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Sudama are special NPCs in Nioh 2. These corrupted Kodama are not naturally aggressive, but are very materialistic. Find and interact with these small spirits to trade items when in-game. Sudama are distinct from their Kodama counterparts in that they have bright purple skin, wear a skull for a helmet, and always carry with them a Red Spider Lily flower. This page features the Locations of all Sudama in Nioh 2.


Sudama in Nioh 2

  • Pronounced "sue-DAH-mah." A Kodama corrupted by the Dark Realm or Twilight is transformed into a uniquiet spirit known as an aratama. Fortunately, the Sudama does not show a predilection for violence, as its original form never bore ill will towards man. Instead, it displays an unusual attachment to all manner of material belongings. If you don't mind relinquishing something you own, toss it to a Sudama and see what happens!
  • While the Sudama show great interest in human possessions, each one can favor vastly different things. A sudama that receives an item to its liking will demonstrate immense happiness, and has been known to gift its benefactor with a precious item in return. The converse is also true - one who presents a Sudama with something it despises will incur its monumental wrath and invite punishment for their transgression. To lose one's life in this way would sadly and surely be some cosmic joke. As with all other things in life, pranks on a Sudama should be carried out in moderation.


What to Trade with Sudama

Sudama will tell you what they want with a greeting, but you can only understand this after advancing your "Astral Wisdom" through game progress (in the mission "The Search," Sudama will not speak any dialogue regarding what they want). In general, trading tips are:

  • Giving a Sudama Salt or Sacred Water will result in angering it and cause it to cast a lightning bolt on the player; which deals a significant amount of damage and reduces Anima on hit (it is however easy to dodge this attack). It is ill-advised to do this, especially within the earlier stages of the game.
    • If a Sudama does not have horns on its skull helmet, it is highly likely to react negatively when given Dung Balls unless it specifically asks for it.
  • When the player attacks near the direction of the Sudama, it will try to attack the player. Provoking a Sudama this way three times will cause it to react in the same manner as it would when given Salt or Sacred Water.
    • When enemies engage the attack, Sudama will behave like regular Kodama (i.e. hiding in place with the head wear visible)
    • Quickly picking up a dropped item while a Sudama attempts to get it in three instances also causes the Sudama to react angrily.
  • Sudama will trade you an item, armor or weapon for another item, armor or weapon of the same quality, no matter the rarity. Armor pieces get swapped for another of the same type, but a weapon can be any weapon type, including ranged weapons. Accessories are lost, however, and it always drops weapons or armor with no plus level.
  • Sudama rewards almost always include Lantern Plant Fruit and Spirit Stones.
  • Give Sudama a Soul Core for a chance to obtain a Kodama Soul Core
  • If Sudamas ask for "warm things" you can give them Summoner's Candle, Saisetsu-Shin's Sake and they will say "Woo hoo, I'm feeling good!"
  • If Sudamas ask for "stinky/smelly thing" you can give them a dung ball/royal dung ball.

Starting in Dream of the Strong, the majority of the maps will have one of their Sudama replaced by a larger one. These Big Sudama can be given two items instead of one, and certain combinations will yield special results:

  • 2 non-ethereal soul cores: The first core dropped will be returned with altered optional special effects. This still has a chance to give you a Kodama Soul Core.
  • 2 non-ethereal accessories: The first accessories dropped will be returned with altered optional special effects, including with the potential for gaining star effects and Anima based effects, which cannot be tempered, and the hidden ethereal grace they have will also be changed.
  • An Ethereal Grace item and any helmet/fist weapon: In addition to the respective random helmet/armor, your Ethereal Grace item is returned with its grace changed to either Tajikarao's Grace(Fist) or Sukunahikona's Grace(Helmet) with nothing else changed.


All Sudama Locations in Nioh 2

Find the sudama and trade to receive items. List items with this (B) symbol have their Sudama become Big Sudama on higher New Game Plus Cycles.
Click on the title of the mission that's linked to check the images for its locations.:


Main Missions
Sub Missions


The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames

  1. (B) The Sudama is found underground the village that was engulfed with the Dark Realm. The area you'll find is surrounded by two Gaki and a large chest.

The Viper's Sanctum

  1. The first Sudama can be found behind some boxes where you find the first Scampuss where you'll face a Nure-Onna that's within a mist of the dark realm.
  2. (B) The second Sudama can be found near the third Kodama shrine where the third dark realm was. From the 3rd Kodama shrine, go east and you'll find it walking around.

The Hidden Monsters of Okehazama

  1. The first Sudama can be found outside the cave where you face the first Yamanba. From the cave, exit through the left door and turn right. You'll find the Sudama behind some bushes.
  2. (B) From the Dark Realm where you encounter a One-eyed Oni, there's a path that's surrounded by grass. Follow that path and you'll find the Sudama on the other end. Can be seen from the star of the mission, before you enter the cave system.

