Mitsume Yazura

mitsume yazura nioh2 wiki guide
Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness None
Resistances Corruption
Immune --
Special Drop Mitsume Yazura Soul Core
Corrupted Breath (Yokai Skill)

Mitsume Yazura is an Enemy in Nioh 2. Mitsume Yazura is a is a three-eyed, eight-faced yokai, born when the souls of various beasts combined. This Yokai uses the element of ice/water, fire, and lightning to attack.


Enemy Description

  • Mitsume Yazura is a three-eyed, eight-faced yokai, born when the souls of various beasts combined. While its face and legs resemble that of a human, it possesses neither a human's reasoning nor emotional capacity. It is said to lurk in the dark of the forest, springing on the unlucky few who venture nearby and devouring them whole.
  • There is a legend the Mitsume Yazura once lived on Mount Saru in Tosa Province (known today as Kochi prefecture), where it would attack passerby. A man named Shimeda Yu heard tell of this fiend and set fire to the forest after first conducting a ritual to appease the mountain gods. It is said Mitsume Yazura raged in the fire until it died, leaving behind a gigantic corpse. As it did in the legend, one might find that fire will come in handy when facing this beast in battle.
  • As Mitsume Yazura has eight faces, it has nearly no blind spots and is difficult to take by surprise. Its tendency to emit a mighty roar when making its appearance can be troublesome, as it tends to alert other nearby enemies to your presence. Bear in mind that Mitsume Yazura can only keep three of its eyes open at a time - making use of this trait can help you get close enough to strike. Like many animals and yokai, Mitsume Yazura's eyes are also its weak point, so a swiftly loosed arrow to the eye will also surely help you prevail.


Mitsume Yazura Locations & Drops


Combat Information

  • Mitsume Yazuras have rather easy to anticipate attacks despite the raw firepower they have. Their main burst attack is a simple dive attack that can be prematurely stopped by a Brute burst counter or anticipated by a Feral or Phantom burst counter
  • Similar to Oni-bis, Onyudos, and Spirit foxes, Mitsume Yazuras have a specific element they possess (fire, lightning, or water); and having this specific element grants them full immunity to such elements. Unlike the other yokai enemies, it can only be discovered upon experimentation of attacks or if it does its elemental attacks
  • Area of effect attacks include spitting out 4 elemental orbs and scattering it in an area around itself; and a breath attack that is used as the soul core attack.
  • So long as it doesn't hold the element, Mitsume Yazuras easily get inflicted with any element. It also has active faces (denoted by red eyes opened on each head); and hitting these heads will significantly destroy its Ki.
  • It is one of the enemies that are easier to deal with with melee attacks; although staying behind the active heads is advisable as the grab attack has a fast animation


Notes & Trivia

  • Kanji: Yomikata - Lore description.
  • Memories - “Let me line your head up right next to mine! Hur hur, only joking,”




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    • Anonymous

      This mob comes in elemental variants - fire or water only as far as I've seen - which they handily reveal with a variety of area attacks, it's usually as well to wait for them to show their element type before trying and potentially wasting jutsu or items. Whenever they commit to an attack, they are locked into it, often leaving wide openings to attack. The only things to be particularly wary of are their grapple which is very damaging, and their leap which can cover a lot of distance before dropping on top of you and knocking you down.

      • Anonymous

        Despite the flavor text hinting at a weakness to fire, fire doesn't seem to do any additional damage (versus other elements it's not resistant to)

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