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Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness Lightning
Resistances Water
Immune Paralyzed
Special Drop Yatsu-no-Kami Soul Core
Impaling Doom Yokai Skill

Yatsu-no-Kami is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. Yatsu-no-Kami is a powerful snake-like Yokai that attacks with poison and aggressive charges.


Enemy Description

  • Pronounced "YAHT-soo-no-kah-mee." Yatsu-no-kami is a serpent god with a horn made of countless blades protruding from its forehead. These blades can be shot like arrows at the yokai'snn foes. Under the influence of the Dark Realm, its snakelike arms gain sentience and spring forth from its body to join the fight. Take heed when its white body turns black, for this is a sign that it is about to call forth the Dark Realm
  • While it is now called a god, Yatsu-no-kami was originally a guardian deity to humans who were in pursuit of certain goals. It is said that many Yatsu-no-kami once thrived in the wetlands, until a man named Matachi of the Yahazu clan attempted to cultivate their land. The yokai stood in his way, and were driven from those lands as a result. Matachi planted a stake in the ground and declared it a border between the realm of the humans and the yokai. He then built a shrine so as to appease the yokai and avoid their wrath.
  • The Yatsu-n-kami is worshipped at Shirahebi Shrine is a great white serpent, and its cast-off skin is kept as a sacred object in a cave at the heart of the shrine. While it was once a gentle deity that protected the mountains and swamps, Saito Yoshitatus's use of Spirit Stones transformed it into a raging being known as an aratama. It spews corruption from its body, creating poisonous swamps wherever its vile fluids land. Those who aim to defeat it must be prepared with measures to counter its noxious poison.


Yatsu-no-Kami Locations & Drops




How to Beat Yatsu-no-Kami

 Yatsu-no-Kami Boss Guide:



It's good to have a long reaching weapon for this fight, preferably one that has an overhead vertical attack of some kind so that you can strike the head and arms easily. Blocking is a very good option against this boss, as many of the attack don't use much ki to block, and are mainly slow single hitting attacks, so they don't carry much risk if you do get your guard broken. The only thing to watch out for is the grapple attack.

When the fight starts the snake will charge you immediately, step to the side and try to sever one arm with a vertical attack or two, and then the other arm if you can. It's hard to get both arms, but you can usually get one at least. Getting rid of just one of the arms litmits the amount of attacks they can use, and any you kill prevents them from spawning during the dark realm. As you encounter this boss later in the game, the arms gain more health, making it less worth it to go for both of them.

Next you want to try to bait his burst attacks so you can get some free hits, making sure to Block if he tail swipes and dodge if he grabs. There are few openings where you can attack safely and still have Ki to Block, so stay patient and look for the openings.

When you go to the Dark Realm you'll want to dodge him as much as you can, and avoid the small snakes if you didn't sever both arms. You don't need to focus on them and they rarely do anything noteworthy, so try to stick to the Boss and avoid getting killed. Yatsu-No-Kami doesn't gain any new attacks during this phase, so there isn't anything specific you need to worry about outside of the smaller snakes you didn't kill.

When you return to normal mode, it's business as usual, but he will summon new arms shortly afterwards. Again try to sever these when you get openings, but don't be too aggressive. Rinse and repeat, Blocking all attacks but the grab, and punishing the openings made by the burst attacks.

