighting and Maria's plans once again end in failure.

The Tokugawa forces finally succeed in defeating all of those misusing Spirit Stones and restore peace to the land, but Maria has vanished once again and William continues to pursue her.

Hearing that Maria is in Byodo-In, William hurries to the temple. It is here that he encounters the protagonist whose eyes are glowing red and engages in combat.

Having regained their senses, the protagonist, together with Mumyo, heads into the innermost depths of Byodo-In where they discover Maria engaged in a ritual to revive Tokichiro.

The man with the staff prevents the protagonist from intervening as he takes possession of Tokichiro who then awakens. However, contrary to the embodiment of pure evil he had been at the time of his death, Tokichiro is now all smiles and comes to the protagonist's aid. William takes the chance to take the distracted Maria captive.

Now that the time of war has drawn to a close, William returns to where his young son and Hattori Hanzo (Masanari) await him.

William Locations & Drops

How to Beat William

William Boss Guide:

William can deal a lot of damage and his attacks are quick, but his guard is weak and has a low Ki Pool.

You can make him chase you around the battlefield and attack him while he is not guarding. He will occasionally perform an attack from mid distance, dodge and then strike back.

Unlike other human bosses, William is very resistant to Purity; that it's nigh impossible to apply it to him via regular attacks. He is however, still susceptible to any other element.

When he uses Living Weapon, he gains very significant hyper-armor and increased damage. Depleting his Ki through attacks or him attacking is the most efficient way to make it wear off. Despite the hyper-armor, he's still susceptible to some abilities that cause humans to be vulnerable for a final blow (e.g. One-Legged Fury). This will, however, not remove his Living Weapon unless his Ki is depleted by the same attack/s.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Burst Attack: He will perform a quick combo moving forward You can burst counter this attack.
Charged Attack: He will charge his weapon and then move forward while attacking. Dodge left or right and then attack him. If you are close, you can attack him to interrupt the attack
Summon Spirit: His guardian spirit will conjure a water pool below your character. Run away from the pool to avoid the damage.
Imbue Water: He will imbue his weapon with water damage. Wait until the effect is over.


Notes & Trivia

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