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Kodama are special NPCs in Nioh 2. Find and interact with these small spirits to guide then back to the nearby Shrine, and they will reward you by making  Kodama Blessing available for the area. Guiding all of the Kodama can also unlock trophies and achievements.


Kodama in Nioh 2

Kodama occasionally wander away from their shrines and become lost. If you tell these lost Kodama the way back, they will return to their shrine. Returning a Kodama to a shrine will allow you to gain the Kodama's Blessing in the Shrine Menu and increase the number of elixirs granted by the shrines in that region.

"Kodama are neither god, nor yokai. They inhabit trees, and also man-made objects as well. They have childish, adorable appearances. Kodama generally remain near the shrines of their forests, but occasionally become lost and wander."


All Kodama Locations in Nioh 2

Finding them and guiding them to the nearby shrine will grant you access to bonuses provided by the Shrines in the area. Kodama will hide and become unresponsive if you attack near them. Wait until they re-emerge from their bowl to interact.

The Mysterious One Night Castle Mission

  1. From the first Shrine, head down the path under bridge, make a left then right up the leave covered hill. At the end of this path will be a Kodama.
  2. From the second Shrine, head left to the closed off path then drop down to the left a Kodama will be tucked in the corner.
  3. From the second Shrine, head right up the hill, through the small house and into the large house. Climb to the second floor and exit to the outside railing. Make 2 lefts and a Kodama will be hidden under some breakable boxes.
  4. (Must have unlocked the Flood Gate shortcut) From the second Shrine, head left and follow this path straight into the small house with the hole. Drop down, head North, climb the ladder, head to the second floor of the house and exit. Make a left on the outside railing dropping down twice to find the Kodama on the ledge.
  5. (Must have unlocked the Flood Gate shortcut) From the second Shrine, head left and follow this path up the hill and around to the house at the bottom of the hill. Enter the house, exit through the back and take the right path to the dead end house. Inside tucked to the right corner is a Kodama.
  6. From the third Shrine, head right, follow the right path until the end to find a Kadama tucked behind overturned boxes.
  7. From location 6, turn around and follow the path back, taking the right path to the ladder. Climb it, and follow this path until just before the enemy. To the right will be a small overlook above a Tori Gate, drop down on it to find a Kodama tucked away.
  8. From Location 7, drop down from the Tori Gate and ascend the path once more going all the way to the end. Drop to the left ledge, walk forward a bit then roll to the right to land on the lower path and not in the water. Follow this path until you see a small hill to the left with a rock. The final Kodama will be here.


The Viper’s Sanctum Mission

  1. From the first Shrine, head straight then make a right. Inside this enclosure will be some boxes, break them to find the first Kodama.
  2. From the first Shrine, head straight then make a right following this path until you reach the large center house. Don’t enter but continue going around the side of the house to find a Kodama.
  3. From the second Shrine, follow the left path to the circular center. If players unlocked the shorcut by destroying a fake wall then take that path. Alternatively players can take the normal route and they will reach the same place. Continue on this path until you see a path to the left that has a puddle. A Kodama will be hidden behind some rocks near the pool.
  4. (Must have unlocked the shortcut to the right of the second shrine) Take the right path down til the very bottom near the broken bridges. There will be a path leading to a dead end corridor where a Kodama will be hidden.
  5. From location 4, exit the corridor and head towards the broken bridge to find this Kodama.
  6. From the third Shrine, turn around and head towards the ladder on the bridge, fall down, cross the bridge ahead and travel up the path just before the green mossy part of the cave. Turn left and fall down, take out the enemy to find this Kodama.
  7. From the third Shrine, turn over and head left and enter the corridor. At the first intersection, make a right to find this Kodama at the end.
  8. From the third Shrine, turn over and head left. Just before the corridor you enter for location 7, there will be an alcove to the left where players must defeat the slime enemy to save the final Kodama.

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