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Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness Fire
Resistances Water
Immune ??
Special Drop Rewards

Suiki is an Enemy in Nioh 2. Suiki is a female fish-like Yokai that uses water and ice to attack its enemies. She is one of the four demons controlled by Fujiwara no Chikata


Enemy Description

  • Suiki is one of the four demons said to have been employed by Fujiwara no Chikata. In the Taiheiki, Fujiwara no Chikata is described as a very powerful noble of the Heian period, who controlled the region surrounding the border of Iga and Ise. He is said to have possessed powers beyond human understanding, and was able to enlist the service of four demons when launching a rebellion against the imperial court. Suiki thoroughly tormented the emperor's troops with its ability to summon dangerous floods out of nowhere. According to the poem by Kinotomo, who was dispatched to subjugate the rebels, the four demons were eventually forced to retreat, and Fujiwara no Chikata met his end on the battlefield.
  • The four demons, with their spectacular supernatural powers, are said to be the precursors of the ninja we know today. Suiki uses water and ice to attack its enemies. Becoming Saturated increases the damage you take, so you may find yourself being fatally wounded by the most unexpected of blows. One would be wise to increase their resistance to Water before taking on Suiki in battle. Fire-based attacks are particularly effective against this demon.


Suiki Locations & Drops


Combat Information

  • This yokai is based on Yasha, and the least different compared to Fuki, Kinki and Ongyoki and their respective base yokai. Many of the burst counter timings and general defensive strategy is the same, the main difference being her attacks are imbued with water all the time, rather than just in the Dark realm, her grapple just dealing a large amount of damage rather than putting a status effect on you, and the attack where Yasha would summon yokai realm-creating projectiles replaced with 6 icicle shards. Arguably, she is easier to fight for several reasons:
    • If you use a Phantom of Feral Burst Counter, you do not need to be up close to her to burst counter her two most commonly used ones (Her throwing her scythe and creating a whirlpool of water. She cannot use Cascade.)
    • If she gets knocked down by Bolting Boar, she will always attempt her post grapple attack of creating a icicle explosion. This has significant recovery time, more than parrying Yasha.
    • If she gets staggered by an attack like a Cannon Shot, or if she gets attacked from behind, she will always briefly disappear and follow the player, creating multiple high damage icicles where you were before reappearing. Dodging this attack merely requires you to be walking at full speed in one direction, and she leaves herself open long enough during recovery to fully charge Rumbling Earth II, for example. She also occasionally does this attack to reposition herself.
  • While in the Dark Realm, her horns on her head will glow, allowing you to break them to briefly stun her and deal a large amount of permanent Ki damage. She can also create two sliding ice projectiles on the ground by slashing twice with her weapon, giving her more ranged options. The whirlpool burst attack will also move toward you, rather than staying in place.


Notes & Trivia

  • Kanji: Yomikata - Lore description.
  • Memories - “It is such a terrible shame, my Lord. When we embarked upon the path of rebellion, I never dreamed you would fall first.”




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      I was just grappled by this thing from the other side of a large cavern in the Viper's Sanctum on Dream of the Nioh. WTF?! This needs to be toned down in the next patch. This happened on patch 1.21 by the way.

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