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Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness Fire, Purity
Resistances Corruption
Immune Stench
Special Drop Tesso Soul Core

Tesso is an Enemy in Nioh 2. Tesso is a ratlike Yokai that attacks with its fast claws and excrement based AOE and ranged attacks.


Enemy Description

  • A Tesso was originally a monk who died while bearing a grudge, transforming into a giant rat yokai. Rats have been one of mankind's most commonplace pests since ancient times, with evidence of ant-rat measures present it even the raised-floor granaries of the Yayoi period. However, it is not just grain that rats are known to eat, but paper as well, leading rat infestations to be a serious problem for temples that stored valuable Buddhist literature. It is speculated that the fact that a monk might transform into a rat is symbolic of that monk's deep animosity towards Buddhism.
  • Tesso are sly and despicable yokai that never play fair. They keep their distance from their enemies, waiting for the opportunity to strike, using foul methods of fighting that gradually wear away at their opponents in both body and mind. While a Tesso's tail is its weak spot, an injured Tesso will grow mad with desperation, and to drop one's guard at that point would be fatal.


Tesso Locations & Drops


Combat Information

  • Many of Tesso's attacks and movements leave large clouds of flatulence that inflict Stench.
  • Tesso will occasionally retreat with a unique animation, turning it's back to the player. It can follow this up with unique attacks, including a powerful rear-end charge Burst Attack.
  • Tesso's tail is a weak spot.
  • Blocking effective?
  • Area Attacks?
  • Ninjutsu tips
  • Ki Tips


Notes & Trivia

  • Memories - “Do you come to this foul monk seeking wisdom? Heh heh, I’m sorry to disappoint you…” 



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