Invincible Sanyo Storm Master

Nioh Build
Lvl 343 Weight 26.7
constitution-nioh-2-wiki heart-nioh-2-wiki courage-nioh-2-wiki stamina-nioh-2-wiki
31 31 99 15
strength-nioh-2-wiki skill-nioh-2-wiki dexterity-nioh-2-wiki magic-nioh-2-wiki
99 7 10 99

BUILDNAME is a player-created Build for Nioh2. Character Builds for Nioh 2 are character and equipment recommendations that focus your character on solo and cooperative play against regular AI enemies and yokai. Build listed on this page are created and categorized by players, therefore you should not assume they are all optimized.


Build Information

  • Build Name: Invincible Sanyo Storm Master
  • Build Level: 343
  • Build Focus: PvE 
  • Build Main Stat: Magic


Build Equipment

  • Melee Weapon: Tempest Splitstaff (Kuzuryu's Grace)
  • Ranged Weapon: Yoch's Bow (Kuzuryu's Grace)
  • Ranged Weapon:  Negoro Rifle (Kuzuryu's Grace)
  • Ranged Weapon:     (Kuzuryu's Grace)
  • Head: Tengu Mask
  • Chest: Veterans Cuirass (Kuzuryu's Grace)
  • Hands: Veterans Gauntlet (Kuzuryu's Grace)
  • Waist: Kohoku Master's Waistguard
  • Legs: Veterans Greaves (Kuzuryu's Grace)
  • Accessories: Water Dragon, Yasakani Magatama
  • Guardian Spirit: Saoirse
  • Soul Cores: Otakemaru, Onydo, Maelstrom Oni-B
  • Magic Buffs: Rejuvenation, Steel, Protection, Barrier, Archyokai, Pleiades, Extraction
  • Clan: Toyotomi


Build Strategy & Video

This build centers on the synergy of Anima, Amrita Extraction, and Life Recovery to reach a state of near-invincibility, albeit totally reliant on Magic buffs. The health buffs allow you to stand toe to toe with the fiercest Yokai while dishing enough sufficient damage to constantly recharge both your Anima and your Life through the Extraction and other related buffs. The constant supply of Anima allows you to pretty much spam Sanyo Storm in addition to the damage from your splitstaff which is enhanced by the Water buff. Magic Bonus Amrita Gauge pumps up your Magic Power extending the lifespan of all the buffs.

Saoirse and the soul cores provide key Anima charge buffs to which +Amrita Charge Gauge is added to all three. (not actuallu sure if this stacks) 7 pieces of Kuzurryu's Grace come from the 3 armor pieces and all three weapons and give further Anima and Amrita bonuses.  Three pieces of Saruyasha's Valor provide further Anima and Amirta Gauge Charge. The Tengu mask is key for its almost 10% reduction in Yokai ability cost. The accessories also have +Amrita Charge Gauge as well as Water Saturation Accumulation, Life Recovery Amrita Absorption,  Magic Bonus Amrita Gauge, + Water Damage, and Mêlée Damage v Saturated Enemies. Toyotomi Clan for Life Recovery on Amrita Absorption.

Simple splitstaff attacks in mid-stance are enough to take care of most human enemies and the lower level Yokai can be managed by keeping distance and using the extended range attacks in higher stance. As soon as you encounter a tough Yokai and/or dark realm it is time to buff up and wreak havoc for as long as the buffs last which is pretty long at 99 Magic and with Magic Bonus Amrita Gauge as well as Magic Power on all armor pieces. Just try not to let your buffs run out and return you to the state of mear mortals!

The only weakness I have found with this build is against human bosses whose guard is very hard to break, meaning you will have a hard time extracting enough Amrita to power up your buffs, Tokichiro being a good example. To deal with this I have been playing around with adding a poison component since I had so many unused ninjutsu points. If you are able to hit a shrine before such a battle, you can change your Guardian Sprit/Cores to something more poison friendly and that should do the job. You won't need the ninjutsu for QuickChange because if you get killed in solo, you are pretty much dead anyway since you won't have a chance to buff up again before dying. (It's a different matter in coop when you can use quick-change and run into a corner to reapply the buffs.)

Have fun with this. I just finished Dream of the Demon with it and most of it was not all that hard at all. However, I should note that I am not a good player and this build is compensation for that because it doesn't take great reflexes to make it work. You basically just stand up against the enemy and keep up a constant supply of damage. (I actually didn't need B agility for this but I chose the armor pieces for the buffs anyway.) When you do it right, you will feel like an invincible superhero. It's not how I first envisioned the build but it is what it turned into. I soloed most of the bosses on DOD, only summoning for a couple I could not figure out. I did summon for Otakamaru at level 339 because I was too lazy to level up in order to handle him and I just wanted it over! I started planing this build on Dream of the Samurai and never dreamed it would turn into this. I couldn't be more pleased.




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