Wind Blast

Anima  6
Attunement 6

Wind Blast is a Yokai Skill in Nioh 2. Wind Blast is unlocked by attuning a Fuki Soul Core to your Guardian Spirits, enabling you to perform this unique skill.


Wind Blast Effects

You briefly turn into Fuki and fire a wind blast from your cannon, dealing a moderate amount of damage and a large amount of Ki damage.
Care should be taken when you space, as the cannon as a dead zone close to you, causing it to miss and go clean past smaller enemies.

You cannot be thrown while transformed, though the transformation doesn't last very long, meaning you cant use it to dodge long lasting throws from enemies like Ryomen Sukuna or Rokurokubi.


How to get Wind Blast


Wind Blast Notes & Tips

  • In application, this is similar to Fire Arm, a quick, long range attack that allows you to quickly recover from or end combos. It trades slight evasiveness and cost in exchange for having much more damage and ki damage.
  • You can use this to attack safely from range, especially if you can gain Anima from ranged options like Cannons, Onmyo Magic Ninjutsu and several Hatchet attacks.


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