Giant Toad

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Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness -
Resistances Fire
Immune N/A
Special Drop Smithing Text: Dragon King Splitstaff
Giant Toad Soul Core

Giant Toad is a Boss and  Enemy in Nioh 2. Giant Toad is a Yokai that attacks with a large spear and Ninjutsu


Enemy Description

  • The Giant Toad is, as its Giant Toad implies, a yokai in the form of an enormous toad. This one is even larger than a human being , capable of standing on two legs and even wielding a spear. According to legend, toads, which are long lived, are particularly capable of attaining consciousness, and turning into yokai, but there are other theories as to the origin of the Giant Toad.
  • Tales of the Giant Toad are deeply intertwined with those of the ninja. For instance, it is said that ninjas were able to use their secret arts to summon Giant Toads. Others believe that ninjas would use the poison secreted by toads in their ninjutsu, or harvest the oil of toads and sell it as a miracle drug, wandering from town to town disguised as a doctor. For these reasons, it is believed that toads came to harbor a deep hatred towards ninja, who killed countless numbers of their species. After their death, it is believed these resentful creatures evolved into the Giant Toads we know and fear.
  • In addition to excelling at leaping attacks, it can lash out its long tongue to strike enemies from a distance. It can also use its pipe to puff smoke from the Yokai ReLm toward its enemies. Only a truly powerful warrior stands a chance at beating this monstrous amphibian.


Giant Toad Locations & Drops


Combat Information

 Despite being resistant to many effects, He can still be Corrupted, Electrified or Saturated, making him susceptible to Confusion. Poison, Fire and Paralysis is mostly useless against him, and he is one of the rare Yokai that is resistant to Purity.

You want to stay up close to him, where he has a much more limited moveset - he basically just does the one melee attack string he has, especially if you don't try to flank him. If you go far away, he will start throwing ninjutsu items at your or do a homing jump to your position. Especially in the dark realm you want to stay close, as he will throw much more items, one after the other, with increased damage.

If you use the Levitation Scroll, Anti-Toxin Pills, Seven-Herb Pills or Resistance Talisman, many of his attacks lose most of their effectiveness. He also deals little damage with his ranged attacks if you have a high reduction amount of  Projectile Damage Taken or Elemental damage taken.

Attack Counter
Universal Attacks
Melee attack string: He does two horizontal swipes with his spear, followed by a third stab. Occasionally he does a forth attack where he jumps in the air and slams down with the spear. The last stab has very poor tracking. Dashing right without dodging can get you out of the way. The whole thing is very blockable. This is the main attack he uses up close.
Spin attack: He twirls the spear around him many times. Used very often if you get behind him. Leaves a dark realm pool when it's finished. Make some space when he does this attack. He doesn't move forward any until the last attack, which on it's own is easily blockable.
Amphibian Ritual: This is a burst attack Burst counter. You can even block the first attack first.
He can jump into the air while tracking you and then slam into the ground with his spear. He can also do this in place if you flank them. Blocking is good. It has much recovery.
Ninjutsu Burst Attack: He does hand signs, and when he finishes, he does either a Lightning, Water or Fire attack that spreads from his position outward in a spiral pattern.
toad bafiresa
Can only be burst countered with a Brute Attack. This can be very hard to dodge and get away from if you let it go through, depending on where exactly the attack originates from and how close he is to a wall.
Tongue Grapple: He takes his Pipe from out of his mouth and tries to grab you with his tongue. Can not be blocked. It doesn't track horizontally well, so dodge to the side.
Long Range Stab: He reels back before doing a long range thrust with his spear. There are two different potential timings to this attack He doesn't have any follow ups so blocking is safe.
Caltrops: He can jump away from you while throwing caltrops on the ground. Used when you get behind him. Levitation Scroll makes the Caltrops irrelevant.
Medusa Powder: He throws four of them in in front of him. Typically down from far away. Seven-Herb Pills will neutralize this attack.
Shrapnel Bomb: He throws four of them while backing up. If done while you are behind him he also jumps back a far distance. This is blockable. This is thrown a set distance, so you can run though them and cause them to miss you.
Fire Shuriken: He reaches into his Satchel and throws five of them at you at once. If you get hit, the initial attack doesn't do much damage. The damage comes at the delayed explosion, which you can block or dodge to prevent.

Shadow Arts: He does hand signs and then one of three elemental attacks, each with a different pattern:

toad firesa

  • Water: A circle of Geysers all around him.

toad watersa

  • Lightning: A T- shaped pattern of lightning strikes hitting the ground. The initial strikes happen close and start at the top of the T, and then spread out.

toad lightningsa

These attacks deal damage though block. It's much Safer to dodge the attacks.
Dark Realm
Now he can follow up his ninjutsu projectiles (Medusa Powder, Shrapnel Bombs, and Fire Shuriken) with other ones, or in the Fire Shuriken's case a second set of them. He also throws more/ upgraded versions of them when he uses them. Staying close to him will prevent him from doing these attacks.

Dark Realm Shadow Arts: He gains a new set of attacks in the Dark realm

  • Water: A basic-Snoflake patterned Ice attack.  Has no blind spot up close.toad drsa
  • Lightning:A set of lightning Strikes that attack your current position.

toad drlightningsa

Pay attention to the patterns and you can easily avoid these attacks.

Poison Breath: He can spray a poisonous terrain effect on the ground that lingers.

toad dr poison

Levitation Scroll or Anti-Toxin Pills makes this attack irrelevant.

Notes & Trivia

  • Kanji: Yomikata - Lore description.
  • Memories - “Some are unaffected by despair, others unfazed by longing. Well, there is no one reason one becomes a yokai…But I feel I do not need to tell you this.”




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