Yokai Skills or Yokai abilities are special moves in Nioh 2. Yokai Skills are unlocked by obtaining, purifying and attuning Yokai Soul Cores. These special skills will enable your Guardian Spirits to do powerful new moves, and have special effects that will enhance your overall build.


How to get Yokai Skills

These skills are obtained from Yokai Soul Cores. You must defeat a Yokai enemy, and return to the shrine without dying to purify the core. You may then attune it in the shrine menu as equipment for you Spirit Guardian. You can unlock more soul core slots by progressing the main story.


How to use Yokai Skills

Activate Yokai Skill: Attune Soul Core to the Guardian Spirit. When you are in a mission and have accumulated enough Anima hold R2 and press Triangle, Square, or X (Y, X, or A for Xbox controllers) to activate your Yokai Ability.

Each Soul Core possesses a unique power, each requiring differing amounts of Anima to activate. Initially you may attune up to two Soul Cores to your Guardian Spirit and as you progress you will unlock a third attunement slot for your Guardian Spirit and a secondary Guardian Spirit which may be attuned with another three Soul Cores.

 Yokai Ability Damage is based on the Attack of the melee weapon you are currently using and any relevant Special Effect modifiers.

How to gain Anima

Anima is gained as you perform melee attacks on an opponent. Some Guardian Spirits and Soul Cores may provide you with alternative methods to increase your Anima, or make it faster.

The Scampuss yokai will fill out your Anima bar as it rolls around when it is following you.

Using Lantern Plant Fruit and Red Spider Lily will give you 5 and 10 Anima, respectively.


Yokai Skills List for Nioh 2

Skill & Effect




Fire Twister 6 9 Enenra Soul Core
Dark Digger 3 5 Dweller Soul Core
Fiendish Frenzy 4 7 Yoki Soul Core
One-legged Fury 6 7 Ippon-Datara Soul Core
Wormhole 5 8 Waira Soul Core
Chomp 3 8 Gaki Soul Core
Indestructible Shell 4 4 Kappa Soul Core
Impaling Doom 5 9 Yatsu-no-Kami Soul Core
Magatsu Muscle 6 10 Magatsu Warrior Soul Core
Rain of Terror 3 6 Karakasa Umbrella Soul Core
Petrifying Gaze 4 4 Nure-Onna Soul Core
Scampush 4 2 Scampuss Soul Core
Skeleton Bowman 4 6 Skeleton Warrior Soul Core
Rising Winds 7 10 Kamaitachi Soul Core
Monkey Dance 4 10 Enki Soul Core
Corrupted Breath 4 7 Mitsume Yazura Soul Core
Wall or Nothing 2 8 Nurikabe Soul Core
Go Nuts 3 3 Kodama Soul Core
Tengu Tactics 4 9 Karasu Tengu Soul Core
Sharp Old Hag 4 5 Yamanba Soul Core
Razing Edge 8 9 Mezuki Soul Core
Vile Venom 4 5 Toxic Slime Soul Core
Fire Arm 3 4 Aberrant Soldier Soul Core
Spinning Top 4 7 One-Eyed Oni Soul Core
Whiplash 4 6 Rokurokubi Soul Core
Spectral Swarm 5 9 Tatarimokke Soul Core
Whipper Snapper 5 7 Namahage Soul Core
Where There's Smoke 4 7 Koroka Soul Core
Ubume's Cry 4 4 Ubume Soul Core
Brutal Charge 6 8 Gozuki Soul Core
Offensive Odor 3 5 Tesso Soul Core
Ball of Hatred 6 8 Onryoki Soul Core
Spitball 3 5 Lesser Umi-bozu Soul Core
Lockjaw 7 9 Gyuki Soul Core
Tangle Cotton 4 6 Flying Bolt Soul Core
Fire and Ice 8 10 Ryomen Sukuna Soul Core
Hellfire Wheel 8 10 Kasha Soul Core
Elemental Benison 4 4 Thunderstorm Oni-bi Soul Core
Maelstrom Oni-bi Soul Core
Infernal Oni-bi Soul Core
Slaphappy 5 6 Onyudo Soul Core
Mountain Sweeper 6 10 Daidara Bocchi Soul Core
Wheel of Flames 5 4 Wheelmonk Soul Core
Sanmyo Storm 10 11 Otakemaru Soul Core
Tentacle Storm 7 10 Lady Osakabe Soul Core
Fiery Draft 5 11 Shuten Doji Soul Core
Bloodbath 9 10 Uminyudo Soul Core
Stalwart Shield 7 5 Seto Taisho Soul Core
Cutting Stream 4 4 Bakegani Soul Core
Hunter's Harvest 5 6 Kiryoki Soul Core
Fleshy Fury 6 6 Nuppeppo Soul Core
Thundering Cry 8 9 Nue Soul Core
Hard-Headed 5 5 Konaki-Jiji Soul Core
Delirious Assault 8 9 Tate Eboshi Soul Core
Hell's Harvest 5 6 Underworld Soldier Soul Core
Foxfire 3 4 Infernal Fox Spirit Soul Core
Maelstrom Fox Spirit Soul Core
Thunderstorm Fox Spirit Soul Core
Wind Blast 6 6 Fuki Soul Core
Pinwheel 4 5 Harinobo Soul Core
Dark Detonation 8 7 Itsumade Soul Core
Metal Crusher 7 6 Kinki Soul Core
Dance of the Tengu 7 7 Ancient Nyotengu Soul Core
Out of Sight 4 6 Ongyoki Soul Core
Maelstrom 5 6 Suiki Soul Core
Sanmyo Storm 10 10 Nightmare Bringer Soul Core


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    • Anonymous

      What does the little bars on the right and left side of each Yokai Soul Skill mean? There is one purple bar on the right side that never seem to reach above 50% and there are up to 3 bars on the left side. I have no idea what they mean and i cant find any explanation. Thanks!

      • Anonymous

        is there a list of abilities that can be extended as you hold the button? Like Enera's Fire Twister? Sometimes I feel like the Magatsu Warrior move throws more slashes/lightning waves, but I'm not sure how holding or timing the button presses can actually affect the skills.

        • Anonymous

          Can somone post where/when you get access to a 3rd soul core slot? Been seeing others with it but I feel like I'm more then halfway through the game and still no sign of the feature and I can't find any info with google

          • Anonymous

            The Sudama & One-Eyed Imp don't have their own soul cores. You get the Kodama core from Sudama when you give them a soul core, and the Imp drops Mortal Cores.

            • Anonymous

              I can't find anywhere online that mentions if it's beneficial to match the yokai skill's color to your yokai form's type. Like using red yokai skill with brute, blue with feral, or purple with phantom.

              • Anonymous

                Anyone got any recommendations for any of these? Personally I find the Nurikabe's Wall or Nothing skill to be ludicrously good. You seem to take noticeably less damage during the attack, can't be grabbed and deal massive amounts of Ki damage if all the attacks connect. It also easily breaks horns of Yoki and Namahage often opening them for a grapple.

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