DLC in Nioh 2 comprises all downloadable content for the game. This Nioh 2 DLC page lists all pre-order, free and paid DLCs, as well as their release dates and cost. There are currently three planned paid DLC and they are all included with the season pass.

  • Season Past Cost: 24.99 USD, includes all 3 paid DLC expansions, giving players savings of 5 USD vs individual purchase.
  • Each Paid DLC Cost: 10 USD


Nioh 2 DLC

The Tengu's Disciple

  • Releases on July 30th, 2020.
  • New missions, weapons, armor, enemies, and many more.

Darkness in the Capital

  • Releases on October 15th 2020
  • New missions, weapons, armor, enemies, and many more.

The First Samurai


  • Releases on December 17th 2020
  • New missions, weapons, armor, enemies, and many more.


Pre Order Features


  • Demon Horde Armor set
  • Demon Horde Weapon set
  • Sudama Netsuke charm
  • PS4 theme
  • PSN avatar set

Special Edition Features

  • Season pass
  • "The Art of Nioh 2" Art Book
  • Steelbook case


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    • Anonymous

      So... I was just on a newspage of a Spanish website who posted a screenshot of a tweet of Nioh 2’s twitter in its original Japanese. Now, I don’t speak either of these languages, but there was also a picture, in English, which said “more details 11/13/2020”. To me that just screams that they’re gonna announce the third dlc in less then a week. I’m hyped, baby! Gimme da neeeews!!!

      • Anonymous

        I just read that there is a rumor that in a livestream that Koei Tecmo is planning for the 26th of this month. And that the reveal of Nioh 2’s second dlc willbe revealed. At this pace the dlc will probably be released at the end of next month, like with The Tungu’s Disciple. Which was also announced about a month before it came out. Its all coming together as expected.

        • Anonymous

          To reinforce the statement made by the comment below me, it could be possible for the next dlc to come out in oktober. Considering that Nioh 2 has somewhat of the same build-up as its predecessor, I don’t think its to unlikely for the 3 dlc to come out in the same kind of cluster as with the previous game. If anyone reads this, can you please double check how much time there was between Nioh’s release and the release of its 3 dlc? I wouldn’t be surprised if Team Ninja did the same thing with Nioh 2.

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