Amrita in Nioh 2 is categorized as the experience points that your character collects in order to increase your player level. This page contains information regarding various ways to collect and obtain Amrita.


Amrita in Nioh 2

How is Amrita obtained?

  • Amrita is obtained by virtually everything the player does in-game; as mission rewards, from defeating enemies, opening chests, and can even be collected by destroying crates and jars found throughout missions. Furthermore, upon reaching and praying at a Shrine, the player will automatically "offer" their equipment, and receive Amrita as a reward. If you die, you will lose all your Amrita and respawn back at the last Shrine at which you prayed. However, this lost Amrita can be recovered if the player successfully reaches the place of their death and touches their Guardian Spirit - which will be clearly visible.

Retrieving your Amrita

  • If you die along the way to retrieve your Amrita from the place your Spirit is guarding, you will lose both the Amrita gained on the way there as well as that which you had upon your initial death. However, your Guardian Spirit will return to the last shrine you prayed at along with you.


Amrita Information

  • The Amrita counter in the lower right corner of your HUD will turn gold if you have enough Amrita to level up.
  • Acquiring Amrita will fill the Amrita Gauge found in the top left corner of the screen. Upon filling this gauge the player will be able to activate their equipped Living Weapon.
  • Amrita acquisition can trigger various special effects found on armor and Guardian Spirits. These effects are triggered by "Amrita blips", and their power may increase with the amount of Amrita blips, but not with the amount of Amrita acquired.


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    • Anonymous

      My anime is not working anymore get a straight line so could someone help me with this it's not calculating no more

      • Anonymous

        What is a amrita blip? The Amrita gauge in the top left is increasing by getting amrita till it is at 100%. Then all the enchantments which are linked to that (KI Reg. Defence up, KI, etc.) are at their peak. I never ever have found something like a "blip" in 400hours of playtime? What am i missing?

        • Anonymous

          I've gained 3,5 million amrita every time i finished man of the underworld. But suddenly i only get 1,75 million amrita every time i finished that mission. Does anyone know why?

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