Yokai Skills are special moves in Nioh 2. Yokai Skills are unlocked by obtaining, purifying and attuning Yokai Soul Cores. These special skills will enable your Guardian Spirits to do powerful new moves, and have special effects that will enhance your overall build.


How to get Yokai Skills

These skills are obtained from Yokai Soul Cores. You must defeat a Yokai enemy, and return to the shrine without dying to purify the core. You may then attune it in the shrine menu as equipment for you Spirit Guardian.


How to use Yokai Skills

Activate Yokai Skill: Attune Soul Core to the Guardian Spirit and accumulate enough Anima, then press R2+triangle or Square.

Each Soul Core possesses a unique power, each requiring differing amounts of Anima to activate. A Guardian Spirit can be attuned to up to two Soul Cores, each one corresponding to a different slot and activation command.


How to gain Anima

Anima is gained as you perform melee attacks on an opponent. Some Guardian Spirits and Soul Cores may provide you with alternative methos to increase your Anima


Yokai Skills List for Nioh 2

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