Saito Yoshitatsu

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Enemy Type Shifting 
Weakness ??
Resistances ??
Immune ??
Special Drop

Mortal Soul Core
The Crime of Patricide
Dual Guardian Spirit
Dragon Horn (Odachi hidden skill)
Dragon Fang (Sword skill)
Dragon claw (Dual sword skill)

Weathered Bone & Bleached Twig (Dual sword)

Saito Yoshitatsu is the twin of the protagonist. Featured as a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. Saito Yoshitatsu is a Shifting enemy that attacks with a Long sword and Dual Swords while in their human form.


Enemy Description

In-Game Description


Saito Yoshitatsu Locations & Drops

How to Beat Saito Yoshitatsu

Saito Yoshitatsu Boss Guide:



Saito Yoshitatsu is a shifting that can transform into two differnt Guardian Spirits like the player does. They use both a Long sword and Dual Swords while in their human form.

While they are human, try to stay at a medium distance and counter their attacks. When they perform the jump attack go in and deal as much damage as you can because this attack has a long recovery time. When they transform into Yokai you can use Items and Jutsu to deal damage from a distance. Wait for them to attack, run backwards use an Item and repeat. Once the yokai transformation breaks you will have an opportunity to perform a Grapple attack.

While they are transformed into Makami they will constantly run to your location. Dodge their three hit combo attack and then strike back. If they use their burst ability you can either try to counter burst or go away and use items from a distance.

While they are transformed into Kagewan they will stay at a medium distance and use the ranged three hit combo attack. You can parry all three attacks and then go in to deal some damage.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Jump Attack (Sword): While using their sword, they jump into the air and land with a powerful strike Wait for them to land and then rush in to attack them. This is the best opportunity to deal damage
Grapple Attack (Sword): They will perform a quick grapple attack forward dealing high damage Dodge left or right.
Three hit combo (Dual Swords): While using dual swords they will perform a quick but weak three hit combo. You can parry this attack or dodge backwards
Imbue Lightning: They can imbue their dual swords with lighting damage. Wait for the effect to wear off.




Notes & Trivia

  • The two guardian spirits they will use will be whichever two the player did not choose at the start of the game
  • They are the protagonist’s twin 
  • Their appearance and gender will match that of your character




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    • Anonymous

      Doesn't move around very quickly, so building up poison or paralysis is easy and opens up good damage. Ninja feathers can build up confusion before they even reach you initially. You tend to learn the best way to kill them when you've spent all evening farming the damn grapple skills

      • Anonymous

        The way this boss uses phantom is just embarrassing. If you don't want to fight him or get hit you can just walk in circles

        • Anonymous

          First time I fought this I could see a black star tattoo on the lips through their mask and thought it was pretty cool they happened to design a character like mine..... Then I recognized the "getting hit" noises and figured it out.

          • I've been farming this dude for 2 hours. He drops:
            Udoto, Mantra Sword, Hikoemon Ichimonji, Jikkkyu Mitsutada, cross spear bull head, warrior monk hammer, brute axe, Spy's kusarigama, Kusarigama Nokizaru, tonfa double-head snake, royal tonfa, wind demon hatchets, ninja Haguro hatchets, Iron Switchglaive, Extinction switchglaive, Khakkara tengu, Elite warrior composite Bo, Clawed Hachiya tekko, master tekko, Chinzei Hachiro's bow, Kintomo rifle.

            My game isn't in english and I'm too lazy to search for every item. This translation should be enough <3

            • Anonymous

              Is a total moron in charge of this wiki? None of the mission pages tell you which region, so you have to guess and waste time.

              • Anonymous

                I’ve been farming for the combat skills, and I can safely say that this boss (in Holle Fortress too), drops the Smithing Texts for all parts of the Patricide set, all of the starting Yokai weapons (Rotten Rope Cutter, White Bone Tonfas, etc), and the Torch Spear. The boss also drops the Dragon Horn combat skill, which does the same thing as the fang and claw skills, but for Odachi

                • Anonymous

                  Just spam heavy canon till shes in critical state then hit her (when the focus circle is red) for additional dmg. - Rinse and repeat until she/he melts.

                  • Anonymous

                    So on Reddit yamerus claims seething dragon smithing text drops from this guy, but how true is this. My RNG might just be trash though.

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