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Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness Water
Resistances Fire
Immune ??
Special Drop Gozuki Soul Core

Gozuki is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. Gozuki is a bull-headed Yokai that attacks with its kanabō.


Enemy Description

Gozuki is a demon with the head of a bull. It can be seen in various pictue scrolls depicting images of hell, torturing the wicked alongside the horse-headed demon Mezuki. In Buddhist literature, it is more commonly seen under the name Abo. It is said to appear in our world even when its official underworld duties do not call for it, simply desiring to commit acts of evil

In the collection of stories known as the Konjaku Monogatari of the late Heian period, there is a table of a bull-headed demon who attacks two monks and immediately devours the older one. The younger clings to a statue of the Buddha and chants a sutra with all his heart, and his prayers are answered when the god Bishamon smites the demon, splitting it into three. It is said like Mezuki, Gozuki also fell into hell and was sentenced by Emmat to servitude.

Unlike Mezuki, Gozuki is endowed with large horns that protrude forward from its head. It enjoys using these horns to toy with its enemies, charging at them and tossing them repeatedly into the air before  dealing a killing blow. It is sad that this method of killing shatters its victims' bones, making them easier for Gozuki to eat. The fact that Gozuki is also known to favor blunt instruments as its weapon lends some credence to this unsettling theory. One should be especially wary of its charging attack to avoid becoming its next dinner. While its horns are its biggest weapons, they are also its greatest weakness. A carefully aimed blow at its horns is the key to taking it down.


Gozuki Locations & Drops


How to Beat Gozuki

Gozuki Boss Guide:



Gozuki will need a recovery time each time he finishes an attack, so you will always have the opportunity to deal some damage.

The best way to deal with his is waiting for his burst attacks and then performing a burst counter. His attacks deal very high damage so try to dodge as much as possible and heal back if needed.

Remember to use your Ki Pulse and to dispel the Yokai Pools around him.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Charge: He will run towards the player dealing damage. Dodge either left or right and attack him from behind
Rock Throw: When confronted from a distance, he will use his weapon to throw rocks at the player You can use your guard to prevent the damage.
Burst High Attack: He will move his weapon backward and perform a powerful strike from above. You can burst counter this attack.
Dual Strike: He will perform two consecutive hits from above. Try to back away and wait for his attack to finish.
Horizontal Swing: He will swing his weapon from the side covering a wide area. This attack is difficult to dodge. Try to run backwards.




Notes & Trivia

  • Memories - “I’m bored of breaking humans’ frail frames! Let me try my hand at crushing yokais’ bones to dust!”




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    • Anonymous

      Found this guy so much harder than the actual boss of the first area. His charge and slams seemed to track me perfectly 100% of the time until I learned to eschew the idea I had any more than a few I-frames!

      • Anonymous

        Gozuki can also follow up a charge attack with a second charge attack in a new direction. Doesn't happen often, but it always catches me off guard.

        • Anonymous

          watch out for his charge attack, it moves into a grapple, leaving you on the ground and vulnerable to a follow-up if you don't recover quickly.

          • Anonymous

            He has another burst move where he grabs his weapon with both of his hands, slams it onto the ground (or player) and charges the player (dragging them over the floor under his weapon). Only saw it in the submission because that was the first time I decided to fight him. Can tell you now that with 1148 hp and 98 defense will get you one shot by that burst move.

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