New Game Plus for Nioh 2 contains information regarding the following assets that can be brought into playing another playthrough after finishing the game for the first time. Players will see some differences with the initial playthrough, and get to carry over certain progress.


Nioh 2 New Game Plus (Dream of the Strong)

How to unlock New Game +?

  • Complete the final story mission "In the Eye of the Beholder."
  • From the Country Map screen, press 'square' to select difficulty mode to play on.

Changes applied to New Game +

  • Divine and higher level gear and +level gear will now drop. (Divine Graces bonuses etc.)
  • Enemies have more health and deal more damage.
  • Certain bosses get new moves added to their pool.
  • Enemy spawns are modified.

Numeric changes throughout New Game +

Difficulty Maximum Gear Level Maximum Gear +level Lowest main mission level Highest main mission level
Way of the Samurai 150-160 10 1 ?
Way of the Strong 160-170 10 ? ?
Way of the Demon 170-? 20 ? ?
Dream of the Wise 190 30 380 ?

What is carried over to NG+?

  • All items, gear, kodamas, and soul cores collected are carried over to subsequent playthroughs.

What doesn't carry over to NG+?

  • Previously unlocked regions will be locked and will need to to unlocked by completing previous regions' main and side missions.

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    • Anonymous

      04 Aug 2020 23:59  

      In Way of the strong i wasn't able to get over 160 item level. Only in Way of the demon it opens at least till 170.

      • Anonymous

        04 Aug 2020 23:56  

        Lowest main mission level in Way of the Demon should be 150. Done it today with Itemsall at +6. After that i was able to upgrade all my items to +8 - +9. Tip: Take a look at the Kodama Basar from time to time. I have bought 5 +8 items at one shrine for such a low price, which helps a lot to get my equip updated via the forge.

        • Anonymous

          04 Aug 2020 23:53  

          Maybe for new players it should be mentioned that unlocked Kodamas are carried over, too. I can't believe that so many players dodging the kodamas at all (take a look at the archievements) and are missing the nice +25% Amrita boost. Furthermore i really like the puzzlelike addition you have done only for one time :)

          • Anonymous

            15 Jul 2020 00:13  

            I remember the first game's NG+ gave expanded movesets for enemies and, unless I'm misremembering, faster animations and more spawn locations throughout the levels. This made for a more refreshing and fun NG+ experience when compared to many other games' NG+. Is there something similar in Nioh 2 or is it just that enemies are harder and you can get stronger gear/higher level cap?

            • Anonymous

              16 May 2020 00:13  

              New Game ++ is set to release July 30th with the DLC 'The Tengu's Disciple'. Then each extra NG+ will come out with the other two DLCs (TBA), with the last one predicted to vastly raise the level cap.

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