attack_power_icon_nioh_2_wiki_guideAttack Power x1.05 attunement_limit_1_icon_nioh_2_wiki_guideAttunement Limit 21
defense_power_icon_nioh_2_wiki_guideDefense Power x0.97 phantom_icon_nioh_2_wiki_guideYokai Shift Phantom

Guardian Spirit Protection

Special Effect Bonus Stat req.
Anima Bonus (Ranged Hit) A- -
secondary_icon_guardian_spirit_nioh_2_wiki_guide_24pxAnima Bonus (Gold Earned) B+ -
Melee Ki Damage +20.0% -
Extended Yokai Shift +20.0% Magic + Skill = 43
Faster Ki Recovery (Amrita Absorption) - Stamina + Constitution = 41

Yumehami is a Guardian Spirit in Nioh 2. Guardian Spirits can be selected on the Shrine menu and each provides a different boost to the player. Activate Yokai Shift by pressing + (BY on Xbox/Steam controller) when the Amrita Gauge is full.


Yumehami Description

Yumehami is said to be able to devour one's nightmares and protect one's dreams of good fortune—or conversely, cause the former while devouring the latter. The baku, an ancient Japanese mythical creature, is known to exhibit the former type of behavior so the latter is perhaps that of a baku who has transformed into an aragami. The Chinese poet Bai Juyi of the Tang Dynasty described the baku as a creature with an elephant's nose, rhinoceros's eyes, cow's tail, and tiger's legs. While the Chinese once believed that sleeping on the skin of a baku woSd keep evil away, this practice transformed when it made its way to Japan, with the baku eventually coming to be known for its dream-eating nature instead. Representations of baku in text or imagery were used as talismans in the Muromachi period. There is also a practice in Japan of placing a picture of a ship bearing treasure under one's pillow during the New Year to usher in good dreams. Sometimes, the word "baku" is written on the sails of these ships, in hopes that the baku will devour any nightmares that may come the sleeper's way.


How to unlock Yumehami


How to use Yumehami

  • The guardian spirit skill is Yumehami creating a lightning terrain effect on the ground in front of you, dealing constant but low lightning damage over time.
  • This is the best guardian spirit for Ki damage, while also providing a large increase in your Ki recovery, making it very popular to use for aggressive players. The anima bonus gives you a large windfall of Anima if you keep killing enemies, but doesn't do anything for you during a fight. In addition, the Guardian Spirit skill isn't particularly strong outside of applying Shock, and it's attunement limit is low, so despite having a longer lasting Yokai Shift, it isn't a particularly powerful one.



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    • Anonymous

      this is actually really good as a secondary spirit, im using it ever since i figured out how busted this is, for clearing regular missions this is amazing, the anima bonus on gold earned is completely insane, after every little gaki or skeleton you kill you gain like 3 anima from picking up the gold they drop, its nuts you can spam your yokai abilities all day with this.

      • Anonymous

        It's not a boar or a tapir. It's a Baku, or dream eater. It's name is "Dreaming" so that's pretty definitive.

        • Anonymous

          God, I have some weird urge to grab it by the schnoz! But the way it flops around... please tell me I'm not the only one that wants to grab this thing by the snout for no reason at all.

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