Stats in Nioh 2 affect the overall combat and effectiveness of the player. Improving their values will improve the player's ability with WeaponsArmor and more. Core Stats in Nioh are basic Stats that affect the player's Life, Ki, what Weapons and Armor they can equip, etc. For more in depth information on each stat please see the appropriate page.


Stats in Nioh 2



Raises Life and resistance to Poison and Paralysis.
Main Weapon: Spears



Raises maximum Ki. Raises Fire resistance
Main Weapon: Swords and Bows.



Raises Ki recovery speed and Lightning resistance
Main Weapon: Tonfas



Raises Life and maximum Equipment Weight
Main Weapon: Axes & Hand Cannons



Needed to unlock the passives on both Heavy Armor and Medium Armor.
Main Weapon: Odachis
Improves Ki Pulse.
Slightly improves maximum Equipment Weight



Needed to unlock the passives on Light Armor.
Main Weapon: Dual Swords, Hatchets, Rifles
Improves Ki Pulse.
Slightly improves Ninjutsu Power.



Determines the power and capacity of your Ninjutsu.
Main Weapon: Kusarigamas
Allows you to learn more Ninjutsu Skills.
Allows you to carry more Ninjutsu Skills.



Determines the power and capacity of Onmyo Magic.
Main Weapon: Switchglaives
Allows you to learn more Onmyo Magic.
Allows you to carry more Onmyo Magic.

Effect Icon List


A Fire-based elemental effect. Gradually reduces health.


A Water-based elemental effect. Increases damage received from attacks.


A Lightning-based elemental effect. Reduces attack and movement speed.


A Purity-based elemental effect. The afflicted loses Corruption, takes increased Ki damage and any enhanced statuses are removed.


A Corruption-based elemental effect. The afflicted loses Purity, and takes increased Ki damage. The opponent will absorb the Ki lost through this effect. If a yokai is afflicted, their maximum potential Ki will also be decreased.


The Chaos status ailment. Increases the damage received from attacks, and also slows the recovery of Ki. For afflicted yokai, barring some exceptions, Ki recovery will be halted completely.


A Poison-based status ailment. Gradually reduces health.


A Paralysis-based status ailment. The afflicted becomes unable to move.

Lowered Attack

Attack decreased.

Lowered Defense

Defense decreased.

Ki Consumption Increase

The consumption of Ki is increased.


The effectiveness of the medicine is decreased, and you are more vulnerable to enemy strikes.

The Dark Realm

An effect of being in the Dark Realm. Your Ki recovery speed is decreased, but your Anima will build up quicker.

Over Encumbered

The maximum equipment weight is exceeded and your Ki consumption will consequently be increased considerably.

Reduced Movement

Running and dashing speed decreased.

Reduced Ki Recovery Speed

Ki recovery speed decreased. Also, Ki recovered from Ki Pulse is decreased.


Unable to use items or change weapons.

Increased Fire Resistance

Resistance to Fire-based attacks increased.

Increased Water Resistance

Resistance to Water-based attacks increased.

Increased Lightning Resistance

Resistance to Lightning-based attacks increased.

Increased Poison Resistance

Resistance to Poison increased.

Increased Paralysis Resistance

Resistance to Paralysis increased.

Increase Attack

Attack increased.

Increase Defense

Defense increased.

Auto-Life Recovery

Health recovers gradually over time.

Faster Ki Recovery

Ki recovery speed increased.


Amount of fire damage taken is reduced, but damage taken from lightning is increased. Also removes Stench and Scorch.

Hot Spring

Life is gradually restored by the relaxing effect of the hot spring.


You are harder to detect when moving through grassy areas.

Faster Movement

Running and dashing speed increased.


Enemy attacks will not stagger you.



How much your skills and abilities have advanced.



How much Amrita you currently possess.



Your life remaining. When it reaches 0, you die.



Your Ki energy remaining. Attacks and evasions consume Ki, but it regenerates over time.


Ki Recovery Speed

The speed at which your Ki recovers. The numbers indicates the amount of Ki recovered per second.


Attack (Melee Weapon 1)

Affects how much damage your weapon inflicts upon enemies.


Attack (Melee Weapon 2)

Affects how much damage your weapon inflicts upon enemies.



Affects how much damage you take.


Equipment Weight Max

The maximum amount of equipment that you can wear comfortably. If you exceed it, your Ki consumption will rise dramatically.


Current Encumbrance

The proportion of your maximum equippable equipment weight currently being used. Determines your Agility.


ki-pulseKi Pulse

Affects the initial bonus given for Ki recovery from a Ki Pulse when your attack hits.


Samurai Skill Points

Points required to learn this samurai skill.


ninjutsu-powerNinjutsu Power

Influences the effectiveness of your Ninjutsu.


ninjutsu-capacityNinjutsu Capacity

Affects Ninjutsu preparations. The larger the number, the more Ninjutsu you can ready.


onmyo-magic-powerOnmyo Magic Power

The effectiveness of an Onmyo Magic skill.


onmyo-magic-capacityOnmyo Magic Capacity

Your capacity to ready Onmyo Magic skills. The Larger the number, the more magic you can prepare.


vs. Fire

Resistance to Fire-based attacks.


vs. Water

Resistance to Water-based attacks.


vs. Lightning

Resistance to Lightning-based attacks.


vs. Poison

Resistance to Poison.


vs. Paralysis

Resistance to Paralysis.


vs-ninjutsuvs. Ninjutsu


vs-onmyo-magicvs. Onmyo Magic


corruption-nioh2-wiki-guide2vs. Corruption


purity-nioh2-wiki-guide2vs. Purity


fall-damage-reductionFall Damage Reduction


astral-wisdomAstral Wisdom



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