1000 Poisonous Blades

Nioh Build
Lvl 99-223 Weight 7.3
constitution-nioh-2-wiki heart-nioh-2-wiki courage-nioh-2-wiki stamina-nioh-2-wiki
15-25 15-25 15-25 5
strength-nioh-2-wiki skill-nioh-2-wiki dexterity-nioh-2-wiki magic-nioh-2-wiki
6 30-99 30-40 25-40

1000 Poisonous Blades is a player-created Build for Nioh2. Character Builds for Nioh 2 are character and equipment recommendations that focus your character on solo and cooperative play against regular AI enemies and yokai. Build listed on this page are created and categorized by players, therefore you should not assume they are all optimized.


Build Information

  • Build Name: 1000 Poisonous Blades
  • Build Level: 99-223
  • Build Focus: PvE
  • Build Main Stat: Skill/Dexterity


Build Equipment

  • Melee Weapon 1: Weathered Bone & Bleached Twig
  • Melee Weapon 2: Swift Hawk
  • Ranged Weapon 1: Tanegashima Matchlock
  • Ranged Weapon 2: Longbow
  • Head: Takezo's Headband
  • Chest: Flying Kato's Robes
  • Hands: Flying Kato's Gauntlets
  • Waist: Flying Kato's Waistgaurd
  • Legs: Flying Kato's Greaves
  • Accessory 1: Yasakini Magatama
  • Accessory 2: Comb
  • Item Shortcut 1 (Top, Left, Right, Bottom): Elixir, Poison Shuriken, Gallnut Broth, Free Slot for Adapting
  • Item Shortcut 2 (Top, Left, Right, Bottom): Elixir, Raijin Feathers, Flaming Heron Feathers/Yaroka Water Feathers, Sloth Talisman
  • Item Shortcut 3 (Top, Left, Right, Bottom): Elixir, Steel Talisman, Weakness Talisman, Purification Talisman
  • Guardian Spirit: Shirohami with Rokurokubi, Yatsu-no Kami/One-eyed Oni, and Namahage Soul Cores
  • Special Attack Skills (Dual Swords): Double-Headed Slice (Damage Boost: Skill), God of Wind I/II/III (Masterful Slice), Water Sword (Deliberate Slice)


Build Strategy & Video

- Main point of this build is to proc poison quickly with different status effects and combine that with timed active skills to deal massive damage in a short period of time while creating multiple opportunities to grapple. Optimizing Special Effects on the main equipment and Guardian Spirit Skills makes a huge difference when maximizing your skills and abilities in this build, and make it easier to use.

- Main weapon is Yokai Dual Swords that prioritizes Attack Bonus Skill, Low Active Skill Ki Consumption, and Break Effects (Preferably Strong Attack and Active Skill Break). 

- Armor should prioritize these effects in order: Untouched Ninjutsu, Ninjutsu Power, Increased Attack and Defense (Dual Swords), Defense, Toughness, Onmyo Magic Power (If available), Damage Taken Over Time - Fire (If available).

- Accessories should mainly prioritize Poison Accumulation (Enemy) and Melee Damage vs. Poisoned Enemy on both accessories, and Defense Bonus (Any) if possible.

- Your main Guardian Spirit should be Shirohami for the Poison Accumulation (Enemy) and Imbue Poison (Yokai Abilities) effects. The Yokai Soul Cores attuned are Namahage for Melee Damage vs. Zero-Ki Enemy and proc'ing poison status and dealing massive Ki damage on Boss Enemies (can sometimes deal massive HP damage depending on Boss); Rokurobi for Yokai Ability Damage (Poisoned Enemies) which adds to the damage of the Namahage Skill; and either the Yatsu-no-Kami Soul Core for the Melee damage vs. Poisoned Enemy, or the One-eyed Oni Soul Core for Strong Attack Damage and Break if you can't get -1 attunement cost as a special effect for at least two of your Soul Cores.

-Onto Skills and Items, and using them in battle. 

-The Double-Headed Slice (DHS) skill for the dual swords is the main skill used in this build as it procs status effects in one hit when every strike hits, and deals heavy damage with the active skill setting for damage boost: skill. It can take poisoned enemies out in 2-4 activations when paired with the special effects for increasing melee damage against poisoned enemies (I got my buff up to +66.8% with Yatsu-no-Kami, 49.8% without). Even without poison, with your yokai weapon, you can proc corruption in 1-2 activations on most enemies. DHS is a Boss skill, so if you don't have it you can farm it from Tokichiro in the Main mission: The Two Faces of Hospitality, under the Twilight Area.

- The God of Wind (GoW) skill, as well as GoW II, and GoW III (if possible) for the dual swords is mainly used to help take out the Ki bar of enemies and grapple, or to quickly harass an enemy so you can activate DHS. Adding multiple appropriate break effects (Strong Attack, Low Attack, Active Skill) to your armor if possible when combined with the active skill setting Masterful Slice (increases Ki damage by 20%), will take out the ki bar of enemies in 1-4 activations when timed correctly. Quick timing is important when making sure that GoW I and II/III don't get blocked, so using 1-3 quick attacks depending on the enemy will usually be more effective. Enemies with really good guards will eat up your Ki when using this skill, so using DHS as a substitute can also deal a good amount of Ki damage without spending too much Ki. 

- As for Items and the Item Shortcuts, I wanted to make it easy to survive, so the top slot for each shortcut is the emergency slot with an Elixir equipped, and is also why there are three shortcut slots (you can add up to 4 shortcut slots from the basic game settings). Jutsu in the shortcut slots (both Ninjutsu and Onmyo) both benefit when you get towards end game and add the respective mystic art to increase casting speed.

- Main idea is to make it easy to proc poison and deal damage, so using Gallnut broth will be your main go to for dealing poison buildup, and poison shuriken are mainly used to maintain the poison status on enemies who you can't be as aggressive with. Most of the other Jutsu are used to level the playing field against tougher enemies and Bosses (Steel Talisman is exception). Using Sloth right before Raijin Feathers then a weakness talisman is a good combo against enemies who you can't be aggressive with and proc lighting quickly is a good combo to slow them and reduce attack power so you can jump in a little quicker to deal poison buildup. Consequently if you're able to take out their Ki bar quickly due to poison and GoW, the Feather Ninjutsu are great for dealing massive damage, and can end fights quickly. Lastly, the Purification Talisman is used against enemies who are resistant or immune to corruption or poison, where the main strategy here would be to deal massive Ki damage for multiple grapple opportunities.






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    • Anonymous

      This is an absolutely terrible build with horrible damage, it may work for the very first difficulty but it does not work after that. Do not take this to endgame at all.

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