Attacking their head while it's glowing will stun them out of whatever attack they are doing and do a moderate amount of permanent ki damage.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Universal Attacks
Impaling Doom: They will charge at you blade first. If they touch a wall, they turn around and try to attack you again.  This is a burst attack until Dream of the Demon. Aside from burst countering on lower playthroughs, you can block this attack safely.
If you get too close to the boss, it will perform a 360 tail sweep on the ground. Easily and safely block able.
Yatsu-no-Kami will slams its whole body on the ground. Burst attack until dream of the Demon If you dodge this attack, you have a couple of seconds to attack.
Creates a line of paralyzing needles that shoots forward. Dodge into the needles. Yatsu keeps their head low during this attack, providing easy access to the Amrita patch on it.
Grapple: Yatsu-no-kami raises their head and rushes forward. If they touch you, will will get stabbed for a large amount of damage, potentially immediately killing you. Go into High Stance and roll horizontally. You cannot block this attack
Occasionally they will spit a large Poison terrain effect on to the ground Levitation Scroll allows you to stand in it without issue. A resistance talismon and Anti-Toxin Pills will also completely negate the attack, as the terrain effect itself does no damage.
Dream of the Demon and above Universal attacks
Burst Needle Attack: Similar to the normal attack, except the needles follow a S pattern Burst Counter this attack
An attack where Yatsu no kami creates a C Clamp with their tail and slams in front of them. There is a dead zone right next to them where it will not hit you.
Attacks that use both arms. (Cutting one of the arms prevents these from being used
One of its main attacks is where it digs its arms in the ground and springs them out from the ground to grab you. There are two different timings, you can tell which one by how long the animation is before they plant their arms into the ground. Just continuously walking in one direction will prevent you from getting hit. Just walk toward them in one direction and it leaves them open for a while.
Yatsu reaches forward with both arms and attempts to pull you toward them This attack cannot be blocked. Dodge horizontally
Dark Realm
The snake arms will separate and fight as two separate enemies that will spit poison at you take out the smaller snakes and then focus on the main boss. These snake enemies do reappear after some time, but it gives you some time to focus on the main boss.



Notes & Trivia

  • Carrying Antidote is a good idea for this fight since you can become Poisoned easily. You can farm some from enemies outside this Boss fight. Breaking the small arms or killing the snakes will also always drop an antidote for you.
  • Be sure to use a weapon that has an attack that can reach his head. Many weapons have High Stance attacks that can do this with ease.
  • Memories - “I am grateful to you for ridding the world of my corrupt being. Now I will lend you the power of the very earth.”




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    • Anonymous

      This boss is easy enough in its main encounter, because its boss room fits its size. It is (not accounting for level scaling) way harder in the Calamity Pulse online mission, just because the close quarters of that boss room make for an absolute fustercluck when he goes into the Dark Realm phase of his fight. It can be remedied by weakening (not killing) its arms before it goes into the Dark Realm, so you can kill the snakes quickly, but if you can't kill them quickly they will divide your attention and make it very easy to get chained to death by their lighter attacks and its heavier attacks. The fact that you can't target lock the arms as well as the head and the body is a killer, especially as the arms are a higher priority target than the head because they facilitate half of its attacks in normal mode and (especially on higher difficulties) can be tanky enough to not go down fast enough in the Dark Realm.

      • Anonymous

        This boss taught me that blocking is way more viable than dodging in nioh 2. Sure you obviously have to watch for grapples but this game has better blocking than dodging unlike souls

        • Anonymous

          Adjusting your aim lock makes all the difference.

          No lock initially. Let him bury his arms then run up and hit an arm. Repeat until BOTH ARMS ARE ALMOST DEAD.

          Then kill one arm. You can use a bow to kill the other. Killing both arms deals ~1200 damage to the boss on NG.

          When he goes into the dark realm. Aim lock his head (not his body). Wind up a heavy attack as he moves towards you. If you wait until he attacks to counter attack your window is too small.

          I beat him with hatchets (very little thows). Tried tonfa but the ki damage pushed him into the dark realm too quickly before I could kill his arms.

          • Anonymous

            Recommended level 24? I was level 35 and struggled like crazy. I've played and completed loads of similar games but this boss was way too hard. I summoned a level 54 NPC but it was useless. I have done it now using slightly cheesy tactics, wait for boss to stick arms into the ground and hit its head, rinse repeat.

            • Anonymous

              Literally just beat this boss first try with odachi mostly on top stance and purifycation talismans + the 2nd npc summon in this mission.

              gotta admit some of its attacks dont have much windup but as long as you can hit its head its massive ki damage on the boss so its gg. The digging snakes only hit me once and mostly you can abvoid them by moving away, not even dodging or rolling and every time it used them, it was a free head shot for me.

