Yokai Weapons are special weapons in Nioh 2. Yokai Weapons can be found for any of the in-game weapon categories, and are obtained by defeating Yokai Enemies in game. They have special properties, but are also corrupted by the Yokai Realm.


What is a Yokai Weapon

Yokai weapons are imbued with Corruption, which allows them to deal additional Ki damage, and build up the Corruption Status Effect on those it is used against. Enemies that are inflicted with the Corrupted Status Ailment receive increased Ki and Yokai Force damage, of which, a portion is absorbed by their attacker.


What do Yokai Weapons do?

When you inflict damage on an enemy with a Yokai Weapon, your Sentience Gauge will build up. When it fills completely, you will achieve an Awakened State, during which, your weapon's power will be enhanced.


List of Yokai Weapons


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