The Mysterious One Night Castle

  1. The first Sudama can be found at a dead-end path near the gate of the fort. The location is near the second shrine.
  2. (B) The second Sudama can be found on the east side of the forest. You'll need to close the floodgate first on the west side, climb down the pit and climb up the ladder that's on the opposite side. You'll see it at the top of the ladder.

The Hollow Fortress

  1. (B) From the crank that operates the lift of the prison cells, go inside the large room on the right, then check the small room. You'll find the Sudama behind a large chest that is open.
  2. The second Sudama is found at the bottom of the slope where you encounter the Snowclops. The path leading to that area is near the second Kodama shrine at the castle grounds
  3. The third Sudama can be found inside an armory near the castle and the house where you obtained the Castle Gate Key.

A Way Out

  1. From the area where you encounter the moving spotlight, go straight and you'll find a small hut where you'll find a Yamanba inside. Head inside and go out the other door where you'll find the Sudama.
  2. From the red torii gate of the temple, go straight until you come across a split path. Take the path that's on the right and follow the trees that have glowing mushrooms on it. You'll find the Sudama at the end near a corpse that's lying at the edge of a wooden plank.

Corpses and Ice

  1. (B) The first Sudama can be found on the second floor of the center building near the second shrine where you face Magara Takamoto.

Bird in a Cage

  1. (B) From the cave where you encounter the Spider yokai, head outside through the rooftop of a house and go to the courtyard. Check the house on the left side of the area and go around the corner on the right and check the backside. You'll find the Sudama there.
  2. The second Sudama can be found on the first floor of the castle. Check behind the stairs that are near the room with the spiders. You'll find the Sudama there.

Pervading Waters

  1.  (B) The Sudama can be found in the west section near the bridge where you encounter Shibata Katsuie. It's inside a broken house on the far left side.

The Frenzied Blaze

  1. From the second shrine, climb up the ladder of the house to reach the rooftop that's around the corner on the right side. Maneuver your way around the flames and kill the two Dweller that's on top, just before reaching the other side of the rooftop, there's some debris on the left side that you can walk onto. You'll find the Sudama on the rooftop of another house.
  2. Find the Nurikabe yokai wall which can be found inside a house near the NPC who joins your party. In the section behind the Nurikabe, climb up the ladder and work your way around the rooftops where you'll come across a burning house at the end of the path. Douse yourself with the water inside the large bucket near the side entrance of the burning house then cross the flames to the front entrance of it. Once you're outside, check the right side corner, you'll find the second Sudama there.

The Sun Sets on Mount Tenno

  1. The first Sudama can be found behind the shack that's on the scaffolding inside the first dark realm you encounter.
  2. Found on the west section of the cave under the fort. Enter the cave by jumping off the bridge leading to the fort from the rice fields. Head inside the cave entrance at the bottom of the bridge and go to the west side of the cave. You'll find the Sudama standing inside an enclosure.

Ruin Draws Near

  1. The first Sudama can be found in the area of the second shrine. Head to the weapons room where the fourth Kodama is found. To find the room, go up at the top of the ramp from the second Dark Realm near the east building from the second shrine. You'll find a house where you'll encounter a Tesso and Aberrant Soldier inside. Kill the yokai, head through the corridor inside the house where you'll see a hole on the wooden floor of the room. Open the door of the weapons room and go at the right side of the walkway, you'll find the Sudama at the corner end of the walkway.
  2. (B) The second Sudama can be found at the bottom section of the building engulfed with the dark realm from the third shrine. You'll find it walking on a pile of debris near the large bell.

The Two Faces of Hospitality

  1. (B) Third Shrine: There's a cannon that you can find before reaching the third shrine at the top, about midway the slope. Light the cannon so it can destroy the barricade in the previous area where there are houses. After lighting the cannon, go back down and check the house on the right. You'll find that the barricade is destroyed and you can approach the Sudama.

The High-spirited Demon

  1. (B) Found on the left side behind the large yellow crystal where the Kamaitachi is encountered. It's near the starting point.

The Mausoleum of Evil

  1. First Shrine: Climb up the ladder that's outside the temple on the east side. From the balcony, go through the door on the right and turn left. You'll find the Sudama next to an open chest.
  2. Near the second shrine. Drain the water by placing the second jewel in the mouth of the second dragon statue. Once the water drops, jump down and go around the platform on the right, you'll find the second Sudama there.
  3. The Nurikabe wall can be found in the same room where the sixth Kodama is. Behind the yokai wall, there's a ladder that you can climb that goes up to the rooftops of the buildings. Check the right side of the rooftops and you'll find the third Sudama. After trading with it, jump back down and place the jewel in the dragon's mouth to proceed to the next section.

The Golden Castle

  1. Second Shrine: At the garden section and after clearing the dark realm, check inside the room on the right side near the path leading to the painting of the Yatsu-no-Kami. You'll find a Nurikabe wall yokai inside, and the room behind it leads to the basement where you'll find the Kodama near the Spa. Open the door that goes out to an underground storage room and head out the other path where you'll find a ladder that goes up. There's a pillar near the ladder, you'll find the Sudama behind it.
  2. (B) The second Sudama can be found on the second floor near the door that you can open that leads to the third shrine. You must come from the side where the Gozuki and Mezuki are encountered.