              • Anonymous

                Very tough. When i finally took him down, i got yourself exhausted, like i was fighting with Umi-Bozu and Hino-Enma simultaneosly.

                • Anonymous

                  I refund on this boss. Trash game. Pinnacle of artificial difficulty. If you're a masochist fanboy then go ahead play this trash game lmao.

                  • Anonymous

                    This was actually a fairly easy fight with the spear.
                    Concentrated my first few attacks on the second snake of his dig attack until that snake was dead. after that I attacked after basically every one of his attacks the side with the second snake with midstance ligth swings, hitting both the snake and him.
                    The second arm is normally done before he lost all his ki, making him pretty predictable from that point on, even in the following Yokai realm phase.
                    Downside was that the snakes respawn after every Yokai realm.

                    Dont know about his late game form though

                    • Anonymous

                      this boss is kind of a joke early game, but in end-game scenarios he's really really ***really*** tough and annoying.

                      one of the ways i beat him end-game is by using the DLC3's Last boss' yokai ability whenever the snakes would pop up, as this is a very easy way to remove their ki and get the Confused debuff on them, making them a piece of cake.

                      (this info goes for Early and late game) use a Lightning talisman. Since that's the boss's "weakness", not to mention lightning is one of the best elements in the game anyways due to it slowing the enemy's actions.

                      • Anonymous

                        After 50+ tries with Dual Swords, Sword and Hatchets, I decide to use an odachi even if I had strength only at 6. Voila, first try the boss was out. Of course all the previous efforts with different weapons helped me to learn its patterns, but I dd not managed to get even at 30% of health with every other weapon I tried...

                        • Anonymous

                          This was the hardest boss for me in the game by far. It's ridiculously overpowered and unfair at such early stage of the game. After killing it I literally breezed through the whole game, dying once or twice to other bosses

                          • Anonymous

                            i beat this boss 1st try but acouple things i did that may help:
                            bait the snakes in ground move or his burstable moves
                            use a large weapon or anything that can do a ton of damage with one high heavy
                            don't be afraid to wait out the boss he'll only reapeat the same moves,
                            run around the arena and don't stop
                            only hit 1 or twice, depending on the speed of the weapon
                            with that i did not use a buff or anything other than elixers and phantom shift

                            • Anonymous

                              Some bosses just can't be fought fairly. Run around a lot, hit once or twice with a quick weapon, block the tail sweep, yokia shift when its health is 20% and its an easy win.

                              • Anonymous

                                It's not pronounced Yaht-soo
                                It's pronounced yah-(very light t sound)soo
                                The tsu character in Japanese is it's own syllable

                                • Anonymous

                                  What finally did it for me was just relaxing and being patient. I stayed at mid to long range whenever possible and whenever he shoved his snake arms in the ground I ran up and attacked his armpit from the rear so I'd hit his arm and head at the same time, generally alternating sides. Just one swing, VERY occasionally two. Then I ran the hell away ASAP and waiting for his next arms-in-ground maneuver and repeated. Most of his other attacks are highly telegraphed and easy to dodge or block provided you keep plenty of distance.

                                  Once he went to the yokai realm I just locked on, kept my distance, and slowly walked around the outside of the arena. Any other arm snakes I just ignored and they basically ignored me as well. I didn't even try to attack either the snake or the boss.

                                  Repeated this about 8 times or so and that did the trick. Was it cowardly? Yes. Was it boring? Oh GOD yes. But most importantly: am I wearing snakeskin boots right now? YUP

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Either that thing has too many HP or I don't do enough damages but it's not normal after several minutes hitting that snake he barely lost half of his bar.
                                    I'm gonna stay stuck on this for hours I f*cking swear...

                                    • Anonymous

                                      If your current weapon doesn't work, try Odachi for this boss, good reach and can take out the side-snakes pretty quickly in between its attacks.

