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Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness Water, Confusion
Resistances Fire, Corruption, Poison
Immune ??
Special Drop Rust Key
Obsidian Waistguard
Diehard's Helmet
Gozutenno's Axe
Soul Core
Hasebe Kunishige Dual Katana

Onryoki is a Boss and Enemy in Nioh 2. Onryoki is a Yokai that attacks with chains and balls.


Enemy Description

A huge red oni born from a pack of angry ghosts. Half of its face is contorted in anger, the other twisted with grudge. The faces of countless vengeful ghosts appear across its body, letting out shrieks that send terror down the spines of all within earshot.

Filled with fury and grudge, the sight of a living human sends it into a berserk rampage. Its preferred attack, using iron balls and chains draped over its body, is powerful enough to defeat even highly experience samurai.

The two horns on its head emit a weird glow. It is said that horns represent the source of power for an oni, meaning  they lose their strength if their horns are damaged. But only the most powerful and precise strike could hope to shatter them...


Onryoki Locations & Drops


How to Beat Onryoki

Onryoki Boss Guide:


 At the beginning of the fight he will have the balls chained to his arms and use them to attack you. His attacks are slow, and havea long recovery time proving a good opportunity to strike back after each attack. Be careful as he can also perform a circular attack that deals damage in a large AoE.

After his chains are removed he will become more mobile. From here on he will periodically pick up the balls and throw them to the player. This attack is very easy to dodge so you can use the opportunity to heal or attack using Ninjutsu or Onmyo Magic.

His Burst Attack is very difficult to counter, you will want to wait until his third attack (where he lands on the floor) and then go in for the counter.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1 (Chains)
Dual Ball Attack: He will raise his arms and attack forward using the balls Run either left or right and attack him.
Circular Attack: He will move the balls in a circle around him dealing AoE Damage Dodge backwards and wait until he stops. Then go in and attack him
Burst Charge: He will charge forward dealing high damage. This attack can be easily burst countered
Phase 2 (Unchained)
Claw Attack: He will attack you using his claws Use your guard or dodge backwards.
Burst Attack: He will perform two consecutive strikes and then jump forward. Wait until he jumps and then perform the burst counter.
Ball Throw: He will pick up the balls and throw them at the player This attack is easy to dodge. You can use the time to fire your ranged weapon at him.




Notes & Trivia

  • Onryoki originally appeared as the boss of the first full stage, "Isle of Demons," in Nioh.
  • Memories - “Resentment wraps round my body…Never satisfied, my bloodlust knows no bounds…”



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    • Anonymous

      This guy became such a sad laughing stock one of the mission literally involves him getting beaten by 3 scrampusses(stray cats mission)

      • Anonymous

        Nioh Veterans will laugh through this fight: his ball-thow tracking has been needed to make it easier to avoid and the burst counter mechanic provides players with an extra tool to down him quickly. If you need even more time to deal damage to his health/ki, use Sloth talismans. Take care though as his attacks still pack a punch should you get too comfortable!

        • Anonymous

          I actually really missed this guy until I found him in the main mission The Hollow Fortress. First boss of the first Nioh. Actually left me quite the impression amd gave me my first look into Japanese mythology.

          • Anonymous

            Honestly all that needs to be said is that he is exactly like his original take, though the balls don’t track you like they use to. And the burst counter helps a lot, while you don’t even have to worry about the dark realm in this fight. I guess you could also add that after the battle, all enemies change, humans become docile, and yokai just go poof.

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