Cherry Blossom Viewing in Daigo

  1. (B) First Shrine: The first Sudama can be found on the west side of the shrine where you encounter the Magatsu Warrior within the mist. It's standing by the tree at the end of the path.

A Song to Calm the Storm (DLC: The Tengu's Disciple)

  1. When you reach the first dark realm that's covering a ship, head to the highest deck and you'll find the first Sudama walking around.
  2. The second Sudama can be found inside a secret room protected by a Nurikabe yokai wall inside the second dark realm of the building near the fourth Kodama shrine.

Eternal Rivals (DLC: The Tengu's Disciple)

  1. At the bottom section of the cave where you encountered the Nuppeppo, climb up the ladder go straight, turn left, head up one level, turn left again to reach the third level, and then turn right towards the inclined path until you reach the top of a cliff. You'll find the Sudama there.
  2. When you reach the fourth Kodama shrine within the bamboo forest. Just push through the area until you reach a field of purple chrysanthemums and a Mezuki yokai. On the left side of the flowers, you'll find the Sudama hiding.

The Search

  1. The first Sudama can be found on the rooftop of a tall house where the Gaki and Nure-Onna are. The house is inside the Dark Realm near the starting point.
  2. (Must kill the source of the Dark Realm first) At the starting point where the Dark Realm was, the second Sudama can be found outside the corner of the house where you encounter an Enki and Gaki. From where you fought the Ippon-Datara in the first Dark Realm, cross the small bridge, go straight, and you'll find the house that has fish and vegetables outside. There's a barn next to it that you can use to get to the back.
  3. The third Sudama can be found standing by the edge of a broken bridge, the path is behind one of the houses where you opened the large chest that was locked by the force of the Dark Realm.
  4. The fourth Sudama can be found in the second Dark Realm at the back of the house where the Ippon-Datara was. The Sudama is guarded by a Gaki and is standing by the edge.

An Error in Calculation

  1. Take the path that's going up towards the upper section of the cave engulfed with the dark realm from the location of the hot spring. Once you enter the first room of the cave, look to your right, you'll find some boxes and you'll see the Sudama behind it.

The Shiftling's Wise Judgement

  1. Retrace your steps back to the starting area of the main mission: The Mysterious One Night Castle. You'll find the Sudama on the wooden platform where the Kodama was seen fishing during the cutscene. of the main mission.

Learning a Lesson

  1. From the entrance of the cave after facing the Yoki, go left where you'll encounter three soldiers. Keep going down the path and you'll find the Sudama at the bottom being guarded by a Dweller.

Shadows Creep in Kurama (DLC: The Tengu's Disciple)

  1. From the first Kodama shrine, after checking the section of the house, go straight and you'll find an intersection with a red lantern. Check the west side and you'll find a storeroom. Check behind it and you'll find the Sudama.

Prisoners of the Stones (DLC: The Tengu's Disciple)

  1. From the starting point and first Kodama Shrine, check the east side and cut through the bamboo to find a dead-end where you'll find a Sudama.

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    • After several dozen attempts, it appears giving 2 non-ethereal soul cores does NOT ever give back a soul core with an inheritable line. That's pretty unfortunate because I intended to get desired inheritables on mortal soul cores to inherit onto any core, but now I have to go farm a human boss like Magara Naotaka.

      The bright side is you never need to farm for a desired transferable (orange) because both inheritables & transferables will add the 3rd line. You just need an ethereal with rarity inheritance which mortal soul cores should be able to get.

      • Anonymous

        Do not attack them, if you attack them whatsoever they will attack back and after several time it will vanish

        • Anonymous

          I gave it a divine fragment, it gave many 10 spirit stones, again with divine fragment, it gave me book of reincarnation.

          • Anonymous

            You say you reach the third shrine after the cyclops with the snow ball but that's just the second shrine again.

            • Anonymous

              Hey.. just an update, my sudama asked me for “that smelly round thing” I gave it a dung ball and it jumped for joy and gave me a lot of items.

              • Anonymous

                Wrong! They tell you what they want. Either sake (both work) for "warm thing". Smelly round thing is dung ball and the other gives you an item of equal rarity in return (small percentage it is rare listed under shiftling skills. Shame. Its a game. How hard can research be. I would love this job. Sign me up. Lol

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                  For “The warm thing” I give Sake, the Sudama seems to be happy, gave me Book of reincarnation, drunk boy is big spender

                  • Anonymous

                    anyone know what's up with them randomly being large (about twice their normal size)? It's happening to me since dream of the strong.

                    • Anonymous

                      I have noticed that once you can understand the Sudama sometimes they make specific requests. The only two I’m aware of are for “The smelly round thing” and for “The warm thing” Respectively, the items dropped should be a Noble Dung Ball and a Summoner’s Candle.

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                        One asked me for "that round stinky thing" so I gave it a dung ball and got some purple crafting materials.

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