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Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness ??
Resistances ??
Immune ??
Special Drop Ubume Soul Core

Ubume is an Enemy in Nioh 2. Ubume is a tragic Yokai that attacks with its spirit stone magic.


Enemy Description

  • An Ubume was once a grieving mother unable to bear the death of her newborn child. It clings onto Spirit Stones, thinking them to be its lost baby. It flies into a fury if these Spirit Stones are taken, taking flight with hair that, suffused with Anima, transforms into otherwordly wings and violently attacking anyone who comes near. Since Ubume resembles a bird, it is often treated as being one and  the same as the similar yokai from Chinese folklore known as Kokakucho,
  • An Ubume is very wary of those who approach it, and will stubbornly continue to attack these brave individuals in an attempt to intimidate them. While these persistent attacks are dangerous in themselves, Ubume’s keening wails also have the effect of weakening the Ki of anyone in close range, quickly rendering even the toughest of opponents defenseless. While it is always important to carefully measure one’s timing in battle, it is doubly so when in battle with Ubume.


Ubume Locations & Drops


Combat Information

  • Some Ubume can initially be found clutching a spirit stone. Depleting it's Ki will shatter the stone, sending the Ubume into a rage. It's hair will form wings and it becomes much more aggressive. However, shooting the stone directly will instantly deplete It's ki, allowing free damage and a grapple before it turns more aggressive.
  • Ubume are easy to stagger on regular hits, similar to Korokas or Yamanbas. They do however hop around significantly quicker. Cornering them is advisable to impede their offense.
  • It can release a purple shockwave around itself via a scream, which significantly damages Ki. It can however be interrupted by any attack as long as it connects before the shockwave does or if the attack can reach the Ubume safely outside the area-of-effect.

Notes & Trivia

  • nioh 2 20210104150459 The amrita has got a shape of a real baby.
  • Memories - “Now, let us go! Look, my baby is eager to move on!”




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    • Anonymous

      I found that there are two missions where Ubume side with you/non-hostile
      One where you help the Lost Shotaro NPC and the other in the Darkness in the capital DLC where if you find a baby amrita stone, an Ubume will help you fight the other yokai

      • Anonymous

        This enemy is very similar to the Koroka and Yamanba; on their own, low stagger resistance and a very passive first phase of their mechanics means they tend to get stomped, but when there's other enemies they usually spawn in second phase and become a menace. I always focus them with Yokai abilities before anything else.

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