Nioh 2 Alpha, Beta and Demo information for Team Ninja's action RPG Nioh 2. All information on how to access the Alpha, Beta and Demo stages of the game.

Nioh 2 Open Demo

The Nioh 2 Open Demo is available for anyone with a Playstation Network Account. Log Into PSN, go to the store and find "demos" under Games.

  • The Demo is available from Nov 1st to Nov 10th 2019
  • Defeating the Demo Boss will create save data that redeems a special item in the final release
  • Nioh 2 Releases March 13th 2020


The starting zone for the beta is "the Interim" which is safe zone. Here you will be able to choose weapons, test movesets and move on to a real stage when you feel you’ve got the hang of things. The Interim takes inspiration from the Tibetan Buddhist concept of state between life and death. It is also modeled on the Sanzu river meant to create peace and tranquillity.

After the Interim players will encounter a new stage called Sunomata, which is based on Sunomata castle, combining a historical monument with a Yokai story. The open beta takes places from November 1st to November 10th giving you a good chunk of time to experience the game. Also don’t miss out on the Nioh 2 Character Creation contest.


New Features of Nioh 2 Demo




Nioh 2 Closed Alpha

The Nioh 2 Closed Alpha is an invitation-only alpha available for select Playstation 4 players of the original Nioh title. In the alpha, players can preview some Character Creation options, although the customization is not fully available.

A tutorial showcasing basic mechanics is also present.

Players can then enter Tatara Mountain and play a mission to test out the new features of the game. The mission: The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames (Investigate the source of the smoke enveloping Tatara Mountain)

1555, Mt. Tatara

Tatara Mountain, a village nestled beside a mountain lake, received its name due to the countless drifters that settled there over the years and formed the backbone of its iron production. Now, the once bustling village lies in ruin and only a select few blacksmiths are permitted to enter the forge found at its heart.

New Spirits


New Features

  • Yokai Shift: Become possessed by your Guardian Spirits and deal powerful damage (Living Weapon)
  • Skills are now shown is much easier to understand trees
  • Benevolent Grave is a new summon feature that summons an NPC version of a fellow player.
  • Kodama Blessing: Oracle Blessing, Samurai Blessing, Yamabushi Blessing, Healer Blessing, Hunter Blessing.


New Enemies

    • Anonymous

      03 Jun 2019 20:16  

      To anyone having trouble fiding the post Alph Demo survey, its in the drop down when you hover over the Nioh 2 Alpha Demo. In the "more from Nioh 2 Alpha Demo" section on the PSN. It has a picture of a cute little purple Sodama. Survey took me about 10 minutes, probably would take most people a little less time than that.

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