                                      • I found it easier to not hit the small snakes at all and pretty much only attack him when he puts his snake arms in the ground. Killing the snake arms just takes this option away. In the dark realm the little snakes suck but if you dont attack at all and just run the perimeter until he goes back until the light realm you can start over attacking him when he puts his arms back in the ground. After half health is gone you can spam the Brute LIGHT attack after transforming if you have it and finish him off. Transform when hes up against a wall and you can repeat smack him on the ropes Rocky style. I thin this is Team Ninjas idea that you can take half his health after transforming thats why he has such a large health bar. Did the same with the Brute Light attack against Enenra. Only way I beat them both with my crap gaming skills.

                                        • Anonymous

                                          This guy tore me a new one in places where there aren't places. High stance spear on his head then circlestrafe for the win.

                                          • Anonymous

                                            After about 50 attempts I managed to kill it. I had just a tiny bit of health left, but managed to sma***** by being aggressive in the final seconds, though my Ki was depleted. I still have no idea how to avoid its snake choking attack, the one where you're close to it and its body chokes you and then its head stings you. I don't understand what Team Ninja were thinking with this boss. It's sort of an interesting boss fight, but takes way too many attempts to figure out and the boss obviously has too much health. After this boss fight the Onmyo novice training unlocks in the dojo, and if you've played your Onmyo points right, you can prepare 4 Sloth talismans for the next mission. Hang in there.

                                            • Anonymous

                                              After about 50 attempts I managed to kill it. I had just a tiny bit of health left, but managed to sma***** by being aggressive in the final seconds, though my Ki was depleted. I still have no idea how to avoid its snake choking attack, the one where you're close to it and its body chokes you and then its head stings you. I mean, you have to go close to deliver damage or you won't win. I don't understand what Team Ninja were thinking with this boss. It's sort of an interesting boss fight, but takes way too many attempts to figure out and the boss obviously has a bit too much health. After this boss fight the Onmyo novice training unlocks in the dojo, and if you've played your Onmyo points right, you can prepare 4 Sloth talismans for the next mission. Hang in there.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                After about 50 attempts (always solo) I managed to kill it. I still have no idea how to avoid its snake strangling attack, the one where you're close to it and its tail strangles you followed by a head sting and a push away (I play Nioh 2 in Movie mode, but expect this to be in Action mode too. I think it's described as: 'Yatsu-no-Kami will slams its whole body on the ground' above).

                                                I don't understand what Team Ninja were thinking with this boss. It's sort of an interesting boss fight, but it takes way too many attempts to figure out, and the boss obviously has too much health.

                                                After this boss fight the Onmyo novice training unlocks in the dojo, and if you've played your Onmyo points right, you can prepare 4-5 Sloth talismans for the next mission. You'll need it, because they throw in the clearly most difficult enemy from Nioh 1, Raven Tengu, there.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  50 kills later... huh, it became easier. Who would’ve thought? But seriously though, the fight becomes easier if you focus high stance attacks on his sides, try to hit those snake arms if you get the chance. Makes is much easier. They will dissapear if you kill them (obviously) and imagine Dark Realm Yatsu-no-Kami without those little snakes distracting you. Not only will he not be able to grapple you anymore, his moveset just decreases with 50%.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    I don't know why but I really don't find this fight all that difficult. I died to him about three times because of simply stupid playing and the got the hang of him pretty easy.

                                                    • Anonymous

                                                      supposedly drops the Shrine Maiden armor smithing text .... not for me tho, damn thing hasnt dropped it in over 100 attempts

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        This boss will let you win after roughly 6hrs. You will notice that the cap on blue grave summons gets increase by ~10lvls, and the boss no longer gets more difficult as fight progresses (no longer ramping up of attack tracking).

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          Try to force him 2 use the hand snakes (make em attack from ground) and then simply mezuki soul core to kill them (as a bonus u may hit him n the face w it) Dodge his attacks and stay away from him if possible then again try to make him attack from underground run n hit

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            def the hino enma of this game surprisingly tough and fast for its size just run you heavyst hitting weapon and slowly poke her down was using an axe despite me being a switchglaive kusi user took her finally down what felt like an ethernity

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